Nicky Hayden and I are arm twins

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scarshot.jpgNicky Hayden just got out of his second arm pump-correction surgery and tweeted this shot, saying, “Stiches just out back in the saddle for Malaysia2 test in T-4 days….. Yeay buddy!!!” His scar is much more impressive than mine.

via @NickyHayden69

  • damien


  • the_doctor

    Sounds like this “Nicky” guy is a illiterate Kentuckian. “Yeah buddy?” How about some commas?

    /Wes, you got that owie from that epic wreck a few years back?

    • Wes Siler
    • The other Kentucky Kidd

      You maken’ fun of the great state of Kentucky sir? How bout’ some manners?

    • shinigami

      He’s a rider, not a neurosurgeon.

  • mike Prich

    Hey Wes,

    Your arm is way more butch. Nicky’s sporting that man-a-cured Mother’s Clay Bar smoothness – like his eyebrows! Very disturbing.

  • In Line

    Too easy…