Zero S and DS priced at just $4,107 (in Colorado)

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Zero_DS_Colorado_Price.jpgLive in Colorado and want to buy a road-going electric motorcycle? Buying one just got a lot easier thanks to a $4,888 Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle tax credit and the 10% Federal tax credit for electric vehicles. We’ve reviewed both the Zero S and the Zero DS, but to recap, both will hit a top speed of 67 MPH thanks to a new Agni 95 motor and go about 40 to 50 miles before needing a recharge. They both fast, fun, capable and now, in Colorado at least, really cheap.

Update: The same tax credit takes the Brammo Enertia down to about $3,000.

Zero via @GreatIsTheWorld

  • PeteP

    Wow. What’s the tax rate in CO? How much would have to be making in AGI before you could recoup the entire $4888?

  • PeteP


    • Al

      With a tax credit, even if you make $0 you’ll get a check for $4888 from the state.

  • Isaac

    Sounds good.

  • the_doctor

    Damn! That is a pretty wicked deal. Texas, you hate me, don’t you?

    • s0crates82

      I’m feeling the same about California, too.

  • 667

    Hot damn! This makes up for having such a wet, miserable winter without a lot of riding. I do believe the Supermoto5280 series is going to see an electric entry this year…

  • K2theM

    That’s trigger pulling low!

  • PeteP

    That’s not necessarily true. Depends on how the law is written.

  • damien

    We need these bikes now in my small town in Massachusetts. People are petitioning for a motocross park on the outskirts of town but it will be voted down for sure. People love to complain about the noise from bikes here.

    Electric bikes will be our suburban riding salvation!

    • Mark D

      Amen indeed. Where in MA are you? I live in Cambridge, and the MIT/Geek-chic factor of having one of these bikes would be off the scales! Not to mention awesome for carving up Mass. Ave traffic. Should send a letter to Deval about a tax credit. Can’t let MA fall behind CO when it comes to nerdy green things!

      • damien

        I’m in Uxbridge. 50 minutes S.W. of Boston.

  • skadamo

    “Electric bikes will be our suburban riding salvation!”

    Amen brother.

  • Romano

    Shoot, if the Brammo was $3,000 in my state (PA), I’d be opening up the check book right now-ish. Very ColoRADo.

  • Brammofan

    Brammo in Colorado? How does $2540 sound? See:
    California has a pretty sweet deal, too, although not as sweet as Colorado. Zero and Brammo (pending approval…any day now, really) will get a $1500 tax rebate. (When Brammo gets approval, I bet I’ll be writing a post about how to leverage Federal, State, and retailer incentives to get the price below $6000). And yeah, that’s a rebate, not a tax credit, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the tax year (and the way you always wait until 11:59pm on April 15 to file). You just apply, and California mails you a check. Sweet.

  • cWj

    folks, just promise that, when track down that grade school chum/distant relative living in CO to talk into using their name to get the Zero or Brammo, use the cash saved and have it SHIPPED to you.

    no riding hundreds of miles to get it home.

    now, who in CO has paypal and is willing to sign papers on my behalf?