Ben Spies vs. Eddie Lawson

Dailies -


Spies_Lawson.jpgKnow the show “Iconoclasts,” the one where one celebrity interviews another? Yamaha‘s just done something similar with Ben Spies and Eddie Lawson. Genius. Did you know that Eddie was the first non-development rider to ever try upside-down forks?

Update: Part two added below!

Update 2: Part three is here now too.

  • Brian Zooom

    Lawson, a Vino…HAHAHAHAHAHA….next thing you’ll see is Lawson and KR on Vino’s at the go-kart track duking it out(which would be worth the price of admission)!!!

  • Dr. Gellar

    My favorite rider from the past, along with my favorite rider of the present. Nice!

  • bobx

    id like to see the whole thing. will it be able to be seen anywhere?

    • Wes Siler

      Parts 2 and 3 haven’t been released yet, we’ll bring them to you when they are. Stay tuned.

  • Andrew Macpherson

    I was lucky enough to get to spend a good part of ’90 photographing the Yamaha Marlboro Team for Italian Vogue, I still have the pix, and one day will publish them. Eddie was my favorite rider, so I was super thrilled to get to spend time around him & the team off season and at the track. Sadly it was the season he was injured in practice at Laguna, after which he would not win another championship.