What's up, you zany Germans?

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Long known for their self-deprecating, totally not cheesy in the least sense of humor, ze Germans at Continental Tires have applied that to this BMW S1000RR. The rest of the modifications are just catalog bolt-ons, so let’s focus instead on the jaw-dropping paint job. According to it, the S1000RR eats gas, body builds with exhaust pipes (we may not get this one) and signals that it can’t stop using its brake lights. Also, it plays on the Nurburgring, which is actually pretty cool and the tires apparently equal “riding performance.” And yes, acid wash jeans and rubber-spiked backpacks are still in fashion. Germany, you rule.

via MotorradOnline

Thanks for the tip, Paul.

  • kawalaser


  • C Mad

    i keep hearing the voice of Bruno in my head as i read this. I DON’T LIKE…

  • AGP


    I’ll still take the Motorrad colors, though… :)

  • Cameron Baum

    Take away the photographer’s macro lens.

    Either that or just zoom into 3″×3″ bits of the bike and not show us ANYTHING.

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