Ducati Multistrada 1200 vs 1198 on the dyno

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multistrada_1200_dyno.jpgThis dyno chart compares the crank outputs of both the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and Ducati 1198 with the expected conclusion: the Multistrada is a bit stronger low down, the 1198 kills it in the top end. More revealing is the extrapolation you can draw from the numbers: Ducati’s funky chicken equals the 110bhp maximum output of both the R1200GS and Yamaha Super Tenere at just 6,500rpm. Weighing just 189kg (dry) this thing’s going to fly.

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via MCN 

  • Tom

    Somethings wrong with the 1198 curve, there’s not cross at 5252 rpm????

    • Tom

      Actually the Multi doesn’t do that either (although it’s at least closer)

    • geonerd

      totally. it looks squished on the x axis too.

  • GeddyT

    Troubles with MCN’s dyno graphs? Stop the presses!…

  • not a pro

    imperial standard is great sometimes.
    always check your axis units before reading graphs. its in Kg-meter not Ft-Lb

    • geonerd

      ahhhh. good point.

      At ~5252rpm it’s making 8 kg/m which is roughly 58 lb/ft. that basically lines up with the power curve at 5252rpm.

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        Damn Italians and their socialist metric system. Still nice to see HP hanging in their as the standard measurement of power for the world. Kilowatts just don’t sound as cool.

        • Tom

          Yeah, I missed the kg/m, which is also a complete bastardization of units (much like Imperial use of lb-m). kg/m is mass per length and torque is really force/length, so as long as the bike is on planet Earth, you are ok with kg-f/m. As for Imperial mass, slugs don’t sound cool enough. Kilowatts doesn’t sound cool either, but 1.21 Gigawatts still has a nice twang to it.

          • Kjell Eriksson

            Correct torque unit is Nm (Newtonmeter).

  • pod6

    so what you are saying then is that this is the motor that the streetfighter should have?

  • Kjell Eriksson

    Torque curve still not as flat as the one of 1976-1979 Ducati 860/900 GTS, but good to see that they’re working on it…