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Edwards_Spies_Roadtrip.jpgWhat if Yamaha riders Ben Spies and Colin Edwards took a road trip together and what if there were cameras there to film it all?  >

  • Jordan J.

    Ben already has a nick name, in case Colin hasn’t seen Ben’s license plate.

    Now someone should make video personifying the relationship between AMA and Matt Mladin.

  • 6mt

    awesome!! texas 2 steps; hopefully the first and second on the podium…

  • Charles

    Great video! I wann be Colin Edwards when I grow up!!!

    Oh, damn, he’s about 15 years younger than me…

  • Ryan

    Ben Spies is so wonderfully dry. It can’t possibly be an act.

  • Heath Ledger

    pretty gay thought I was watching Broke Back Mountain

  • pdub

    Edwards has him some thespian skills. Great job playing the over eager “team mate”. Remember his role as the psycho security guard in that other Yamaha video? In a couple years when he’s not racing maybe he should get some roles in Steve Carrel comedies?

  • Giova

    Very lame video, wes don’t wast your readers time by putting such a dumb video.

  • g

    this is terrible.

  • Trav

    I thought that t-rex was bad ass… and THEN I saw the mouth open and close! BAD F*CKIN ASS!

    Great post Wes. Don’t listen to those other guys, they just need a mancation too.

  • scott

    Two former CMRA Racers! Fun vid