Latebird Invitational: you mean motorsports can be fun?

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Latebirds_Invitational.jpgLike mopeds, racing, BBQ, camping and hipster chicks in bras swilling PBR? Then you should check out the first annual Latebirds Invitational on March 12-14. The organizers describe it as “a rally on a race-track” and there’ll be serious and not-so-serious ‘ped racing. Location is Apple Valley, CA, between LA and Barstow. Epic promotional video below.  >

Latebirds Invitational

Thanks for the tip, Dan.

  • skadamo

    Careful, don’t make mopeds too cool or everyone will be riding them soon. Between 1977mopeds and this video…

    • Matt

      How fortunate you are to not be surrounded by them. Echo Park reeks of lawnmower exhaust.

      • Sean Smith

        I saw these guys a few months ago, and never before have I wanted a moped so bad.

  • travis

    want to go want to go want to go…

  • Chris

    I want to hate on this, but I just can’t. It would probably be kind of fun.

  • Moped envy

    Are these dudes USC film students? That’s a cool video, and very well done. Geek uber-sheik.

    I wish I still had my Puch. There’s a real joy to holding it wide open into a corner at full speed.

  • DoubleOhTwo

    That’s rad.

  • mattoloRIPRIP

    totally coors light, hahaha. the rockies were even blue.

  • jblaze

    that was awesome!

  • Tommy

    There are a bunch of film school grads in the latebirds, none from usc, and we ain’t no geeks.

    If you are in the LA area check out choke ( to see just how fun and cool mopeds can be.

    Thanks for posting this up.

    • VetteWrecker

      Shotgunning beer, bad haircuts, mopeds, and not-so-hot chicks? Jesus, and I thought the outlaw biker scene was fucked up? This video reminds me of being 15 years old. Whether you think it’s cool or not, that’s some real geek shit.*

      *Let me help you:

      -Shotgun raw cane liquor
      -Prefer attractive females
      -Refuse to ride mopeds

      WTF is wrong with kids these days? GET OFF MY FAWKIN LAWN!!!

  • Sasha Pave

    The three most fashion conscious types of bikers in SF:

    - Harley riders
    - Rat bikers
    - Hipsters on mopeds

    I’ve chatted with a few of the Creatures and their offshoot “Le Resistance” (for the french scooter fans) and most of them are genuinely in it for the mopeds. They do some obscene things to those little bikes.

  • CafeRacer1200

    That little ped was FLYING! Between that shrieking insect and blasting beer into my face, mouth and everything in a 4 foot radius, I could really piss off my elderly neighbors. MCL would never be the same for them.

  • The Grudz

    Choke is cool. The mopeds are neat…but how come my 50cc Zuma is so much faster? I pass these guys a lot. And I can put a big-ass bag of groceries under the seat. Now that’s cool. And if I put a #46 on the front I’m baby Rossi! Now that’s cooler!

  • freebird

    but it still looks like you are sitting on a toilet.

  • The Grudz

    Oh, my compliments to the video too. Those mopeds are obviously quite a bit faster than baby Rossi. Looks like a good time. Meecha at Grange!

  • The Grudz

    @ freebird- Like I give a shit…(get it?)

  • Moped envy

    Yeah I’ve run into several of those San Francisco moped guys on the mountain roads South of the city. They fly into the corners without braking, it’s excellent. I clocked one at 50 on a slight downhill.

    There’s something to be said for less weight.

  • threadsecutioner

    50′s nothin.

  • Da Vulture

    Thanks for posting this. All are welcome at our races/rally. Saturday is practice and party. Sunday is the main event. See you in the desert!

  • Lame

    Revenge of the Nerds

  • Really?

    Mopeds on a go-kart track? How is this not met with more cynicism?

    • VetteWrecker


  • thunderbird

    You might have passed a moped or two on your toilet, but i promise it wasn’t a Latebird. I wanna race you on that zuma, say down mulholland.

  • Kidchampion

    The clip seems like an homage to Electroma, the Daft Punk film, with some Matthew Barney Norwegian Death Metal references, and some American Apparel soft porn cues. Those are all fine ingredients.

  • sam

    ahhhhhh i wish i heard about this earlier HFL! I gotta replace the piston/rings on my puch maxi! im still gonna try and make it! anybody else wanna go from salt lake city?

  • generic1776

    Mopeds are for hipsters? No-Way! Rappers got this ‘ped covered!

    moped rap —-> “Throw a Kit”

    You know you’re going to watch this video at least twice.

  • generic1776

    oops my link didn’t work

  • AceCafeClipOns

    We can’t stop here, this is bat country!

  • Cameron Baum

    Reminds of back in the 80′s when we ice-raced Honda Sprees both on the oval and in the circuit road coarses. Racing a CVT transmission scooter wasn’t much different than racing a full-sized Rokon on the ice, and a whole hella lotta fun. Every once in a while I wish I still had an old Spree or other scooter to bomb around town on. They are a blast in town, especially in a pack.

  • Brian Zooom

    I want an event like this to happen on the East coast damnit. I’d love to participate on my lil ole Honda Z50 Minibike. PBR and tapped out small bore racing, what could be better!

  • pbxorcist

    This makes me want to put a big bore kit and some apes on a moped and ride around town on it. Wes, I blame you if a moped appears in my garage.

  • NatefromOgden

    Shoot- I was part of the first international moped endurance racing team in 1988 while living in England. The blokes over there raced mopeds on kart tracks in 6 hour races with a seperate 1 hour race for the sidehack equipped rigs. Great, great fun! I even found some of the pictures recently.

    • sidehackern8

      You gotta post them somewhere, I’m especially interested in the sidecar rigs (of course.)

  • Dan

    sorry, i’d rather have an rd350.

  • DoctorNine

    Hotrod Pug in goggles.
    Already has his leathers.
    Trained lapdogs FTW!

  • cam

    then get an rd350. no one’s forcing you to ride a moped at gun point. christ.

  • gregorbean

    $50! Damn, I was gonna go check this out, but I can’t go for that. Unless I get to take my DRZ out for a few sessions…

    • gregorbean

      Just saw it’s $40 pre-reg…but I still can’t rationalize it on my budget. Oh well, have fun!

  • cam

    $50 for 3 meals, free beer, camping, races and a t shirt? seems reasonable to me.

  • pdub

    Can’t hate on wringing a little scooter or moped out on a go cart track. Looks like good fun.
    Real easy to hate on the latest expression of hipster solidarity. In fact it’s too easy. It’s like laughing at the developmentally disabled without the guilt. Live and let live though. Go on and poke you some beers with big dull knives. Morons.