BMW returns to Isle of Man TT after 30-year absence

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BMW_IOM_TT.jpgBMW will enter a single S1000RR superbike in this year’s Isle of Man TT, the first time a BMW has been officially entered since the late 1970s. The BMW S1000RR‘s development rider, Rico Penzkofer, will race the bike in both the Superbike and Senior TT races. Penzkofer is returning to the island for the second time, having raced in both Supersport races there last year, he also placed fifth at last year’s Macau Grand Prix. BMW first raced at the TT in 1937 and has won 30 races there, mostly in the sidecar class.

With KTM entering the TT for the first time, that gives the Isle of Man an incredibly robust field for the June race.

  • MrP

    so good to have BMW & KTM in the TT this year, now if we can only get some live coverage here in the states things would be FANTASTIC!

  • CafeRacer1200

    This is really great news! Hey! Erik Buell! You listening?

  • kawalaser

    Very exciting news! I wish ze Germans well. Live coverage in the US would be nice.

  • LemurPilot

    I hate US TV, now I’ll miss it all and end up buying a crappy DVD of the event, along with flute music and listless commentary. Anyone know Mark Neveldine or Brian Taylor? if so get them to film it.

    • Chris

      HDNET had good coverage last year. It wasn’t live but it was very enjoyable.

  • RT Rider

    If NASCAR was racing there it would be a national media event. Still, I am glad BMW & KTM are in the fray. I think the BMW S1000RR will be the bike to contend with on the track and the streets.

  • GeddyT

    Yeah, this’ll be totally awesome like a year after the event when I can buy a DVD and actually watch it…

    I gave up on SPEED altogether when I tried watching a MotoGP race on it. I usually watch online, but a local bar was showing it on the big screen and trying to make an event out of it. I thought that was pretty cool, seeing hows in my neighborhood most people don’t even know motorcycle racing exists. Instead of the rockin’ good time I thought it was going to be, I left disgusted. Tape delaying a race three days so as to not preempt NASCAR truck series or some bullshit is bad enough, but when you then scatter commercial breaks throughout a 45 minute sprint race!? I mean, if they HAVE to have commercial breaks every five minutes, they could have at least paused the action (not difficult when the race isn’t live and you’ve had three days to prepare the editing…). Instead the race was completely bastardized. Every single important pass in the race happened during commercial and was therefore never seen.

    Sorry SPEED, you and your advertisers lost me right there.

    [/off topic rant]

  • Mike J

    To all pure road racing fans from the left hand side of the Atlantic (facing north… obviously) who feel as though they’re missing out. I’m sorry to say that there is no live television coverage of the TT, even in the UK, only daily highlights packages. The race is just too big for it to be logistically feasible.

    There is live radio commentary provided by Radio TT/Manx Radio streamed to the web, and a live updated leaderboard available via the IOM TT website.

  • john reed

    Dish network showed all the 2009 IOM TT races
    channel HDTV last september,
    It was the best motorcycle racing I have ever seen on television, High definition, lots of slow speed camera stuff and 2 English commentators who knew what they were talking about

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