Ben Spies' Porsche Cayenne

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Ben_Spies_Porsche.jpgPictured is HFL reader Marshall Haas standing in front of MotoGP rookie Ben Spies‘ $126,300 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. While we’d hope Ben would have better taste in fine German automobiles, his vanity plate is awesome. The Monster Yamaha Tech3 rider is known for his elbows out riding style, saying he likes to twist the throttle like a screwdriver. 

  • CouchSurfingOri

    Hahah- nice Vanity Plate!
    Way to stalk, Marshall :) I’m terrible at finding celebrity cars. Great pic!

  • Nick

    A Porsche with a hitch? I think a snob with a mustache must be vomiting somewhere.

  • meatspin

    after having driven one, I can really see the appeal of them. They are quite nice. Fully loaded, its quite comfortable and very fast.

  • tim

    Maybe the car belongs to his parents? I thought Ben rides a bicycle everywhere ;)

  • toeCutter

    Someone walks around W Hotel or was DFW airport?

    i have talked to Ben once on bestbuy (He was surprised that someone recognized him.. that was one day before he fly to test the R1 in Portugal back in 2008..) i have seen his SLR too with the same tags around Dallas…

    • Marshall Haas

      I was in Uptown, not far from the W. I’m told he has a beastly GT2 as well.

  • Sean Smith

    Rad. I mean, if you’ve got some cash to burn, a 520hp grocery getting that can haul a trailer isn’t so bad.

    Not quite as hardcore as the GT500 ‘stang I’ve seen hauling a trailer with three CRF’s, but still, not bad.

    And major points for a vanity plate that doesn’t suck.

  • the_doctor

    Of course its black. Is it murdered out? The world really needs to know.

    • Marshall Haas

      You know it

    • Sean Smith

      It’s got red taillights, so.. Nope. It’s not murdered out.

  • lloydy

    Anyone who drives a cayenne is a twat.

  • the other larry

    Maybe it’s his mom’s.

  • steve516

    I’m pretty sure it’s his Mom’s car.