Vice visits Indy Mile

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Vice_Indy_Mile.jpg“It’s like a hundred mile an hour game of chess,” says Chris Carr of his chosen profession. We continue to be impressed by the quality of short documentary film coming out of Vice Magazine, which used to be just a cheap rag filled with spiteful Do’s and Don’ts. In this episode of “Americana” they visit last year’s Indy Mile and learn a thing or two about flat track racing. >


  • vic

    i ♥ vice tv

  • Noone1569

    Wes, you guys should come out for the Mile next year! If you need a crash pad, holler! haha

    • Wes Siler

      Maybe we will. Does said crash pad have the ability to cool beer?

      • Noone1569

        Copious amounts . . . haha

  • telekom

    Wow, brilliant films. It’s like a giant version of speedway – UK speedway tracks fit round the edge of a football (soccer) pitch and the races last four laps – 58-60 seconds! I bet the bikes on that racetrack sounded incredible.

  • Mattro

    how’d i miss this? i’m all up in both this and the vbs site’s koolaid like eeerryday!

    rad mini-docu, but it left me thirsty for more… although i have to admit that i’m glad flattracking didn’t get layered in with all the other “extreme” motorsports only to become just another undetailed facet of the nu-metal arena tour millieu. i think the discipline deserves better than that — not that motocross didn’t.