Balls, these guys have them

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balls_dirt_bike_ktm.jpgWe’ll do a lot of stupid things on a motorcycle, but I’m not sure we’d do this. These guys are riding along a path with a sheer wall on one side and a drop of hundreds of feet on the other. One wrong move and that’s it. Especially when you need to wheelie over an obstacle.

  • Impressive

    Where is that trail? Bet you won’t be seeing any Super Tenere’s or Multistrada’s trying that.

    • AadmanZ

      I think with all the electronic gizmos it is probably a piece of cake. Perhaps someone should send some actors up on that trail on Super Teneres with a TV crew and 5 support vehicles trailing them.

  • Jordan

    wow!… crazy stuff

    what bikes are these guys riding… i have no sound at school so i can’t hear the motor :P

    looks like some enduros tho…

    • Sean Smith

      The guy in the pick is on a newer KTM, probably a 530. Then again, the plastics are all the same so it’s a little hard to tell.

  • XXlager

    very crazy indeed, well the guys are speaking in german so must be around there somewhere

  • Sasha Pave

    So awesome! I’m glad more dirt bikers are sporting helmet cams, there’s some incredible footage out there.

    Lesson for this trail: Fall to the left!

  • PeteP

    That trail in on the IT/FR border. I rode it about 20 years ago. The camera is deceiving. It is not as narrow as it seems.

  • Cameron Baum

    That is off-road riding.

    A lot of people think riding on a dirt/gravel ROAD is off-road.

    See the difference?

  • Urban Rider

    I feel sick watching that. But then I am a p**sy.

  • Bronson

    Most of the helmet camera footage I’ve taken usually doesn’t convey the true speed or road/trail conditions (width, steepness, etc.) to the viewer. The speeds end up looking slower, the turns not as tight, the hills not as steep. THIS trail however looks F’n insane! Mad props to the riders… they have HUGE balls. BADASS!!!

  • Esteban

    uf! a lot of respect to the pilot

  • Scottie

    It seems to me that this is one place you really don’t need to wear a helmet.

  • Komet

    No more dangerous than my morning commute!

  • geonerd

    and this year’s Darwin Award goes to…

  • Impressive

    The beauty of off road riding is that it,s challenging at low speeds. Yes you fall down a lot, broken bones are not uncommon. But overall it’s a lot safer than aggressive road riding.

  • vic

    imagine doing that route with a mule pulling an artillery cannon.because that’s what it was used for back in the day
    still impressive and those two guys have balls of wouldn’t be that dangerous except for that loose gravel.having been in the alps by foot i can tell you it’s pretty unpredictable stuff

  • Ben Part

    Awesome (& that’s not a word in my common vocabulary).
    Rider 2 obviously had a small case of THE FEAR.

  • Impressive

    Actually I thought the second guy was negotiating the boulder obstacles smoother than the KTM camera man. Is that an XR400 he’s on?

  • Core

    Looks like fun.

    I’d definitely want to make sure my bike was tuned up, before I tackled that and I had tools and extra tube for the tire.

    Because that would be a crappy place to break down at.

  • CafeRacer1200

    I knew this had to turn out OK since the camera would never be found if it hadn’t. Still, I got vertigo just watching it. It scared the crap out of me! That one really blocked section was terrifying. I don’t speak German, but I imagine the conversation there went something like, “And just HOW do you think you’re going to turn around?”