Field Test: Rukka Merlin Gore-Tex Leather Suit

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Rukka-Merlin.jpg We’re asking real riders to test motorcycle gear in the real world for our Field Test series. In this installment, Ducati SportClassic-riding Zac takes a $3,500 Rukka Merlin Gore-Tex Leather suit for a spin in the frigid New York winter. Worth the money?

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Field Test: Rukka Merlin Gore-Tex Leather Suit

  • damien

    i like the jacket but the horizontal zippers on the pants make them look like they’re on backwards. anyone remember Kris-Kros! (sp?)

    • Grant Ray

      Damien, no one wants to remember Kris Kross.

      • damien

        haha, sorry.

  • Benjamin

    $3,500. I suppose it’s not so bad a deal compared to the Dainese Tattoo suit, but… good god. That’s a grand over the Alpinestars Gore-Tex 2-piece setup. This is not the pricing progress I was hoping for.

    Give it time, give it time.

  • The Grudz

    This is not cool. There are textile suits that will do all this(and more)for half the money. Really, really, fucking good suits. Visit any BMW dealership. And no, I don’t work for the Germans.

  • V

    No. No, it is not worth the money.

  • tepiddeath

    Hey how do I get signed up for the opportunity to field test some shit?! I could really use a pair of pants and a jacket with armor that is actually long enough for me. It seems that nobody mass produces riding gear for the broads with long extremities! I tried some scorpion pants on at the local shop, and when I sat on my xb12Ss the bottom of the pants were almost to my knees, and the knee armor was almost to my crotch! and don’t get me started on jackets!

    • Brad

      You should motoport gear .

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Leathers? What leathers?

    (Sorry, I can’t look anywhere else if a Ducati SportClassic is near)

  • baddad

    $3,500 is right price for RUBies. Nonsense!

  • CafeRacer1200

    Good Looord that’s a lot of money! You can buy superb two piece suits for a fraction of that AND add one of Firstgear’s TPG jacket and overpants combo. You’d still have lots of money left over. Plus, you’d be warmer, just as dry and not have to wait for Comet Halley to re-enter the solar system before it dries out. I’m sure it’s a fantastic suit and I don’t doubt the reviewer, but great Googly Moogly my wife would crap if I even brought it up.

  • Nick G

    For $3500, I wouldn’t want a single logo on it…

  • JimE

    Remember that before this Rukka suit and the Dainese suit came out, Aerostich had their version (called the Transit Suit). While the transit suit is expensive, it’s much cheaper than the other ones…

  • Hampus

    Why aren’t there any photos of the suit?

    • Wes Siler

      I’m sorry, but I see three nice photos of the suit. Where are you looking?

  • Marlon

    Worst review I’ve read of a Sportsclassic Ducati.

  • eze1976

    no suit for me, ducati is all

    • Grant Ray

      Eze1976 and Hampus, you might try clinking that link up there in the feature just below the words “Click below for the feature.”