2011 Triumph Sprint ST: not pictured, comfy balls

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2011_Triumph_Sprint_ST.jpgThe biggest problem with the current Sprint ST? A fashionable underseat exhaust that eliminates storage space and cooks the rider’s balls. Well, that and the vague front end. Looks like the 2011 Triumph Sprint ST cures the first problem with a low-slung exhaust clearing space not only under the seat but also for larger panniers. Awesome. You can check one bike off the list of seven Triumph says it’ll unveil by the end of 2012.
Our sources say we can also look forward to, “a GS competitor but with a
smaller engine displacement. The Trophy is also coming back, but in a
new version. And last they are going to do a super sport of some kind.”
That gives us four out of the seven, leaving three surprises.

MCN says to expect the new Sprint to have a  lower subframe to increase
pillion comfort, that it’ll maintain the 1050cc triple and the chain
drive, despite rumors of a shaft that can likely be attributed to that
new Trophy.

via MCN

  • Deltablues

    I miss my 2006 Sprint…victim of a large Arkansas Doe back in September. So, in this day and age of cell phones with 5MP cameras, why do we get such crappy ‘spy shots’?

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    “a GS competitor but with a smaller engine displacement.

    To quote the Kool-Aid man: OHHH YEEEAAAAH.

  • Swagger

    Oh come on…have you actually ridden a current generation ST? I have, as a matter of fact there’s one sitting next to me in the shop as I type this, just waiting for a ride.
    I’ve put roughly 30,000 miles on mine and never once have my nether regions been cooked….or even blanched. Not only that but the panniers on this bike have plenty of room unless you’re plan is to smuggle illegals across the boarder, then I recommend larger units or perhaps a tank bag.

    How bout some consistency? You guys get all moist over undertail exhaust until the trend changes to something else and then the next new geegaw is the best thing since sliced bread. And a vague front end…..again….have you ever ridden one? I’ve tweeked the settings a bit but there’s nothing aftermarket on the bike and it’s quite a capable handler, plenty of feedback without being bitchy and not a hint of head shake if the front end gets light. If you’re comparing it to an R1 or similar them sure it’s not up to that but ride 400 miles in a shop on your R1/ZX/CBR etc…..

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      The underseat heat is a commonly publicized complaint among Sprint ST owners, I’ve never had a problem with it myself.

      What I have had problems with are a front end that never felt quite right despite fiddling with the adjusters and the overly enthusiastic ABS. Those complaints are likely a testament to the Sprint’s quality, you can ride it like a superbike, which inevitably leads to comparing the suspension with that fitted to superbikes. Fit higher-quality forks, better calibrated brakes and change things that owners complain about and they’ll have a winner.

  • Ineedadayt

    I hope they fix the pathetic (useless/dangerous) headlights. While they might create space under the seat they will also need to make it removable and refitable with needing a PHD in contortionism.
    The current Sprint ST is a touring bike with panniers, but without them has only the glovebox?! And with the toolkit in there, you would be lucky to fit a phone and wallet. It’s also a ‘tourer’ I’m not brave enough to ride in the dark in any area with wildlife…
    The Tiger is a much better bike for all these reasons, and more…

    • geonerd

      I’m okay with that, actually, as long as it saves weight. besides, i’m not sure how they’d improve storage on a bike that is much more sport than touring without making it a pig. tank/tail bags are pretty cheap nowadays. and you’ll usually know when you’re about to embark on a longer trip, so you’ll have time to reattach the panniers.

  • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru

    The 1050 Tiger is getting a re-vamp too, so make that two surprises.

  • GeddyT

    I have to agree with not understanding how underseat mufflers have been thrown under the bus. There is a HUGE advantage that they have that nobody seems to mention: They’re protected during tipovers. I took a CBR1000RR into a tire wall at the race track at about 70mph. Had to replace EVERY single piece of bodywork on the bike. But, after the front end was put on and the harness plugged back in, it fired right up and ran just fine. Exhaust was like new.

    Putting expensive components in protected areas just makes sense to me.

    As far as the heat goes, after one 1000RR, two 600RRs, a 749s and now a Multistrada 1100s, I have NEVER had an issue with a hot seat. Come to think of it, the only bike I’ve ever owned WITHOUT underseat exhaust was the SV I started out on.

    As far as the current Sprint goes, I test-rode one before buying my MTS. It was the second most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden, second only to the Tiger sitting right next to it on the lot. Those seats are incredible (and ass heat is nonexistent). On the other hand, Triumph’s ABS is TERRIBLE, and I don’t understand why a $12K bike can’t have a decent front end on it.

    My dream bike is a Sprint ST that weighs under 450lb., has the suspension my MTS has, and the brakes off of my 1000RR. In other words, a new Multistrada 1200S that doesn’t cost $20K…

  • dan

    I have a Street Triple R, and never have experienced any heat from under the seat from the exhaust cans. Plus I think aesthetically it looks way better than low-slung ones.

  • TSport

    Well, well… looks like not is well in the land of HfL…

    Personally my R1100S and its under-tail exhaust… no heat, no discomfort, no problem… I rode an early 1050 Sprint and noticed nothing more, or less for that matter, regarding heat on the ole arse.

    BUT, I have been waiting for Triumph to get rid of the high tail aspect (looks too Japanese to me) altitude… maybe this will bring it closer to earth… I still do not understand why the tail has to be so high??? I use to have a great sport touring bike, a 1994 Triumph Trophy Three (900)… was very disappointed when they decided to move it upscale to a tourer, much too tall for my liking.

    But now I am hanklering for something with ZING… and a the sound and HP of a triple, specifically a Triumph, is ringing in my ears… but only when they decide to lower the tail and keep the triple… otherwise me has to wait…

    On another note… bigger bags are one thing… as long as they are not as wide a my GFs arse… LOL (the Bemmers are hence not , which is bad as I have tagged them several times… which I am sure I would do with the Sprints as well since they seem to stick out about, if not further, than the Ole Red’s.

    Here is looking towards deeper, not wider, bags and to hell with the exhaust as long as it makes the triple sound like a triple…


  • Ron

    I have a 2010 Sprint St and it is wonderful. I have no heat issues and it handles like a dream. I like to think of it as a SPORT tourer. It’s comfortable, dependable, and a blast to ride. If these changes do take place it will be a shame. Te bike is perfect as it is. Triumph I hope you leave the Sport in Sport Tour with the Sprint and if the Trophy is coming back focus on the touring there.

  • Hal Carter

    I have an ’05 Sprint ST, and love it. After riding more than 40 years mostly on Britt bikes the Sprint is top notch. Light,quick,a centre stand,and fully faired with great lights.I remember my T160. This is so much better.

  • Warren

    I have a 1998 Sprint Executive now with over 130,000 km on it which was more of a touring focused bike than the ST was and I’m very happy to see the new 2011 GT coming back to that style (lower tail, lower passenger pegs, lower exhaust, longer wheelbase, etc). Now eagerly waiting for them to be available in Canada as an upgrade is now a definite possibility, I do a lot of two-up long distance touring. The comfort of my passenger/wife is a significant factor in the purchase decision.