KZ1000 + GSX-R + SV1000 = Icon Kawazuki

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To create the Kawazuki, the skull fetishists at Icon took a 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000, modified the frame to accept a monoshock, then bolted on the front end off a Suzuki SV1000, the swingarm and rear wheel from a ’92 GSX-R750 and the shock from that SV. At the same time, mounts for rearsets were welded on to the frame and the engine was given a 1075cc Wiseco big bore kit. The end result isn’t loyal to any sort of historically accurate tuning, it’s just a kick ass custom bike that updates the classic lines of the KZ with visually functional modern parts. We particularly like the contrast between the white powdercoated frame and wheels and the ’70s bodywork. It kinda looks like someone’s owned the bike since new and modified it piece by piece to keep it competitive.


  • Brian Zooom

    sounds like an variation of AMC based in the 2 wheeled world somewhat. Put some Honda and Yamaha something or others on it and it might truly be just that. Kinda kick ass and simple though, and I personally like it. Wonder how it handles for things other than highway high speed and stuntin’ stuff?

  • Sean Smith

    Wow. It’s so close to being a perfect build. Lose the cheesy turn signals, the ultra-lame and cliche redbull-can-over-the-shock-reservoir, and what I’m assuming is a megaphone with no baffle, and you’d have 100% pure sex on wheels.

  • Felix

    That rear fender really needs to go.

    • Grant Ray

      While not functional, keeping the classic KZ duck tail shows style for miles. Win.

  • the_doctor

    I yell Kawazuki when I jump out of planes.

    This is awesome. The look is hard to pin down, so its impossible not to stare at for several minutes.

  • Glenn

    To the hipster cycle!

  • Jason

    I am the owner and builder.
    There have been some updates to the bike….RED BULL can is gone! As the rear shock has been replaced with one from a SV1000. The rear brake reservoir removed and replaced with a more Japanese race look of only tube and a bolt to cap it. :-) Also the turn signals are changed as well. These pictures were taken prior to the other plans I had for it. Thank you for the comments and appreciation.

    Oh and FYI it rips the he!! through the twisties and is super fun to ride. And I ride it as much as I can!

    • Chris

      Very cool bike, man. Totally unique.

    • coho

      That is a damn fine motorbike.
      Tidy & clean & “on-purpose” looking.

      More, please.

    • Sean Smith

      Awesome man. The red bull can deal just bugs me; I always see that on jenky old freestyle MX bikes at work, and while it doesn’t ruin the bike, it reminds me of the guys that want their dying RM250 fixed for next to nothing.

      Next time I’m in oregon, I’ll be sure to stop by Icon’s HQ and check this thing out.

      PS, The Ourys are a nice touch ;]

    • Rich

      Jason – can you tell me what the 1/4 fairing is from? Thanks.


  • george_fla

    Wes pretty much summed up in the last line what makes this thing such a nice piece. Bravo Jason!

  • chili sv

    Who knew there was a market for stock SV suspension?

  • Rich

    Jason – where did you source the 1/4 fairing? I like the look which is very Nighthawkish but that uses a rectangular headlight. Nice bike.

  • Cameron Baum

    I LOLed @ the Red Bull can.

    Nice sense of humor.

    How much does it weigh?

  • Chris Hunter

    Now that is HOT. Who actually built this machine, does anyone know?

    • Wes Siler

      Apparently Jason in the comments above. Email me if you want his contact details.

  • Beale

    I like what I see but want to see it better. I would be nice to see it without the black background so the classic KZ profile is more apparent.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    “That rear fender really needs to go.”

    Blasphemy! The KZ1000 is the same age as my wife… I like to think both have tailpieces that have aged well.

  • Beatpusher

    This is one of those bikes that you really have to see and hear in person to fully appriciate.

  • Andreas

    You should check out Sanctuary Motorcycles from Japan…

    I don’t speak Japanese, but I’m prepared to learn if they don’t create an english menu!

