What happens when you try and sell an R6 on Craigslist

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18-wheeler.jpgRussell, from The Linear Edge was looking for some cash in return for his Yamaha R6. No problem, he could just drop an ad on Craigslist, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. Aside from credit card scammers, Craig Newmark-verse is also populated with morons. Like this guy. He didn’t even have a real 18-wheeler to trade.
18-wheeler_2.JPGIntrigued by the offer – 18-wheelers often trade for six figures –
Russell asked the guy what he had to offer. It was this, a single-axle
’89 GMC Brigadier, hardly a fair trade for the Yamaha.


  • j.rot

    yea, that and it looks like its been down once or twice. I never trust when they say 10,xxx loving miles, layed down in the driveway once

  • Papasan in AZ

    When all else fails, Craigslist is there to make you laugh, but rarely is it good for much more than that in the Motorcycle Department…

    P.S. I know that now I will be bombarded with Urban Mythological palaver in which you picked up a perfectly running 52′ Vincent for $500 or something like that…

    • Papasan in AZ

      Damn, I forgot I met my girlfriend on CL. She spied my posting and took offense, I must now recant my former statement, and sing the praises of CL in my life!

  • Michael

    Wow, that would have been a hell of a trade if our friend had a real 18-wheeler.

    Craigslist is a wonderful, if abused, resource. I’ve used it to find every one of the cars I’ve owned in the past five years, as well as my motorcycle. I’ve used it to sell as well – with sites like autotrader (which receive a fraction of the traffic craigslist does) charging up to $30 for a short-run ad, it’s a no-brainer.

  • robotribe

    Using Craigslist, I’ve sold 2 motos, 1 Vespa, 2 bicycles, 1 sports car and bought 1 Vespa and 1 bicycle.

    Craigslist has a lot of crap to weed through, but it’s continued to serve me well.

  • Emmet

    you’ll always meet dumbasses, sammers, spammers, trolls and more through Craigslist. It’s a significant website that offers freedom and is open to many communities, free of advertisements or fees in most classified sections. This universality is beautiful, but the lowlifes it brings out of the asscrack of humanity are not.

    I was selling my 81 honda cb750 with a vetter fairing. Two greasy dudes come driving in from providence to my place in boston looking to buy a cheap ‘rice rocket.’ I was slightly offended but realized they were stoned out of their minds. I’ll filter my emails better next time!

  • PeteP

    I use Craigslist often One way to filter out time wasters is to not accept email. Phone contact only.

    It really cuts down on the idiot factor.

  • James

    So how is the truck working out? Any more pics?

  • Cameron Baum

    Your used motorcycle is almost NEVER worth as much as you think it is.

    Craigslist is just a free market. It is just ugly right now because used bikes are not anywhere near scarcity levels. You and 50-billion other people are trying to sell the same damn bike and nobody wants to buy right now. They are too worried about making house payments and where there next paycheck will be coming from.

    But it sure is a buyer’s market right now, with so many fools who bought too much and want to unload it desperately the prices are right ;)

  • CafeRacer1200

    I would probable never buy a used sportbike to begin with. Even less so from Craigslist. The way 90% of the ads are worded, I’d be leery of driving 2 miles to see it.

    • HiwattScott

      Why not? If you’re riding a bike now, guess what? It’s used.

      • CafeRacer1200

        Yeah, but I’m the one that broke it in and I’m also pretty sure my new bike hasn’t been stunted and bounced off the rev limiter within an inch of it’s life.

    • Cameron Baum

      I don’t get all this angst over buying used. All bikes/vehicles on the road are used.

      I guess it comes down to knowledge and being able to identify machinery and the kind of shape it is in. Spend a little more time getting to know your bike by working on it and understanding how it works and when it needs attention and you’ll go a long way towards being able to tell the difference between well-cared for equipment and stuff that has been abused.

      I’m assuming you don’t maintain your own bike and instead take it to the dealer? I can guarantee the monkeys at the dealer are messing up your bike as much as many of the other bikes out there on Craigslist -you just don’t know it.

