Video: Xaus wipes out Haga

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Xuas_Phillip_Island_Crash.jpgRuben Xaus had a terrible opening weekend at Phillip Island last week, crashing three times during practice leaving him with no spare bikes for race day. Then, during Sunday’s warm up, he lost his front end while braking and wiped out Noriyuki Haga. He decided not to race after that fourth crash. Rumors are flying that this could be the end of Xaus’s season, but BMW is currently supporting the rider. The photo above is of one of his practice crashes, the video below shows him wiping out Haga; thanks to the sorry state of international racing broadcasting, it’s just made it online.  >

via TwoWheelsBlog

  • Zirq

    @1:14 it looks like another bike sprayed oil onto the track.

  • jwinter

    Kudos on that still at the top.

    • Cameron Baum

      You can say that again!

      Yikes for Xaus -but an awesome photo. That has GOT to leave a mark. But that is racing.

  • Jordan J.

    That footage is so disheartening; a lot of people just couldn’t catch a break out there.

  • hoyt

    any word on the rider at the end of the video? That looked bad. Where are the air walls in that corner?

    • jake

      @ hoyt:

      That was Chris Vermeulen

  • Isaac

    Man this brings back some painful memories, =o).

    Sand up you helmet and in your mouth sucks!

  • matt

    Haga took out Xaus by tipping in before he was past. That was very obvious! You have to be utterly blind to misread that one.

  • Mugget

    what a weekend that was. I hadn’t seen the Xaus Haga crash yet. any crash into Turn 1 always looks bad. I was a bit surprised to see so many crashes during the races.

    about Vermeulen, i read that the bike didn’t hit him, though he was still carrying a fair pace into those tyres. he got off with a badly bruised leg and not sure if he had a fractured/broken rib as well, but fairly minor injuries considering and i think he’s doing ok.

    Re Xaus/Haga… looks to me like Xaus locked the front and went down, then slid into Haga.

  • Beatpusher

    Can someone explain why WSBK is not in HD on SPEED.

    Poor Rubin, what a race otherwise though huh?

    • Brian Zooom

      “Can someone explain why WSBK is not in HD on SPEED.”

      because SPEED ( aka the formerly SPEEDTV or SPEEDVISION) gets their feed for the race( I believe) from Eurosport which is not recorded in HD format. There is alot of SPEED’s programming though that is also not recorded in HD format which is also their doing, but in this particular case, WSBK and MotoGP broadcasts are not exactly their fault.

      • Jason

        Eurosport records and broadcasts in full HD, there are several places on the net where you can download the races with full commentary and interviews in 1080p. I suspect that SPEED isn’t willing to pay for the HD versions because after all, it’s just motorcycle racing.

  • deckard

    Xaus should know by now that he is better off riding twins. Going to BMW was a big mistake for him, and a bigger mistake for BMW.

  • jimbecv

    Was Xaus too hurt or did he run out of bikes?

  • avboden

    He just ran out of bikes. I’m sure they could have gotten one ready but after 4 crashes in 4 times out…he was done.