Calvin Klein: badass stuntah

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“Like, oh my goooood, shooting these spring/summer 2010 ads in blue tint was totalllly an awesome idea, but they look just a little bit, I don’t know, feminine, and that’s like, I know, not the look that Calvin wanted so we totallly need to find some way to butch them up just like a tiny bit, oh great idea, motorcycles are totally in annnnnddd they’re like sooo masculine so yeah all we need is like a blue bike that’s shiny, that would be soooo rad, but make sure it’s, like, really shiny and not covered in those trashy logos, ok, thanks byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-)”

CK via Ride The Machine

  • Pinkyracer

    making it even more bad-ass, they painted over the graffiti, a la Banksy. Well, not with as much style as him, but I wonder what the gangsters who’d tagged that part of the LA river are going to do about it?

    • Dennis

      The blue paint looks like it is photoshopped. It doesn’t match in both pictures.

  • bzr

    I want to see a bigger picture of that bike just so I can laugh at how ugly it is.

    Plus, somebody needs to eat a goddamn sandwich.

  • Jimboz

    I never thought they’d find a way to make a photoshoot at the L.A. river lame. In that bike’s defense, that swingarm’s absolutely gorgeous. Pointless, unless the bike has 900 horsepower and never turns, but very pretty.

  • Hot and Bothered

    Ummm, So who is that?… No not her, that svelte boy in the loafers… Too bad the Druids or Praetorians aren’t around to teach him more about motorcycling.

  • Emmet

    those cutaway platform shoes are HIDEOUS. barf!

  • will

    That is the gayest damn thing.

  • shinigami

    Someone PLEASE give that girl a sandwich. Not a half, either. A WHOLE sandwich.

    …err, that IS a girl, isn’t it?

  • coho

    He looks considerably more feinine than she does.

    And that swingarm is by far the sexiest thing in the ad. For any value of sexy.

  • Scott

    Wes… Doth Protest Too Much!

  • Cameron Baum

    I see no difference between this and that 1/2 and 3/4 helmet shoot you guys had up the other day.

    Soul-less fashion over the hard cold world of reality.

    And I agree with everyone that says they need a sammich or seventy. Real women have curves, and muscle tissue for dog’s sake. Those guys look like fairies (and I’m not talking about the gay people -not that there is anything wrong with that…)

  • CafeRacer1200

    You’ll notice that in no picture are the men actually looking at the bike. Or the women for that matter. What kind of normal man walks past a motorcycle, any motorcycle, without at least turning his head as he goes past? What kind of man would be that close to those women without looking at them? Even if the bike is hideous and the women could use a tenderloin sandwich bigger than their heads, you’ve still got to look.

  • kawalaser

    Wes sounds like he’s finally found his voice.

  • Hangar4


  • mototom

    that pic….first thing in the morning …..OMG….I’M LIKE TOTALLY WET……

  • William

    Calvin Klein best fashion and i think the model girl look sexy

  • DaFoxx

    They look so damned unhappy, but I guess if I only got to drink Diet Coke and eat rice Chew gum for sustenance, I would be too.

    • DaFoxx

      …Looks like my HTML tag skills need some work. ‘eat rice’ was supposed to be struck out. Oh well.

  • Sean Smith

    I am utterly bewildered. The people shooting this have to know what sort of people ride that sort of bike. Waif like models and the thugs that hang out down by Magic Johnson’s TGI Fridays are quite a bit different.

    Can someone please explain why they used That bike? I could understand a Ducati sport classic, maybe even a real classic ducati, a Vespa, a Lambretta, hell, maybe even a speed triple. Even a cafe racer would be crossing the line. But This? Jesus. I’m just glad they didn’t show the front of it where all the TV screens and speakers are.

    • BL

      because it’s a blue bike, it’s oh so shiny, and totally rad.

      didn’t you read the post?

      valley girl wes had it right for once!

      • Sean Smith

        Yeah, but this is the merging of the two opposite extremes of stupid shiny crap. It’s just something you dont do. I mean, the freakin bling-o-verse could collapse because of this.

  • Hillary

    Will, why do you think that that is the gayest damn thing.

  • Daeldren

    Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

    • Pinkyracer

      he was channeling Zoolander!!! :-) thank you!

      and thank ALL of you for chiming in about how un-sexy anorexic women are! you see, women need to hear this more often, especially in a forum like this, where you’re not expecting us to be lurking about. ESPECIALLY now that micro-miniskirts are back. Those infernal skirts were the leading cause of my teenage body dysmorphia/eating disorder.

      you guys rule!

  • Richard

    If you were going for the voice from the Insurance/Pothole commercial, you totally nailed it. Well done sir.