Lone Racer: the Wayne Gardner documentary

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Wayne_Gardner_1982.jpgFilmed during the 1986 season, “Lone Racer” tells the story of upcoming GP500 rider Wayne Gardner. More than just vintage racing footage (there’s plenty of  that too), the documentary opens with a shot of Gardner jogging before going on to delve into his personality and the struggle he faces as he starts winning races. Wayne’s NSR500 is also explored in depth. Not only will racing ever be this raw and dangerous again, but thanks to the era of managed messages, we’ll likely never get such an intimate look inside another World Champion’s life. The Wollongong Whiz won the Championship the year after this was filmed.  >

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  • Deltablues

    Wow! Look at the size of the starting grid for the Assen back then.

    I love the part where the announcer says “that’s a 35000 pound machine”. Stoner and Rossi’s traction control electronics cost more than 35000 british pounds now.

    Great vid.

  • James

    Wow thanks so much for passing on an amazing video, has really made my night.

    Man those guys were legends, can you imagine push starting a moto gp race! Bring it back I say.

    And yeah rossi’s traction control probably does cost more than those bikes but remember those guys were man handeling 2 stroke beasts with no fancy electronics like now days. Much much more dangerous back then. A fascinating video.

    • Gary Sideburn

      Bring back push-starting? Why not bring back pudding basin helmets and total loss lubrication too. Jeez

      • monkeyfumi

        No Gary, we need dustbin fairings that trap the rider when he crashes, oh, and 26 cylinders with 142 gears.
        Good luck push starting a high compression motogp engine with a slipper clutch on your own James…

  • CafeRacer1200

    When you consider the frame, suspension and tire technology then, the sheer balls and skill of those riders is amazing. This is a great video! Thanks!

  • jconli1

    Across the board awesome. Made my morning.

  • Trindle

    Watching the bike buck at silverstone made me swallow my gum. Great Film, thank you.

  • http://www.starpowersports.com JB

    A really enjoyable video set! Thanks!

  • shinigami

    Imagine what a push-start these days would do for P(indeho)edrosa’s rocket starts…

  • cliff

    In all due honesty, can we bring back cigarette advertising? First of all, the sport needs the money, secondly, the colors/brands are simply iconic. Rossi/Camel, Honda/Rothmans, hell, Ferrari/Marlboro, Lotus/Players too. C’mon, nanny staters! Relent!

    • monkeyfumi

      Energy drinks are the new cigarettes

  • Bruce

    A great little doco and thanks for bringing back memories of 24 years ago.