Removable battery packs, FTW

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e-max_city_80L.jpgWhy are we writing about a shitty little electric scooter? Because the e-max city 80L does something no other realistic means of two-wheeled transportation does: the battery comes out easily so you can charge it inside your house or office. Designed specifically for urban use, scooters like this offer equivalent performance and equivalent ease of licensing to 50cc ICE scooters – long a staple of cities outside the United SUVS of America – but have always suffered from one major drawback: if you live in an apartment building or work in an office building, they’re impossible to charge unless you get very creative with a very long extension cord. No longer.
e-max_city_80L_2.jpgThe plot thickens further when you realize this isn’t one of the cheap
Chinese-built electric scooters being sold at Pep Boys, but rather a
high-quality product of Germany. e-max was just bought by Australian
company Vmoto, which hopes to expand the brand across Europe in the near

Aside from the removable battery, the rest of the specs are rather
competitive. There’s a 50cc regulations-meeting 30mph top speed and a
range of up to 40 miles. Not bad when you consider these are intended
solely for short distance urban commuting and that the removable Lithium
battery does a full recharge in less than three hours.

One of the major objections to electric motorcycles is that their
limited speeds make them most suitable for urban riding, yet the
difficult recharging makes them unsuitable for urban living. Hopefully
this dinky little scooter is the harbinger of more electric two-wheelers
adopting removable batteries.


Thanks for the tip, Will.

  • johnny

    looks great, although I couldn’t find anything on their site about how much the battery weighs, and how long it takes to remove the it-if it’s fairly light and comes out in under 30 secs, then brilliant

    • Wes Siler

      Lithium (polymer I’m assuming,) so they’ll weigh less than 25lbs and are supposed to pop right out.

      • johnny

        thanks, that sounds very good

  • Dan

    I would love to see this trickle into motorcycle form factors. A removable battery pack really removes some of the hurdles of having an electric. I wonder how they handle security on the pack. I would hate to have someone jack my $800 battery.

  • will

    Yes Yes a million times yes

  • DoctorNine

    Does it come with chrome aftermarket straight pipes?

    • Wes Siler

      No, but I hear the dealers are making a killing with doo rags and fake earrings.

  • robotribe

    Brilliant. ‘Bout time someone implemented it.

  • Matt

    Not that recharging it would cost much, but it’s nice that you could potentially do all of your recharging on your employer’s dime. If you’re into that kind of thing.

  • John

    I like your style Matt.

  • Batjag

    “Ya know the Germans make good stuff.” This looks great. I could see these selling on college campuses as well.

  • nataku83

    I wish I could get one of these that could do at least 45 mph. My current commute is fairly urban, but urban TX really requires that you be able to achieve at least 45 mph. There aren’t even any roads outside of my neighborhood with a speed limit less than 35. I generally use a 70 mph ’81 CM200t for my commute, which is a lot faster than necessary, but electric would be nice…

  • BL

    actually pretty damn cool.
    you can get a long way in a city going 30mph…just plan a route on smaller streets.

    but think of it this way, you can get a 87 honda spree for a couple hundred bucks and go 140 miles on .5 gallons of gas and a squirt of oil….

    economically, this battery jobber is not the most wise option…

    as long as your motives are not saving money you’re good to go.

    sorry Matt.

    • Matt

      Hey, you aren’t shattering my dreams. 30 MPH top speed in Los Angeles? I’d rather take the bus. At least that way I can be drunk.

  • Brett Vegas

    A 25lb batt probly a bit less than 2kwh.
    Which is enough to run a good hairdrier for about an hour. A bit more than a tenth of a gallon of gas.
    Just to put some perspective on it…

  • wingtip

    their website says the battery pack weighs 13kg or about 29 pounds. about the limit i think for little people to haul up stairs without complaining too much. if you have any other stuff to haul like groceries it wold be a drag. maybe the battery pack should incorporate a folding handle and some wheels so it can be transported like a small piece of luggage. perhaps you could even stack more stuff on it and turn it, like the small luggage box on the bike and then the battery pack could be used as a mini-handtruck of sorts.

  • Marc

    Indeed, in the european version here the battery pack has wheels, and a handle to handle it as a caddy.
    Battery is a lithium-iron type,and makes about 20kg