What if the Daytona 675 had Audi LEDs?

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Daytona_675_LEDs.jpgWe’re digging how good the Audi R8′s LED headlamps look ‘shopped onto the Triumph Daytona 675. They give the restrained Audi some subtle flash and make it unmistakable in your rear view mirrors and would likely do the same thing for the little Trumpet. We’d ditch the horizontal bar in the air intake though.

via TriumphChePassione

  • geonerd

    that looks stunning! very, very classy. big thumbs up.

  • Brennan

    now I want a 675 even more. thanks.

  • jr

    man that thing looks ANGRY

    love it

  • Beale
  • Mitch

    Kind of neat. A couple 600RR guys have done the same with a projector retrofit, while they’re in there you can just lay down a LED strip pretty easy.

    Too blingy for my tastes though.

  • Cameron Baum

    Will they light up the road better?

    • Mitch

      LEDs don’t have enough throw, no. (They’re getting close but you need many.)

      They will help you be noticed by other drivers on the street though, which the landing strip LEDs do wonderfully – there’s a few cars out there with projectors but no regular lamps, and it’s hard to tell how big/fast the auto is because from your point of view all you see are the two small projector points – could be a pair of bicyclists for all you know.

  • BL

    these things are getting played out already, extra headlight LED’s today are like the spike windscreen screws of last year.

  • Chris

    Ooooh, I want that kit for my 2009 Daytona.

  • shinigami

    And maybe some neon glow tubes under the bike too… riiiight.

    • Cameron Baum

      It’ll look GREAT parked in the pizza-Hut parking lot at least. Polish the frame, strip and polish the wheels, stretch the swingarm and polish that too.

      Rev the engine at all the passers-by as they try to get a pizza in peace. Vroom-vroom-vroom -look at my cool LED inserts and neon Ground-effect lighting man! This is what riding is all about. I’ll make sure to wear my 3/4 helmet so everyone can regognize me. Yeah, this is motorcycling…

      • shinigami

        But of course the wife-beater, surf shorts and flip-flops are also required to complete this ghastly melange, and the velcro-mohawk atop the helmet is also a requirement (or, perhaps, just an ICON helmet will do.)

        Not to mention the LED chaser-light license plate frame… and KITT front light kit with sound efx.

        Honestly, where do some of you people shop for accessories- Pep Boys in Tijuana?

  • chuluun

    I f***ing hate those Audi LEDs, that design fulfils no function other than ‘look at me … I’m not as boring as you think.’ Admittedly it looks a little better on a bike as it fits the lines of the vehicle better, but it still does nothing for me I’m afraid.

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk Urban Rider

    Forget the lights, every time I look at a Daytona 675 I can’t get past the fugly mirrors. Even Motrax mirrors look better. Ugh!

  • monkeyfumi

    They look like rhinestones….

  • toeCutter

    MMmmmm AngelEyes… The perfect Race part!

  • Darek

    Those LEDs on the Audis make me think that they’re supposed to be the “eyeliner” for the headlights, or something. Very feminine.

    But I did get two strips of LED lights to put on my DL650 hand guards for added visibility. Though I’d fashion them in a staid, manly half-square.

  • Logan

    My 08 Daytona 675 SE would love it!!

  • Scheffy

    Am I the only one who just sees $1/ft. tube lighting in the Audi headlights?

  • Esoterik

    I wonder if anyone realizes that in the new Audis, the LEDs function as DRLs. I mean, that is only relevant when you consider that all new bikes come standard with DRLs as well. And as function forward as we all are here at HFL, we all recognize that LEDs use less wattage than incandescent bulbs (as do HIDs) and a lower electrical draw means smaller/lighter batteries and maybe smaller lighter alternators which means faster bikes…