TTXGP Trust: own electric motorcycle racing

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TTXGP_Trust.jpgSeventy percent of ownership in TTXGP is being turned over to participating teams in a move designed not only to encourage new entries in the international electric motorcycle racing series, but also to give those teams a controlling interest in their sport. This will give participants a stake in the series’ profits and also a say in its governance. You won’t be able to buy into the TTXGP Trust, you have to race to join and shares in the trust won’t be sold, they’ll be given away to teams based on the number of races they complete and their points standing. Such a trust is unprecedented in motorsports, radically blurring the lines between participation and ownership.

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  • Al

    So the more you win, the more you own the sport and more you can change the rules in your favor?
    Sucks for the late comers.

    • Wes Siler

      Well if you invest enough time and effort into a fledgling race series, surely you’d like to have a say in how that series is run, right? This way people that are participating now — Brammo, Zero, Mission, Agni, etc — have an advantage when Honda finally enters the racing.

    • Jack

      Not true.

      Read the rules. All teams are capped on a rolling 6 year programme. Late comers reach parity after 6 years if they run the same number of bikes as an existing team.

      The only exception seems to be teams who take part in 2010, 11, 12. They do maintain an advantage over teams that join later. The advantage is eroded if a larger team comes along and races more bikes.

  • Kidchampion

    Sounds communist. The teabaggers are gonna freak out.

  • chili sv

    You might want to look into CART which was a team-owned series that spun off from USAC. They were very successful, but eventually overrun by the authoritarian IRL.

  • Gavin Root

    Genius. F**king Brilliant.

  • phil

    fyi -

    I’ll bet the Treasury Dept isn’t going to like the size of that image. As I remember it must be smaller than 75-percent or larger that 125-percent.

    Love the site. Helps get me through the winter.