It's shaping up to be another great SBK season

Dailies -


SBK_Phillip_Island_2010.jpgPictured is the photo finish ending to the very first SBK race of the season at Phillip Island in Australia. The winner, by a hair, finished in 6th place last year, while the loser finished third. In case you haven’t watched it yet, we’re omitting their names.


  • Ken

    When you approach the speed of light that’s just how you look to an outside observer. Although given that their mass must be approaching infinity I’m surprised the rest of the field didn’t catch up.

  • jwinter

    Race #2 was no slouch itself.

  • Adrian

    Both excellent races, with great competition between all the competitors.

  • The Grudz

    I watched race one in a Ducati shop where the place erupted in cheers and clapping at the end…only to melt into murmurs and grumbling. Old guys are funny. So far so great, SBK.

  • damien

    so f*ing good.

    wish we didn’t have to wait until tuesday to see the supersport race. looking forward to seeing what disalvo can do on the triumph.

    p.s. how about vermeulen!? totally insane to have that kawasaki up there fighting…if even just for a few laps.

  • Hangar4

    Both races were great to watch. I can’t wait to see them live at Miller! The Ducs look good and I hope they keep it. Checa is a mad man on that privateer too. Ready for the end of March.

  • Punchc

    I was there!! Great races and close dicing right through the pack. Prillers were way faster than anything down the straight 314 ish Klm/Hr and had the best sound by far. Biggest news was that Ruben on the SS1000R fell off 4 times over the weekend and did not front for any of the races due to “non physical” issues. Understandable really – Phillip Island is no place to ride if you have lost confidence. Looking forward to a great year of SBK.

  • Darek

    “wish we didn’t have to wait until tuesday to see the supersport race.”

    Try looking around online. The torrent tracker I’m on had the race available on Sunday. From Eurosport2, commentary by Jamie Whitham and someone else, but Whitham is usually good.