Steve Jobs, you used to be cool

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Steve_Jobs_Motorcycle.jpgSteve Jobs, what happened man? You used to ride old BMWs, wear cool boots and change the world with radical concepts of personal computing. Now you drive a convertible Mercedes, have a bizarre fetish for black turtlenecks and milk your company’s just-different-enough image for all its worth.

via Jalopnik

  • Cameron Baum

    GodSteve is God. How dare anyone question God?

    He will lock your iPhone and turn it to brick if you don’t prostrate yourself to the God-ness that is Steve!!!!

    All your Mac are Belong to Steve!


  • LADucSP


    Deep down, you know that guy still exists somewhere in the dark reaches of his cranium.

    But, once you get public shareholders and a billion $$, I guess things change.

    I hope I get the chance to fight that tendency one day! ;-)

  • Pinkyracer

    Ummmm, I don’t think that was such an old beemer when that picture was taken. Like it’s a 65ish and he’s looking like it’s around 1975, so 10 years. Right? What year is it, beemerphiles?

    I have plenty of friends who consider their 10 year-old bikes “modern.” I think perhaps he was more like the kind of guys who ride mid-90′s beemers now. ;-P

    proudly irreverent macaphiliac who resents being such a tool,


    • Wes Siler

      It’s a 1966 BMW R60/2 and the photo was taken in 1982. We’re Mac users too, we just feel Steve’s been drinking a little too much of his own kool-aid recently.

    • amsterdam

      Darling, if you would ‘ve checked the link you would have read that the article is from october 1982 and the Beemer is a 1966. That most certainly was not a modern bike in 1982.
      But stylish yes.
      I agree with Wes.
      To Steve;
      Ride your bike Steve, and be a cool dude again
      not the f’in guru some seem to think you are.
      And what’s this thing against bikini’s?
      Sex is good Steve.

  • Tom

    Anyone else notice how Steve stopped competing with Microsoft and is now focused on competing with Sony?

  • Matt

    He stopped being cool when he started making lots of money, realizing that controlling people through product development and marketing was his destiny. Some people seem to forget their sleek macbook pros are nothing more than overpriced boxes and use it as a means to worship.

    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – who will get to hell first? Trick question – they’ll both live eternally at bohemian grove

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