Dougie Lampkin rides Goodwood, again

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Dougie_Lampkin_Goodwood_2.pngLast year, former Trials world champ Dougie Lampkin rode around inside Lord March’s English manor house to promote the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This year, he’s done it again, just this time with more massages, saunas, pleasantly plump English women in bikinis and F1 drivers. While we fail to understand why, if motorcycles are the best way to promote the Festival, they don’t play a bigger role in it, this is still complete and utter win.  >


  • Joe W

    What model bike is that, and can I find a street legal version?

  • mike

    It’s a Beta trials bike, maybe the Evo (I don’t know much about them other than I’d love to try one out). Good luck with the street legal thing, I’m pretty sure you’d have to buy one and make it legal yourself.

  • Teebles

    If I recall correctly its a Beta Rev 3.

  • mingh

    a good laugh, but as far as trailsriding goes, it’s a bit lame.

    check this one:
    the guy came out of nowhere to take the mountainbike scene like a mongol army. I know it’s not a motorbike movie, but the technical level, and style are unseen.

  • nerdalert

    2:21min oomg! its rimmer!

  • Frank Gilbreth

    Amazing skills with the bike. Wish i was that good.