      There are many POS’s on Craigslist and many good deals too. But unfortunately (or not) there are so few people with real mechanical skills these days that most people can’t tell the difference any more. All the easier for those of us who do know what we are doing to find gems other people don’t have the wherewithal to suss out.

      Reading between the lines is an art form, but you still gotta go look. Don’t buy the first bike you see, you might have to look over a dozen before you find one that is in the shape and the deal you are looking for.

      Selling on Craigslist is another matter. Too many idiots trying to waste your time like the OP was talking about. Bring cash, and be ready to buy it if you like the deal morons…

      • CafeRacer1200

        You assume wrong. I’ve always worked on my own bikes including field repairs when I was racing with WERA in the early ’80s. The bikes I buy and the way I buy them is entirely my choice. After all, peace of mind when you’re plunking down hard earned cash is pretty important. You make that point yourself when you go see a dozen bikes and check them out thoroughly. You buy yours your way, I buy mine my way.

        • Cameron Baum

          You must have a HELLA lot more of that “hard earned cash” if you are willing to spend twice as much for a new bike when there are a crapload of VERY lightly used ones around for half the price. That break-in period must be worth an awfully lot to you to purchase that massive depreciation hit that comes with the privilege of changing the first oil yourself.

          If you think that peace of mind can’t be found in used bikes then you really don’t know what you are looking at/for. Modern bikes are NOT made of cheese…

          • CafeRacer1200

            Why are you so aggressive? Seriously, what did I originally say to piss you off so much? I think I’d much rather not know a thing about looking at used bikes (since you seem to be so hell bent that I don’t) than not know a thing about people skills.

            • Cameron Baum

              Facts is facts the way I see them. I’m sorry I got sand in your hoo hoo for reading my opinion.

  • DaveD

    It can be hit or miss.
    I’ve bought a used beater pickup for a decent price, two mid 70′s Hondas (cb750 and cb350), and a 94 Volvo 850 that I later sold via craigslist as well as a smattering of other used items. You just have to know what you are looking for and realize a good price when you see one. If you are selling, there is more hassle involved, but I’d say it’s worth it for a free listing service that gets tons of traffic…

  • John Grinde

    I live in Minneapolis and regularly check the local motorcycle listing in Craig’s List. Continuing proof that the USA has the lowest literacy rate in the developed world. Where do these people come from?

    • Epyx

      If you are reading the Minneapolis Craigslist postings I am assuming the people come form Minnesota. Just a hunch.

  • http://www.besafeonthe.net/ Pablo Hoffschneider

    Really nasty folk, so why do people really feel the need to do this?

  • Epyx

    I bought both of my current bikes on Craigslist. I found a guy that gets repos from the bank, bought an 09 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S for just shy of $10K with 470 miles and an 08 Nightster for $6.5K with 800 miles. Both are basically showroom condition. Owners were just way over-extended.

    Both were much better deals than dealerships of even private party. Dealers would always flag the guy to get his postings removed, as they could not come close to the pricing. There are tons of repos out there.

    Funny because you can tell they were repo jobs because the keys are not factory and obvious replacements.

    The recession is good for buyers. Just my experience, but I really like Craigslist. I have never sold anything but I have given away a ton of junk. People LOVE free junk. I get tons of emails hours after posting…for JUNK!

  • BL

    if you guys haven’t checked out “best of craigslist”

    do it

    you’ll thank me…


  • Adam

    I found my stolen bicycle on Craigs. Had cops go and get it for me and arrest the guy. Then I sold it on Craigs since I bought a replacement.

    • Papasan in AZ

      Complete definition of irony!

  • the other larry

    If you really want a window into the current state of much of humanity, look through the “Rants and Raves”.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Does the truck come with Ohlins?

  • vipkat

    Selling on CR is a pain in the butt with all the idiots, buying is actually your best bet, beats ebay, paper etc. I bought 3 bikes in 4 yrs all at what I feel was great deal.

  • TC in Iowa

    I bought my bike off CL, in my home town for less than my ‘buy-it-now’ limit on e-bay.

    I don’t know how much spam the guy I bought it from had to wade through, but it worked for me.