Triumph buggers up the Daytona 675 SE

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Triumph_Daytona_675_SE_big.jpgThe 2010 Triumph Daytona 675 SE was beautiful in understated white paint over a blue frame, with the lack of graphics emphasizing the Daytona’s exotic, high-end appeal. Now, while the colors have been retained, Triumph’s slapped a bunch of cheesy graphics all over the sides, unnecessarily cluttering the looks. The whole idea behind the Daytona is that it’s not a trashy Japanese 600, but rather something that looks and feels like something more exotic. The fact that it retails for less than a Honda CBR600RR just sweetens the deal. At $10,299, the new version at least retains the price advantage even as it loses some of its timelessness. Oh well, I guess we can always take a hair dryer and some Goo Be Gone to it.

Triumph NA also announced it’s bringing the 2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE into the US for $11,299 as well as the 2010 Triumph Bonneville 60 for $8,999. 

  • Chris

    Ticky-tacky. I’ll keep my jet black 2009 D675, thanks.

  • Wilbur

    Rattel can that shit man.

  • jimboecv

    Flame-skulls id be fuk’n sick, word.

    • Wes Siler

      Ttill wish a manufacturer would have the balls to release a bike with wizards fighting grizzly bears using lightning balls, now that I would buy.

      • Ben(pi)

        That’ll be on the Ducati Streetfighter next year, as the R model.

      • jimbecv

        yeahh, on my dome, boyeee.

  • ryan

    ugh, you guys are tasteless as always.

    That’s a hot, understated graphic, that complements the bike perfectly.

    • Sean Smith

      It looks like a feakin GSXR circa 1989. And this is coming from a guy that rides a GSXR. Clean simple paint over a nicely shaped bike is always better.

  • DoctorNine

    I kind of am against white fairing lowers just on general principle. I’m not target market for this bike anyway though. More Sprint ST inclined. Nevertheless, you can’t argue with the way the 675 sounds or rides. Still very very nice.

  • Case

    The bike is awesome. The blue frame is awesome. The graphics are not. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that good either.

    WD-40 is superior to Goo Gone when you’re removing decals or stickers. Just sayin’.

  • Jake

    The blue frame is really cool. With just a plain white paint job it’d look sick. Wonder if those blue bits are just removable stickers?

  • Tom

    Can someone please explain to me exactly why AMERICA cannot build a competitive bike like this to compete with the Japanese? Is it because no American can do math anymore?

  • Justin Penney

    Damn shame. The pearl white on blue of the ’09 model was understated and breathtaking. I spend a few minutes ogling the one at my local BMW/Triumph dealer every time I go in.

    In my opinion, graphics are nearly always lame. However, I’m the guy that immediately takes a heat gun and dental floss to my new cars to remove all extraneous badges.

    When there is a clean design, with a great finish, graphics are not needed.

  • Emmet

    I like it. Graphics are minimal and flow with the design, keeping the bike from being a blank canvas.

  • KRT

    White was so 2009. This year is denim.

  • Cynic

    It’s a shame they had to go and ruin what was a very sexy bike with nice lines with all the graphics. It would be worth the time pealing them off to have that bike without them though.