BMW S1000RR upsizes tablecloth trick

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S1000RR_Tablecloth.jpgKnow the old tablecloth trick? The one where you whip the tablecloth out from underneath a fully set table without knocking anything over. It’s pretty cool when you do it on a small table, but what if you could whip the cloth from underneath a table set from 24 people? To do it, you’ll need a BMW S1000RR.

BMW hopes this video will promote the S1000RR’s whip-like acceleration.
The trick to performing the, err, trick is to accelerate the cloth as
quickly and seemlessly as possible, both traits that would be positive
on any bike. But, we think the real story here is the Bimmer’s excellent
tie-down points, you could really secure a tailpack back there,
something that’s becoming increasingly rare on full-on superbikes.

  • Marco A

    Can’t help but think there’s some form of trickery in the video, but I do give them credit for the creativity.

  • bzr

    Meh, would have been cooler if they did it at Blenheim Palace. During a debutante ball. And a vicar had dropped his monocle into his beef bourguignon in astonishment.

  • Chris


    • troll

      Bitchin’ is how you spell it, dammit.

  • Cameron Baum

    You don’t need a big powerful bike. Just use a longer rope and get a run at it. It’s just physics/math.


    People always want to do stuff the hard way.

    • g

      thats not the point. the idea is to illustrate the acceleration of the bike

  • Hopefull

    Very cool and it just makes me want a S1000RR all the more. I checked one out at a local show 2 weeks ago and I feel that it is the next superbike bar none. I have my Suzuki on craigslist.

  • kiya

    I have to admit, that was pretty fucking cool especially considering there was almost no slack in the rope.

    • Cameron Baum

      One has to wonder how many takes they actually did ;)

      Set up the plates again Julio!

      /crap :(

  • will


  • CafeRacer1200

    Back in the day, we used sportbikes to pull skirts off that fast. Kudos to BMW though.

  • CurveRider

    Kudos to BMW for bringing us a real sport bike that we can afford. I think $15,000 is a real steal considering the advanced technology that that bike has. Ducati got $70,000 for there superbike to get one on the streets so it could be raced. BMW could have sold 500 of these for $75,000 and left it at that. BMW has to be loosing money on every one of these that they sell.

  • sburns2421

    BMW hopes to sell thousands of these bikes and have a 10% market share for the literbike market. If it was merely a halo vehicle they lost money on they would make enough to satisfy World Supernike homologation and call it a day.

    The cost to manufacture for BMW cannot be much more than the Japanese with large volumes. Quantity helps reduce per unit development costs, so it makes sense to try and sell as amany as possible.

  • powermatic

    Lots of ways to make this vid happen without special effects, i.e. table cloth material with much lower coefficient of friction than standard cotton, etc. But it doesn’t matter-it’s just marketing, and relatively clever marketing at that.

    It’s my intuition that this is a first year, loss-leader price for this wonderful bike, and in two/three more years you’ll see it at a profitable 20k. Hope springs eternal, but I’d guess that it would be wise to buy sooner, rather than later.

  • Core

    I don’t know if the vid is a lie or what… I won’t worry about that for this situation. What I will say is it was cool none the less, it was a neat “trick”.

  • chris

    next time take all of the money you spend on advertising and hire ben spies. what’s german for douche?

    • Cameron Baum


      Oh, wait… that’s backwards ;)

  • motoguru

    It was good until he started revving the motor like a typical sportbike riding squid.

    • Jack

      exactly. Right out of “Superbikes” on Speed. Dumb ending.

  • losers

    losers. all the dumb comments mean…. i wish i had that bike!!!!

    i had a zzr600 and some people sayd, i don’t like the collor. well as i was riding a way and have fun they were walking (thinking i wish i had a bike)

    dumb people.

  • Ken

    That was an incredibly dangerous stunt. Think how pissed off your Mum would be if it went wrong.

  • Chris

    Love it, makes me want one all the more… but only in that colorway.

  • Will

    I think they likely glued all the dishes to a long piece of light plexiglass or clear acetate and lightly tethered it at the far end of the table. Look at the way the candle holder shakes. There would be so much stretch in the material of a typical tablecloth that the trick couldn’t work. Still a cool idea, but I think that’s what they had to do… I would love to have one of those bikes!