Unboxing a Honda NR750 and RC30

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Honda_RC30_Box.jpgA lucky dealership in Stockholm got its hands on a Honda NR750 and RC30, both brand new and still in their original boxes. These aren’t toys we’re talking about, but the real deal. Two of the rarest bikes ever made, the NR750 was a technological showpiece while the Honda RC30 was an homologation special built by HRC for World Superbike. Only a few hundred examples of each were either produced and these must be among the last to still be in their boxes. That means this could be the last time such an unboxing is ever experienced. The dealership plans to display the bikes in its showroom.

An update from Ivar at MC24.no: The owner of Stockholms MC-Varuhus (yeah – Motorcycle Warehouse), Bengt Gunnarson, has kept them in the basement for 20 years. Apparently for no other reason than the fun of unpacking them now!

Just because we love you, here’s what an NR750 sounds like:

Thanks for the tips, Axel and Alex.

  • caferacer

    “When Bad Things Happen to Great Bikes”

    Here’s a rather upsetting 1995 account of an NR750 vs. a Colorado porcupine (or rather ex-porcupine) and the ham-fisted coverup that ensued.


  • sam

    great story!

  • JimmySawFinger

    Do want. Maybe then the cool kids will like me.

  • Pinnacle of Achievement

    When these bikes came out it was shocking: oval pistons with dual connecting rods and 8 valves per cylinder. They said at the time this configuration would yield the highest throughput (volumetric efficiency) of any ICE ever. And that it was done as a demonstration of Honda’s unapproachable technological advantage in combustion chamber design, and as a tribute to Soichiro Honda, who began the company as a supplier of piston rings- Getting the rings to work on these oval pistons was supposedly the toughest engineering challenge.

    Great video, wonder what those lucky canal vaulters are saying.

    • georgeR

      canal vaulters ?? hmmm
      this is from Sweden, not Holland…
      just a few thousand kilometers further north,

      • Pinnacle of Achievement

        Yeah I don’t know how I got it in my head that was in the NL not Sweden…

        So what can we say about those Swedes? I’ll tell you one thing, Bengt Gunnarson has a lot more patience than I do!

        I’ll bet once the economy turns around that virgin RC30 will be worth North of $500k.

        What is the highest price ever paid for a vintage bike, anyone know?

        • Cameron Baum

          “Yeah I don’t know how I got it in my head that was in the NL not Sweden…”


  • Ken

    RC30s make me go all soft and soppy. They have such a simple dignity about them. I wonder if Honda knows how to get that feeling back, because it sure wouldn’t kill them to try.

    • Brian Zooom

      Honda has made the mistake several times with making unsung hero bikes that die in relative obscurity except to the cult truists. Especially when it comes to the American market of consumers.
      The RC-30 is just one of many. The NR750 is just beautiful exotica, plain and simple.

      • Ken

        Judged the most desirable Japanese bike ever by MCN and one of a handful in contention for the greatest ever race bike. Two WSB Championships, dozens of Isle of Man and Australian Superbike wins. A tidy one currently fetches US$28k or £16k. That’s pretty well sung as heroes go.

        • Brian Zooom

          Ken, The problem is with the values you quote, is that they are backed by the purists who have the money and know what they are looking at and a will to pay what THEY think it is worth to themselves(which their personal need/want for the exclusivity can drive a price up more than anything). They understand the very pedigree with which those bikes were concieved. They are appreciated by a cult-ish sect that have a distinct knowledge of exactly what they are putting a value on. If you walk up to any of your garden variety motorcyclists ( like take any person who generally rides a 1-4 year old superbike on the street) and ask them what they think of an RC-30 and it’s value, and maybe 1 out of 30 might have a clue about the bike. It is not a generally open market vehicle sold to any ole person who rides. Hence why I say to a vast degree of it’s unsung nature of obscurity.

          My comment though in regards to unsung hero bikes included these machines, but also included a many great machines that touched these shores for a year or 2 or not at all, that were/are great machines, but the fickle American consumer wasn’t smart enough to really consider purchasing them. 88-90 Brothers or Hawk GT/NT650 is a nice for example. The RVF400/NC35 is another or the NC29 CBR400RR. There are a bunch of them. What was Honda marketing to sell to consumers and their mainstay of bikes for the street when they were racing RC-45′s? Hurricane’s and the early onset of CBR’s from what I recall as a for example.

