Seth Enslow shattters longest Harley jump record, whacks balls

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Seth_Enslow_Record.jpg“My balls hit right about here, see the crack in the paint?” Seth Enslow told reporters shortly after setting a new world record for the longest jump on a Harley twice this morning. Enslow had to repeat the jump after many members of the Australian media turned up late. The new record stands at 183.7 feet, somewhat short of the outright distance record for a motorcycle jump, which Robbie Maddison holds at 346 feet. Maddison set his record aboard a Honda CR500, a bike that weighs 313lbs less than Seth’s XR1200.  >


  • PeteP

    Seth. Is. Back.

  • Tom

    Imagine what he could do on a real motorcycle.

  • Case

    ‘somewhat short…’ is a good example of why I enjoy this website so much.

  • Ken

    A reminder that Harley Davidson exists in a weird vacuum separate from rest of the motorcycling fraternity. I mean no one would bother with longest-jump-on-a-Moto-Guzzi would they? HD like to cultivate this otherness where they’re not measured by the same standards as everyone else. Standards like weight, performance, materials technology, fuel efficiency, value and other mundanities. And I believe it gets fostered by a culture of not acknowledging other bikers on the road, which is rude.

    However, massive, massive respect to Seth. That landing clenches every orifice in my body. And I must say, the XR with the comedy suspension looks kinda cool.

    • coho

      @ Ken:
      Evel Knievel didn’t jump Moto Guzzis. He did jump XRs.

      And yes, JustPete, I would be very impressed to see this done on a GoldWing or in a Peterbilt. The GSA would also be impressive, but somewhat less so.

    • CafeRacer1200

      True enough. Since no one has, think how easy it would be to set the long jump record on a Guzzi.

  • fireninja

    So Harleys do actually cause sterility and/or impotence. . .

    I knew it was more than just a rumore about too much vibration causing prostate damage. . .

  • JustPete

    I missed the part where it says H-D is paying this guy or where H-D (t-shirts-r-us) even has anything to do with him using one of there bikes. Would you people be more impressed if he did it on a Goldwing? GS-1200A? Peterbuilt? I’m sure they’ll take make and model into account for that as well? Thereby makeing this, just another who cares.

  • Cameron Baum

    It’s the little gremlin bells he’s got on the handlebars that allows him to survive the jumps. All Harleys have them.

    He could have gone another 90 feet if he had put on an extra pair.