How to ride the Ducati Multistrada 1200

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Ducati_Multistrada_1200_Dash.jpgStarting on the right side, angle your knee backwards and lift your hip until your leg clears the seat, adjust your balance to the right as you extend your leg and rotate the bike off its sidestand with pressure on the right bar as you lower your weight onto the seat. Take the weight with your right leg, kick up the sidestand with your left and click the gear selector half a notch up from first to select neutral. Turn the key to “on”, and thumb the starter button until the engine turns over. Now things get difficult. The Ducati Multistrada 1200 can operate in one of four modes; beyond that you can adjust the suspension on the “S” model to deal with passenger and luggage loads and even customize your own engine map, throttle response and suspension height. Here’s how.

Update: three more videos added below.  >

Ducati_Multistrada_1200_Power_Modes.jpgPower delivery by engine maps.

  • Isaac

    They need to cut that ‘beak’ off!

  • Lemur Pilot

    That 4 grand electric bike with no gears looks even better now.

  • johnny

    groan, too much information! I feel ill just looking at it. They got it right with the original Monster, just a speedo and warning lights.

  • Mike

    Even though it is attempting to be classified as a road oriented, “adventure touring,” machine, the looks don’t bug me. In fact I like the way the bike looks. It has this almost organic, raptor (bird, not dinosaur or Yamaha) meets big supermoto thing going on. Kind of cool.

    With that said: I have a 2008 Concours 14 ABS pushing 150ish to the rear wheel for sale in the DC area if anybody is intersted. I want to make room for an ugly Duc.

  • geonerd

    am i the only one who thinks Ducati’s LCD clocks are dull as dishwater?

  • Steve

    Now if only all these beautiful technologies (ABS, ride-by-wire, electronically adjustable suspension, and a smoother motor) can find themselves onto an 1198 . . . . Then we’re talking! Hopefully it will happen soon; given the likes of the RSV4 and BMW1000RR that offer at least some if not all of these systems. I think it’s time Ducati brought its sport-bikes into the 21 century (DTC aside).

  • Cut it off

    Ok, thats fine. But why the f**king beak??? Why???

  • VetteWrecker

    Do want.

  • akatsuki

    I don’t mind the beak, but I wish it was just a bit more set-up for actual adventuring. It seems to be aimed at about 90% road/10% off and I’d like some bigger wheels, etc.