He's not even getting his knee down

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Rossi_Qatar_2010.jpgValentino Rossi, hardly trying at last night’s Qatar Grand Prix.

via Nicky Hayden 

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    What a slacker.

  • http://muthalovin.com muthalovin

    I am looking forward to watching this tonight. I finally found dependable means to watch sans teevee.

  • jwinter

    This and Moto2 were both great races. Qatar has been a bit of a bore the last few years, so it was a nice surprise.

  • teejay

    Actually kneesliding is not a business for years now: they maybe touch for a millisec, just to feel where is the ground, but that’s all. Pads with titan nails is for the street freaks. :-D

  • http://psrey.com/wp @Reyzie

    Teejay’s right. The knee’s just a “curb feeler” for the best riders.

    And yeah, Qatar was a GREAT race! Under the lights and televised — FINALLY — in high def, made for a great show!

    • jwinter

      SpeedTV still suck though. Their coverage was 6-7 laps off of live and the commercial breaks were so frequent that you lose touch. I preferred to watch on the internet with a little tiny window than deal with Speed.

  • chris

    if you want see what a knee slider’s for, check out checa’s save from the 1st wsbk race.

  • Cliff

    Actually, for those of you who think kneepads are just for location might want to read some interviews with Rossi that were in Bike last year. They are really grinding them, sometimes going through two sets of pads in one practice. Aug ’09 Bike: “I have long legs so I use the knee a lot. I use new kneesliders every practice, every warm up, every race, always new. Also now we often use double thick sliders because one slider is not enough and now the sliders are made out (of) a harder material…we use the knee 30% more than on the 990s and the 500s.”

    I might note you could read some interviews with the MotoGp riders regarding full throttle and full rear brake in the corners – Stoner goes through a full set of rear brakes during a race -, it truly is astonishing how many “rules” of riding those guys break to get fast times.

    • monkeyfumi

      Stoner has also been known to pop the seals on his rear brake. Perhaps a lingering style from his dirt track days?

  • Cliff

    Please, be kind to SpeedTV, MotoGP is finally in HD and it was fabulous to watch. Great day on Sunday for bike fans, both WSBK races, and Moto2 and MotoGP. Remember the old days, when you would get 2 races a year on TV? Send roses to SpeedTV not gripes. Sheesh.

    • jwinter

      You are half correct here, Cliff. I do love that they are showing so many races but the coverage is just so bad compared to the rest of the world, I get frustrated. Especially when the races are followed by 5 straight hours of Bullrun or some other scripted lameness.

      • Cliff

        Scarily enough, the ratings for MotoGP and Bullrun are probably pretty close, as uninterested as I am in it, Speed’s NASCAR coverage undoubtedly pays all the bills. It would be nice to get those international stations, but we don’t, and if NBC shows the the Olympics on tape delay when it is on our own continent, the likelihood of getting live uninterrupted European bike racing is pretty much nil. Of course, I am an old geezer and can remember when the only road racing on TV was once a year for the Monaco GP – Hi Jim McKay! What the hell was road bike racing? (I got sold on bike road racing when Kenny Roberts and the gang came up to the old Pacific Raceways back in the early 70′s, best racing I had ever seen, and I saw TransAm in its’ heyday)

        • jwinter

          Agreed. Sadly Nascar pays the bills and MotoGP is low on the revenue totem pole. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though.

  • AGP

    Awesome race – MotoGP is back big time, this is going to be an incredible season.

    Oh, and of course… FORZA VALE! :)

  • Nick

    he’s starting to pick up the bike in this shot and had his knee down just before.

  • GeddyT

    Is SPEED still just dropping coverage for commercials, or are they pausing the action and picking up where they left off after the commercial break is over?

    If it’s the latter, I could begrudgingly tolerate that. I understand that they have to pay the bills. But if they’re still just dropping parts of the race to go to commercial? Sorry, don’t care how high def you are, might as well just show more NASCRAP truck racing, as they both don’t do any real motorcycle racing fan a lick of good. I mean, imagine if the “main incident” of this Qatar race happened during commercial break? Talk about lame.

    On the other hand, have you SEEN MotoGP.com’s new ultra high res streaming!? We had it going to a plasma screen through VGA cable and it looked so crystal clear I couldn’t believe it! Commercial free. Awesome commentary. Best camera work and rider access.

    SPEED comes to you at nominal fee (whatever % of your cable bill) and is ad supported. So for those that don’t want to pony up for the motogp.com subscription (which really is quite a lot of money when you consider competitive packages for other sports), it’s still nice that SPEED is stepping up their game.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    The bikes looked fantastic under the lights

  • http://raresportbikesforsale.com RareSportBikesForSale

    Good to know it can be watched streaming too. I’m definitely going to try that out, though it was great to see it in HD finally!

    Great photo by the way!


  • The Grudz

    People still watch this on cable? Buying an online package is worth every penny if you’re a real dork like me. Zero interruptions. Full interviews. All races. All free practices and qualifiers. Plus as a bonus I get to be on my ladies bad side for the next 7-odd months.

  • Darek

    Who does commentary on motogp.com’s stream?

    I usually download Eurosport coverage with Julian Ryder & Toby Moody, but sometimes the torrents don’t come fast enough.

  • LADucSP

    He’s past apex.

  • http://sn00ts.blogspot.com Snoots

    Ditto on British Eurosport coverage with Toby & Julian. They’re the voices of MotoGP to me, I don’t think I could watch the races without them! And I’m in the states! I don’t bother with the SpeedTV coverage, but that’s only because the races are hardly ever broadcast at a time that I’m awake. Torrents from Europe keep me going on many, many forms of motorsport. :D