  • Jason

    I lived in Japan from 1998 thru 2006. It was during that time I became a friend and fan of Sancutary and moreover Bull Dock and how they both transform old KZ’s into modern performing “works of Art”. It has been an honor to know them. You could say this is my tribute to them. To Bull Dock I say,
    “Arigatou Gozimashita, O sewa ni narimashita”

    There is a feature of my Kawazuki by Richard Brakus in a now shipping issue of Motorcycle Classics. Please check it out.

    And again thanks for all the comments.

  • Matthew

    Looks good. Don’t know about the SV suspension, though. It’s generally acknowledged that the suspension on all SVs was what was keeping those bikes from being the best bikes in their classes.

    I say this as an SV owner.

  • Sasha Pave

    Gorgeous! Love the vintage-kirker looking exhaust. Just needs some side panels. It’s like a 1979 Kawi had sex with a 1989 Suzuki and ended up giving birth in 1999. Blasphemous but who cares?

  • Andreas

    Thanks for the reply!

    Bull Dock is awesome as well! Great bikes!

    Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai! :-) (…I hope it’s correct for “Keep up your good work”)

  • Jason

    Rich, I procured the fairing via Parts Unlimited. I believe the manufacturer is Maier. Find your local dealer and ask to see the Street Catalog from Parts. If you cannot source it please ask Wes for my details and I will get you the part number when I return from the frosty midwest . J

    • Rich

      Thanks Jason – nice work. I love the classic modern hybrid thing. And thanks for the fairing info.


  • PeteP

    There are larger pictures of this bike in this month’s “Motorcycle Classics” magazine.

    Very nice.

  • Emmet

    love it. performance restomod. shaved down seat looks excellent, getting ideas…

  • dave

    Jason- I like it. Very nice. I have a question: How do these Icon bikes happen? Are they contracted-out by Icon? Or are the y existing projects co-opted for advertising purposes?

  • Ian Stacconi

    “visually functional” ??? ha hah ha. sorry, Wes. I really like your writing, but that’s just getting a little too bs-y for me. Thanks for the post, though. Killer bike.

  • Jason

    The icon demo machines are all built in house by deicated icon staff on personal time. Some of the Icon theme bikes have been produced by my friends and I in Japan as well. Kawazuki however was from the start for me, the vision the hopes and the final completeion intended only for my own asperations and gratification. I’m very happy to see that others like my beloved Kawazuki.

  • KRT

    wow i have those exact same oury grips, riser kit, air filter, rearsets and levers on one of my bikes, and that headlight/fairing on the other. LOL.

  • KRT

    Oh and i got the redbull can covering the dampner. Man once icon does something it’s just not cool anymore.

  • robert johnson

    was wondering about electrical. Don’t see where battery could be.

    • Jason Fullington

      Sorry robert just now saw this comment it’s been a while since posted but here goes, the battery is a Dry SX10R side mounted and put on a flat tray I wleded in under the seat and tail, actually all the electronics are there.

      And for Toe Cutter, I live here in Japan again and yes many are kept stock but there is more customizing than you know apparently. First case in point the meticulous bikes of BullDock MC.

      And the list goes on from there,AC Sanctuary, RCM, STUDS, Speed Shop Ito, Magical, Bright Magic, Be One, Anny’s, ERK Kiyonaga, Voice, PMC, EDGE, Rumble, Shabon-Dama, Mobstar, Xtension, Jam, Fujita Factory, Marvelous Engineering, Pathos, Class4Engineering, and the list goes on and on……in fact Road Rider Magazine does an annual special on only custom KZ’s and GPZ’s!! Come visit we will show you around and let you see the culture first hand!

  • toeCutter

    Well this doesnt look much like Japan Retro Special but more of something that came out of AWOL/BSH or StreetFighters magazine back in the mid 90s…

    English used to take KZs GS, CB-F and install monoshocks…

    Japanese usally keep the stock style with double shocks…