Ducatis, Daft Punk, Light Cycles and Jeff Bridges

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tron_2_HD.jpgCould you ask for anything more? Disney’s just dropped the second HD trailer for Tron Legacy and it’s got more details of the Ducati GT1000-filled world outside the game.  >

via Jalopnik

  • Branden

    Schuh Wheat.

  • Woody

    Can’t wait to see this in Imax.

  • Epyx


  • kidchampion

    SportClassic, not GT1000, no?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2009/05/motoczysz-e1pc-spied-testing-a.html Wes Siler

      The GT1000 is one of three bikes that used to make up the SportClassic family, but since they’ve killed the other two, it’s the only remaining member:


      • V

        Ducati SportClassic 1000 biposto, so 2007-2009.

      • V

        Sorry, I should support that statement instead of just throwing it out there like a dick. Clipons with bar-ends, dual sided exhausts (termis?), tank, biposto seat, and smaller fender prove it to be a SC1000. These differences, a slightly shorter frame, and alloy wheels differentiate it from the GT.

  • Sean Smith

    Yep. It’s gonna be solid fuckin’ gold. This may be the thing that convinces me to get a crazy 3D TV when they come out.

  • Isaac

    DAMN! I can’t wait for this film! I think it will rival AVATAR.

  • Mitch

    Warning: Do not jump your SportClassic off a 5 foot concrete embankment

  • Brian Zooom

    actually-technically it is/was a “Sport 1000″ which was 1 of the Sport Classic model line-up.

    That aside, I saw the trailer in full glory this past weekend when I went to see Alice in Wonderland. I have been eyeballing trailers for this since the 1st teaser at Comic-Con a year and a half ago or so. I can not wait to go and see this.

  • Hangar4

    We have to wait until December??? I need it now DAMN IT!!!

  • K2theM

    Can’t wait!!!!! AH! The Recognizer! Holy cow! The detail!

    This actually reminds me of a different take on the game that came out in 2003(?). It seems like a similar story, only this time it’s Flynn’s son instead of Bradley’s. The game was solid, so I have high hopes for the movie.

    Also: Ballsy stunt man that took that bike off the ramp.

  • michael

    Wow, another Ducati product placement in a Hollywood sci-fi movie. And jumping the shark, um, I mean embankment, too.

    Next stop: Ducati-Tron McDonalds Happymeal toys. I’ll put those right next to the half price Ducati Matrix Monster I found on eBay and the Ferrari-Barbie-TicTacs I got at the Geneva car show in 2004.

  • TonyS

    It’s an 07 Sport 1000 (biposto). However, the bikes used for the jump are:

    “1973 XL 350 Hondas that the Special Effects guys added fabbed fiberglass tanks, tail , rotors and calipers along with “trellace frame add ons” and stock muffler recreations.”

    A guy on ducati.ms in the Sport Classic section actually worked on the movie and they used his bike.


    • Mitch

      So funny they went to all that trouble just because they wanted to amp up a guy going somewhere on his motorcycle. Does he also hit a ramp and do a backflip? More action, more!

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  • http://megawattpr.com @TyWright

    Filmed in Vancouver!
    He’s jumping off the Fir St. exit of the Granville St. Bridge right near Fir & Broadway.

  • Pete

    Looks really cool!!!