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Dainese_Boobs.jpgIn fact, the Italian safety gear maker likes them so much that they’ve designed a chest protector just for women. Like the men’s protector, it’s designed to cushion impacts and prevent penetration, protecting the ribs, lungs, heart and all the other gooey stuff in there. Unlike the men’s protector, the Dainese Thorax Pro Lady (the one with the straps) and the Dainese Thorax Lady are also designed not only to accommodate, but to protect boobs too. The one with the straps’ll work underneath most jackets and leathers, but the strapless version is designed to attach to a Dainese back protector. Ladies, take it from us, your boobs are worth protecting.


  • Sigmund


    Now all they need to do is invent a lethal frisbee and some faux lesbian tension.

    That said I’ve crashed numerous times on road & track with Dainese and similar Knox back Protectors and I rate them both.

    The more girls protecting their girls the better.

  • Cameron Baum


  • TeeJay

    Will there be different sizes?
    I mean even from safety point of view it should not be right if a Calista Flockhart shall wear the same size as Pamela Anderson. ;)

    • BrianMacster


      That seriously just made my day hahahaha

    • pipipo

      Haha! Callista Flockhart can take my backprotector!

  • http://cohobot.blogspot.com/ coho

    Anything that is a friend of boobs is a friend of mine.

  • Highway Smiles

    Prevent penetration???

  • Sinthia

    Considering I spent 1/2 the value of my bike on a boobjob, the option to protect that investment is hugely appreciated! Now all I need is a matching gstring and I am all set ::giggle::

  • http://www.emotorules.com Harry Mallin

    This post is worthless without pictures of this product on an actual rider. How else would we judge this product’s worthiness? Also, an RSS feed for comments would be the coolness.

    In conclusion, boobies.

  • LucyL

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in one of these.. As if I need another reason for asshole biker dudes to pull up beside me and say something gross, now I’m supposed to have roboboobs projecting from under my leather jacket? Pass. Just make the “men’s” gear in girlier sizes pls. Especially helmets. I’m tired of looking like an astronaut.

    • Mitch

      The higher end helmet makers have more shell sizes per helmet, allowing for a smaller shell and less padding per size on average.

    • fearnow

      Lucy, you need a bottle of cat piss to squirt on them if they’re being macho asses. And wear one. Do it for the bewbs.

      Seriously, I think this is a great bit of kit if it isn’t uncomfortable and doesn’t transmit forces to a more dangerous area (the armour has to touch down someplace and a strong solar-plexus impact will now be pushing on ribs in new ways). I hate to see a rash of rib separations caused by these and have the idea get a bum rap.

      Un-seriously: will these start being referred to as Rack Protectors? :)

  • Eurothusiast

    The boobs are ventilated!

  • John

    Tassel accessories sold separately…