Riding across five continents

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In 1997 journalist Jugatsu Toi and camera man Yuji Miyazaki set out from Japan to ride across all five populated continents (counting Europe and Asia as one). Last November and a couple Transalps, Dominators and Africa Twins later, they succeeded. Here’s some of our favorite photos. Many more in addition to maps of their routes can be found at Honda’s global website

  • The Grudz

    Nothing like someone else’s epic trip to make your own 2-month 11,500 mile jaunt seem a bit, well, underwhelming. Oh well, visual and cerebral inspiration for the next big break. Now, what bike will I use for that one…?

  • Michael

    These photographs are gorgeous. Thanks for the link, Wes.

  • http://www.urbandirtbike.com gregorbean

    We’ll use xr650′s johnny! I think if we leave now we can reach that hand in the desert in a couple weeks…

    These guys are awesome. Great routes, great photos. Cool bikes, too!

  • The Grudz

    I like the idea, and have been oogling the XR as a possible worthy machine. I should just remember to keep every bike I’ve ever owned instead of purchasing them back later and wasting all my money. On to the hand then…