Help a bunch of San Francisco girls realize their electric racing dream

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Wekrstatt_TTXGP.jpgThe girls from Werkstatt Racing and Repair want to enter a Mavizen TTX02 in the first ever American TTXGP series, coming to Infineon May 15-16. They need about $20,000 to make it happen. You can help them. Donate.

Update: Our buddy Chuck from Wired visited Werkstatt and wrote a short feature. Also, if you donate $500, you’ll get the chance to take the TTX02 for a spin! Check out Wired for details.

Update 2: the deadline for donations has been extended through Sunday.

Update 3: They made it! The bike’s on the way to San Francisco as we speak.

  • Harry Mallin

    Hey Wes – it’s only $100 for a Hellforleather sticker on the bike… how awesome would that be?

    • Wes Siler

      We’ve donated :)

      • Harry Mallin

        You, sir, are a giant among men. I plan to donate as well, just waiting for the big surge that’s coming as a result of the Wired article.
        Maybe your friends at Newsweek want to run a feature on them?

  • brettvegas

    I really need to get a credit card, so that I could contribute to something like this. Love seeing chicks on bikes.

    Do ya get a sticker?
    I am a real sucker
    for a sticker…


  • Mark D

    Somebody would have BLAST joining the team. Imagine sitting in the pits during the bleeding edge of the future of motorcycle racing!

  • Zac

    The girls at Werkstatt rock! Jennifer really helped me out a few times with repairs when I was over my head. I would love to see them have the chance to compete. I will be donating for sure.

  • BL

    is it time to rename HFL to Hell For Electric yet?

  • Chris

    Rad. I bought my first bike from Jen about a hundred years ago.

  • Christina Shook

    A very worthy cause! Fast, green and female. My favorite things.

  • DaineseDan

    “is it time to rename HFL to Hell For Electric yet?”

    This almost made me pee.

    • johnny

      Hell For ‘Lectric and you’re there! I laughed out loudly too.

  • brettvegas

    The brits tag it ‘leccy.


  • Harry Mallin

    Great news! I’m sure my donation put them over the top. Okay, maybe not, but I’m going to the party on May 14 to claim my t-shirt. It sounds like they still need about $16,000 more, so the fundraising will continue.