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Photos: Neil Bridge

Death Spray Custom, creator of our dazzle camo helmets, is holding an art show in London through the end of April. On display are examples of DSC’s custom bike paint jobs, headlined by “Bite,” this 1026cc SBK-spec Ducati, and original motorcycle culture-inspired artwork as well as things like bicycles, helmets and anything else that could take a lick of paint. Bite was inspired by the nose art of the Flying Tigers, a group of American airmen who fought for China before the US entered WWII. The show is open daily until April 29 at the Exposure Gallery on Little Portland Street.

Death Spray

  • Mateo

    hmmm. I like the flying tigers reference / inspiration, but im not too sure that I like the way it was done. Good try, but this deserves a fail whale.

  • Mateo

    … now that I look at it more, it reminds me more of a mexican poncho or native american beadwork.

  • PJ

    US P140 WarHawk Flying Tiger paint on an Italian motorcycle. phhhhht.

  • DoubleOhTwo

    Haters gonna hate. I reckon it looks fuggin’ rad. And I’ll take the Racelite pushie and the fuggin’ axe also. The Duc reminds me of The Corinthian…

    • Wes Siler

      Bonus points for Sandman reference.

  • Design Ronin


  • Carby

    Like a cup of ginger tea after a fried meal of homogenised pinstripes, gothic typefaces and stencil sprays, DSC keep kicking it up a gear. Modern with a healthy nod to history. Super rad.

  • Doug

    Second on the phhhht. Dork Cheese.

  • Trav

    It’s P-40. I have to agree with the “modern with a healthy nod to history”. That’s a better summary than me trying to say something else. While it might sound odd to say, the shape and curve of the teeth both individually and as sets are evocative of the original sharks mouth. At least in my perception. There are plenty of p-40′s out there repainted with a sharks mouth that just doesn’t look right. I guess what I’m saying is, if these guys painted the cowling of a P-40, the mouth would come out looking appropriate.