2010 Zero DS: Initial Report

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Zero-DS.jpg The big news with the 2010 Zero DS isn’t that it’s a bit taller and a bit knobblier than the Zero S, but that it adopts the Agni 95 motor and its 96lb/ft of torque. Not bad for a dual sport that weighs just 277lbs (126kg). We rode it around Brooklyn to see if the experience could match the specs.

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Initial Report: 2010 Zero DS

  • Random

    What about the range? It seems the most limiting factor in electric bikes right now, I’m curious to know if the range (in average and full speed) has decreased as a result of the improved motor and controller or if it remains the same as before (as it seems there is no increase in the battery capacity).

  • fearnow

    Exactly what Random said.

    Also, this looks more robust that past Zero offerings.

  • Rich

    Sounds decent – any idea of range/time to dead battery? Also, the Zero product line could use a good industrial designer. They’re fairly ugly.

  • http://www.emotorules.com Harry Mallin

    Great initial report, Grant. Loved the pics… especially that last one.
    The Zero website reports that the range is “up to 50 miles” with the caveat that range depends on riding style.

  • PJ

    what this sight needs is more electric motorcycle stories

    • http://www.emotorules.com Harry Mallin

      Personally, I think that what this site needs is an RSS feed for comments. sigh

  • CafeRacer1200

    E bikes just get more and more interesting every day. It’s only a matter of time before the “Loud Magnets Saves Lives” stickers

  • Poppa Wheelie

    Your knees are Knobbly and your tires are Knobbies.
    All electric motorcycles should come with a soundtrack of an XR 750 blowing through Supertrapps

  • Mark

    Agree with Rich. Zero really needs a new industrial designer asap. I’d be interested in picking one up if it wasn’t so fugly… An electric motor in a Husky SM510 is what I’m thinking :)

  • W

    Another squid riding in tennis shoes. Some assless chaps would complement that outfit nicely.

    • CafeRacer1200

      Wishful thinking? :)

  • Emptybee

    What’s the fascination with coal-burning…I mean, electric motorcycles? Infernal combustion rules!

  • KRT

    I want one but with a 70 mile roundtrip commute, a 4 hr recharge is a tight squeeze. Im assuming I can load it up with a few more batteries, but i’d mostly be on the freeway. Make a bike for the Bay Area: city use and lots of bridge crossing!

  • Nick

    I got a test ride on a Zero S at last year’s MotoGP at Laguna.

    Mr. Ray’s report noted two things that I noticed: First, the bike felt flimsy. I assumed the flimsiness was a side effect of cutting weight.
    Second, the bike seemed sluggish from 0-10 mph. Perhaps it was a software safeguard to prevent wheelies, or maybe it was because I was the third test ride of the session and the battery was low.

    I wonder if this bike is a full version jump (Zero 2.0), or if it is merely a mid-version refresh (Zero 1.1)?

    I think the styling is fine!

  • reflexx

    LOVE the idea, LOVE the components, wish the company the best of success. But I HATE the look. Those plastics look cheap & hideous, the frame looks like it belongs on a different bike. What’s with the vacuum hose?

    Please steal some design cues from KTM or Husky. Odds of me buying one would go up 1000%

    The FREERIDE is on the way. This is the time for ZERO to become the leader or get left behind. Industrial design is a CRITICAL component of success. Need help? Call me.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Vacuum hose? It’s in the article. It helps the motor pull in cool/clean air from behind the rider.