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Olive_Speed_Triple_1.jpgPictured is a special edition of the Triumph Speed Triple that’ll go on sale in Italy this summer. The matte olive drab paint is cool, but the real story here is the font. To our knowledge, it’s the first time since its re-birth in 1991 that the brand has departed from its swoopy R, old Triumph-influenced typeface. Swapping one type of retro for another, the black stencil “Triumph” and “Speed Triple” lettering on this bike is a subtle nod to WWII-era militaria.
Triumph_Logo.jpgThe standard Triumph logo fits incredibly well both on its range of
modern classics like the Bonneville and cutting edge sportsbikes like
the Daytona 675, flattering the former and contrasting the latter.
Having said that, it’s nice to see the company trying new things and
doing so in a subtle, classy way. The bold, strong, yet classic nature
of the stencil suits the Speed Triple perfectly, complimenting its
understated aggression.

  • motoguru

    dig it. triumph is gonna blow your mind between now and 2012.

  • johnny

    looks ace,I love the color and typeface, although I do wish they’d lose those old streetfighter headlamps.

  • Save the swoopy R

    They’re crazy to depart from their classic logo. Could you imagine if Honda stopped using its winged H, Yamaha it’s tuning forks, or BMW its circular blue and white symbol?

    The English over use the term “iconic”, but in this case it’s appropriate. The swoopy R Triumph logo is iconic.

    • Chris

      The BMW symbol is called a roundel.

    • Pierre

      the blue & white logo from BMW represents a propeller….

    • motoguru

      Iconic or not, the tuning forks need to go.

  • Beatpusher

    Too bad they didn’t go back to the 5 spoke rear wheel for this model. Otherwise mewants.

  • Save the swoopy R

    I read in a BMW brochure once it was supposed to symbolize a radial aircraft engine or propeller, harking back to their aviation roots (in the same way Yamaha’s tuning forks reference their company’s beginnings in musical instruments). I always assumed it was a mechanical drawing positional tolerance symbol.

  • AceCafeMod

    Agree with all above!
    Nice color…
    Lose those lamps at once, please (for a single round one if possible)…
    Go back to the classic logo (in complementary color would look lovely!)
    5 spoke wheels (instead of that “pimp my ride” stuff)…
    A little re-design to update things here and there…
    And Triumph will definitely blow my mind!

    (And, by the way, yes, the Beemer symbol symbolizes an aircraft propeller)

    • coho

      The roundel’s also an extreme closeup of the blue and white checked Bavarian flag.

      PS. The Speed Triple has had dual headlights for thirteen years, I doubt they’re going anywhere soon.

    • Sean Smith

      Those super-duper dual frame mounted lamps are going nowhere. Short of a beautiful motor, they’re damn near the coolest styling cue ever seen on a motorcycle.


    coolest headlights on a naked bike.

    take mine in all gloss black with traditional logo & arrow pipes please.

  • Mike Fortes

    AceCafemod is right….the roundel are the colors of the free state of Bavaria….the colors are inverted because of a law stating you can’t use national symbols in advertisements. The New York times ran an article about this not too long ago, and the BMW museum confirmed this fact.

  • Mike Fortes

    …and I like the headlights! I think they are a unique departure from anything else out there.

  • Mario

    There is the article on the BMW logo.

    Also even BMW has modified its font over the years.

  • PeteP

    This is the best looking 1050 S3 yet!

  • Deckard

    If only Ducati would revert back to one of their previous logo designs. The current Ducati logo is dullsville.

    • telekom

      Totally agree Deckard. My friend has an old Ducati GT750 and it looks amazing – really nice Ducati decal and even Ducati painted on the back of the seat.

      I think the Speed Triple looks superb.

  • Speedo007

    As much as I love my 09 S3, I really hope we see a new model in 2011. It’s probably the only bike that would make me sell mine…I can’t wait to see what it will look like!

  • wilbur

    The headlights sit to far off the front of the bike. If they were attached to the front end instead of the frame it would pull them in more.

  • sburns2421

    A paint scheme and stencil logo that harkens back to WWII for an English company selling the bike in Italy. That will go over well…

  • tom

    The new triumph redid their logo from the first one
    Around 6 years ago (maybe more time flys)

    And many companies do updates to their logos
    Or even change their logo image to match that of the product it’s on

    Look not further then the Ducati Sport Classic line.
    For a perfect example of a powersports product that fits this.

  • chili sv

    I would be surprised if they used this logo in any context other than that of a military theme. Here’s to them for having the cajones to have fun with their brand.

  • CafeRacer1200

    I love the new look and have no problem using this updated font on the sport models and keeping the older style on the cruisers and retro bikes. That said, in relation to the story under this one, where in the world would you buy gear to color coordinate?

    • amsterdam

      At an army dump?

      So happy none of the above experts has anything to say at Triumph, hands of my headlights!

  • Cameron Baum

    Very nice and CLEAN.

    No other stupid flames or other tacky logos. I prefer my vehicles to have solid colors and almost no logos. The only place my car says Toyota is the stylized T in the front grille -and the only place my VFR says Honda (or anything else) is on the VIN plate and on the alternator cover.

    The only logo/sticker I have on the entire bike is a skull&crossbones on the front. More than I usually put on anything but it seems to go there.

    I like this simple font that looks like a military stencil on a military aircraft like gray.

    Better than pink flames or the ugly wave graphics on most Asian sportbikes.


  • robotribe

    I like the logotype change and special color, but agree with others that the wheels don’t fit the new character.

  • robotribe

    I like the logotype change and special color, but agree with others that the wheels don’t fit the new character.

  • Mark D

    Say what you will about the double-headlights (I like them), I saw a guy who had turned his scooter into a streetfighter…and had the twin headlights on it! I immediately thought of the Street and Speed triples; now THAT’S iconic! Still saving up for a Triumph…

  • Case

    This thing looks bad ass. I am not a huge fan of naked bikes but this is superb. I even like the wheels, which add a modern touch to the classic look.

  • jconli1

    Reminds me of the stencil and blackout treatment BMW did of the 2004 R1150R…

    … but looks much better.

  • Superbikemike

    the matte green paint is awesome….you need alittle pink floyd (the wall) playing in the backround…..the dual bug eye headlight are this models trademark, they are a must,its a street fighter….. ;)

  • Emmet

    that rear end begs for an aftermarket exhaust.

  • beatpusher

    The lamps rule. And shut up about BMW already!

  • shinigami

    Yamaha’s tuning fork motif is a national icon. It’s not going anywhere soon.

    I do prefer the more subdued cloisonne wing logo on Honda bikes. For reference this is on the CBR1000RR and the new VFR.

    I also think Triumph made a mistake with this soon-to-be-outdated looking divergence. The classic Triumph logo is instantly recogni(s)able.

    Too bad their engines aren’t as reliable as those of Japanese bikes. I have personally seen two Speed Triples grenade in the past five years.

  • shawndoh

    i’ll take the logo per case basis, i like it on there. i think the whole look of this bike captures the raw street fighter vibe well.