  • Isaac

    I wonder how much those are worth? I’d lease them to a motorcycle museum and then aution off the right for ‘first engine start’. Then put them on peermanent display at whatever museum would pay me.

  • Punch

    I’d settle for the cardboard box. Even that would be worth a fortune!

  • travis

    oh god, thats friggin awesome.

  • MV ROB

    My buddy had both a RC30, AND an NR750. He also owned 3 different RC45′s. I will never forget throwing a leg over it and starting it up. Amazing sound! The NR is a stunning piece of engineering art. I can honestly say, parked next to my MV at the time, my MV failed to compare when it came to attention to detail. He paid around $55K for it and later on decided to get out of motorcycles and sold it for not much more.

  • caferacer

    God I must be in a foul mood today… First the porcupine, and now the obscenely avoidable topple of an NR750. Can’t we have nice things?


  • The Grudz

    The RC30 is the one piece of machinery I lust for most. Were it me unboxing either of those stunning masterpieces, I’d be screaming like a little girl…or at least have a shit-eating grin smeared across my face. The Swedes look rather un-moved by the experience. Don’t trust ‘em.

  • The Grudz

    Also, if you’ve never seen either of these gems up close in person, do yourself a huge favor and go to Barber Motorsports. It may be your only excuse to ever go to Alabama…and you can touch the NR…not that I’d know from personal experience. Complete the trifecta by oogling over baby brother NC30 too!

    • Brian Zooom

      I sat on the NR750 in Barber and it is an exquisite piece of machinery that I wished I coulda turned a lap or few around the track on. Definitely a place to go and visit for sure!

  • jconli1

    the soapy rubdown shots got me turgid. i wish I were joking.

  • bobx

    the rc30 is my favorite bike. i want one. i wouldn’t even need to ride it all that much. it just looks ‘elegant’ sitting there.

    very cool.

  • george

    Can’t Honda make a retro clone of an RC30, same colors, etc. Make it a limited release, say two years, bet they would sell every one they made.

  • K2theM

    Damn, that’s Epic

  • Val Gregory

    Oh, dear God.

    I got to see another example of the NR750 in the small motorcycle museum in Solvang, CA this past weekend (3/7/2010). The museum has a number of fairly iconic bikes, but as a long time Honda Hawk GT owner, I’ve had a particular interest in the NR for a long time. Fast forward to today, when I see again Jeff Deeney’s tale of his experience.

    Jeff is a long-time acquaintance. I missed this story (except a verbal rendition) because I had lost access to the old Usenet rec.motorcycles site due to work. 15 years later and not a week after drooling over another NR in California, I run across this story again.

    Why is “It’s a Small World” playing in my head?

    Val Gregory
    AMA 466527, DoD 1258
    ’90 Hawk GT
    ’08 Versys

  • johnny

    that was great to watch..must have been so exciting being there-two of the most epic bikes ever! I must say I felt slightly ill when they started pouring water over them. love the sound video of the NR..if only they still made a motor like that!

  • Paul

    Lovely bikes….

    Re: the porcupine story: Notice the curious letters at the bottom of the story, after the “signature” block. copy/paste them into a ROT-13 decoder.

    • caferacer

      You bastards!

  • Cameron Baum

    Great bike, from a time before Honda lost its way.

    Compare this bike with that monstrosity VFU12000…

    It’s like Honda died and came back an evil zombie sometime in 2002-3.

    Every model year they smell even worse.


  • shinigami

    I imagine those tires have all the grip of a Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Honey Dipped after being crated 20 years.

    (It isn’t every day I am envious of something)

  • shinigami

    Michelins, by the way…

  • ChuckNorris

    Love you, princess!

  • Mark

    The NR 500 was what I watched, when I was in college, I and I watched the triuphs and failures of that program. I studied all the SAE reports that Honda produced from the 1960′s racing, and went on to build the world’s quickest and fastest CBX which had a 14500 rpm rediline. The NR 750 is a fabulous piece of engineering, and these folks have a motorcycle I would sell some baody parts to own!!!

  • Mike

    Does an NOS crated CB1100R compare?

  • BirgerZorro

    The RC 30 was built in more than 5 000 bikes; that´s more than a few hundred……….
    But I still want one anyway! It would be good next to my Bimota YB6 Exup, SB 2/80, KB1 and SB8R. It will also be good next to my Ducati MHR, 900 SS, 900 SSie and my 851. It will also be good next my……. :)