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These are the first photos of the 185rwhp Buell 1190RR, snapped just before it was boxed up and sent to a customer in Germany. The 1190RR was rumored to be a street-legal superbike that was nearly ready to go on sale when Harley killed Buell. Erik Buell Racing is now making these exclusively for superbike racing. Dyno chart below. >


This image compares the 1190RR to the Buell 1125RR.

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  • Ben

    Oh Buell. Each bit of news kills my heart a little more.

    Hurry up and start making some street bikes already. :P

  • Papasan in AZ

    Wunderbare erstaunliche und schnelle!

    Wonderful amazing and fast!

    Papasan in AZ

  • CafeRacer1200

    I hate to say it, but I can’t see myself buying an 1125 or 1190. I looked at it seriously when I bought my XB12R but gave that up when I realized I would pay nearly double the insurance for a bike that is really no better suited for most of riding. My 12 is a better bike than I’ll ever be able to exploit fully, has more power than I can typically use and ample power for when I can.

  • Noone1569

    I’d mortgage my life for one of these.

    Erik: You have, what 12 more months of your non-compete left? That’s a good amount of time to do some R&D on the side man. Lets get Buell back in the game. Please!

  • geonerd

    i’d say that design would make a fine production bike. it doesn’t have the bobble head look of the 1125r.

    if erik can bring some iteration of this bike into BRP/Can-Am/Some-other-company showrooms after the non-compete agreement is up, i think it will be a big winner. plus, he’ll have the added benefit of having it be rebranded as something other than a buell, which will make a huge difference.

    because the truth of the matter is, no matter how stupid you think it is, there is a large percentage of sportbike riders out there who won’t go anywhere near a buell simply because of its XB roots. rebranding it with the marketing support of a company who’s actually interested in growing the brand would be the best thing that ever happened to him.

  • primative

    I don’t think the Buell name is a blight, and the riders who would see an xb as a reason not to buy one are the same people thinking about an s1000rr now. Two years ago they didn’t see themselves ever wanting a beemer. Me personally, I’d like to see a chain and sprockets, and Brembo monoblocks up front. If they made that, or something like that in a naked, for under $13,000 I’d buy it.

    • primative

      Looks like this one does have chain and sprockets. They’re halfway there.

    • ACohen

      If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there are lots of belt to chain conversion kits for the XBs and if you ever get a chance to experience the stopping power of that massive front brake you’ll realize the Brembos won’t be adding anything unless you’re on a track.

      You can get an XB12 and have a shop do that chain conversion for well under 13K, the price on these bikes have plummeted since Buell stopped production.

    • geonerd

      your beemer comparison is a good one. but that was exactly the point of the s1000rr – further diversify the lineup and lower the median age of the bmw owner.

      the kids that look at a Buell and think “American Crap” because of the crude lump of iron stuffed into the frame are the same kids who blow their lunch money on CBR’s, Ninja’s, GSXR’s and R1′s.

      you start selling this bike ^^^ with a new name and a company who doesn’t just stuff them into the corner of the showroom and forget about them, and i think those kids will come running.

  • Ray

    Sharp. Nice nose and treatment of the radiators. Organic looking and finally some elegant design.

    Yes, heartbreaking, but inspiring and still hopeful too. Hoping Bombardier can also stuff this motor in a dual purpose with Buell’s input. A bike made in the Americas appropriate for conditions in the Americas. Even a street tracker single using the 600/650, and take on H-D in dirt track with that and a 750 twin. Who can? Can-Am can. Avec panache en Québec et Mukwonago.

    H-D will lose face regardless, and I’m sure there was plenty of internal dissension at H-D, suits vs. designer/engineers. That non-compete even gains Buell time, insulating him and enabling a transition as production has shut down everywhere else anyway.

  • Gary

    I’d like to find one person (not on the Harley payroll) who doesn’t think Harley’s board looks like a bunch of incompetent boobs as is.

    If they thought they’d look foolish if someone else was able to sell more bikes than them, how do they think they look for spending 125 million to shut Buell down PLUS turning down the check that was offered to buy them?!?!

    If Harley would at least sell the rights to this bike to BRP and/or Erik and/or a third party, we fans of an American sport bike could refocus our efforts on supporting that new venture rather than putting all of our effort into hating Harley.

    Hopefully they’ll have the sense to do that . . . though considering their actions so far, I’m very afraid that there’s little sense in the bunch.

  • thomas

    These are pictures of the second 1190RR – the first one has already been shipped to Europe and we tested it the whole last week. Next week we move on to Alcarras/Spain for more tests…
    The bike is far away from a street-legal bike – this is a real superbike!!!!

  • Peter

    is it just me or does the buell logo look reminiscent of the honda racing wing?

  • Paul

    Just one question. How can 1190RR be eligible for Superbike racing when it doesn’t have a production version on sale?

  • Gary


    It’s not eligible for either AMA Superbike or WSBK because it doesn’t have a production version, but there are some racing classes that will allow it.

    The 1125RR is eligible for AMA Superbike (but not WSBK) and shares some components with the 1190RR, but doesn’t come quite up to the level of the 1190RR.

    It’s a good bet that EB will be making street-bikes of some sort as soon as he is able, but how different or similar those street bikes will be to the above bike depends on unknown details of what rights he currently has or will be able to obtain by the time his non-compete expires (and even the details of that non-compete are unknown and could change).

    If Harley was smart, they’d set him free, let him out of his non-compete and allow him to purchase the rights to existing, Harley-owned IP.

    The sooner he’s making bikes, the sooner Buell fans (and even people who weren’t particular Buell fans but like the idea of an American sport bike and recognize how completely dickish Harley management is being) will ease off Harley and allow them to continue making T-Shirts and dog collars without jumping in and bashing them at every opportunity.

  • Bob

    I’ve ridden an XB12S and yesterday, rode an 1125CR. There is no comparison.

    The Harley lump will NOT be missed. Put ‘em in a museum.

    Buell is on his way to making motorcycles that will really change the way things are done.

  • thomas

    We’ll ride the 1190 in Europe – together with the 1125RR and modified XB’s in racing series as we did with other Buell-bikes in the past – and we still believe in Erik and his ideas!
    No matter what he does in the future – we support him because he’s a brave guy and the bikes are fun to ride!
    Up from tomorrow you’ll see all of our bikes running in Alcarras/Spain to prepare the 2010 racing season – up to now it’s looking very promising!

  • Gary

    Thomas, is there any web-site we can use to follow your efforts?

    Best of luck!

  • thomas

    …yes, look on
    The pictures of our tests today you find here:

  • thomas

    @ GAry – just click on my name below the posting – there is the link to the teamwebsite – for the pictures of today you’ve to wait until the link has been approved from hellforleather…


  • thomas

    For todays pictures click on my name below THIS posting!

    • CafeRacer1200

      I’ll happily fly the colors of any team racing Buells. if you sell shirts or such, let me know.

  • thomas

    …we sell shirts – after the tests when everybody is back home we will update teh website – and you might order shirts – size S up to XXL and patches.
    For details and updated information just follow
    on twitter ;-) There it’s easier for me to post pictures…

  • Gary

    Thomas, very cool!! Thanks for sharing.