Honda CB1100 spied in California

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Honda_CB1100_USA.jpgThis Honda CB1100 was ridden to Orange County’s Cars and Coffee event yesterday morning by a Honda employee who was keen to know what other motorcyclists thought after seeing it in person and sitting on it. We’ve  heard that the company’s product planers are under pressure from other departments to bring the CB1100 stateside, but this sighting doesn’t indicate that such a decision is imminent, as proven by the not-for-the-US CB1000R parked behind the retro UJM.
The production CB1100 went on sale in Japan last month after being
unveiled in production form  last September. It combines an air-cooled
1140cc inline-four with sharp retro styling, competing with bikes like
the Ducati GT1000, Harley XR1200 and Triumph Bonneville. It promises to
be relatively affordable despite the strong Yen, retailing for about
$1,600 less than a CBR600RR in Japan. Making just 87bhp, the CB1100
won’t be a rocket ship, but this bike’s rider told a member of ADVRider
that the bike has “lots of torque [68lb/ft] and felt plenty powerful.”
In fact, the only spec that’s slightly disappointing is the weight:
535lbs (wet).

Asked if the company had imported this bike in order to gauge consumer
interest ahead of a possible American importation decision, a Honda rep
simply told us “No.”

via ADVRider

  • Duge

    thats funny, i looked at that pic and all i saw was the cb1000r, i LOVE that bike, i’m sure it wont compare to my speed triple still, but a naked honda is something i love

    • shinigami

      Looking at the source with its additional photos, it’s obvious the bike hasn’t been ridden to the event- both of the tires are absolutely pristine with zero wear and looking at the headers, it may not have even been fired up. There’s no heat marking.

      On the other hand the CB1000R looks like it has at least been on a road once or three times.

    • singlewhitecaveman

      Ditto…that fugly mess is getting in the way!

  • Mitch

    This guy must have been all over the place, this bike (or another CB1000?) was at Attack Kawasaki’s grand opening party yesterday too.

  • shinigami

    You sure it wasn’t TRAILERED to the event? Look at that rear tire!

  • Johndo

    Uglyest rear light/fender I’ve ever seen, huge and plain ugly. The rest of the bike is superb and I would buy one for sunday cruising if price was right (and get that rear cleared up before I even sat on it).

    • crinklesmith

      Johndo, I have a 75′ CB550, and it has an almost identical rear light setup. Obviously, Honda’s going for the retro thing, but I agree, the lights were ugly back in the 70′s, and even worse now, LOL.

  • Duge

    Johndo, I dont know if you are refering to shinigami’s post, but i believe shinigami was alluding to the fact that ther rear tire on the cb1100 has zero wear on it….and also, it could use a new pipe, but other than that i think the rear looks pretty alright for a stock bike, with a few very minor modifications it looks like it can be cleaned right up….

  • Isaac

    I really liked the Mugen variant of this bike. I really hope they bring here to the U. I’d buy one for sure. It looks really comfortable to ride and doesn’t scream ‘Please steal me’.

  • Isaac

    Some clip-on’s and a wasp tail would be nice options to have.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Do all Honda corporation-owned bikes carry the same license plate number in California?

  • RedJet

    Not a bad looker. Can’t wait to see what the Cafe Racer, and the Street Fighter crowds do with ‘em.

  • Brian Zooom

    I think the CB1000R would be a much better recieved product on these shores than the CB1100. It would be a perfect product match up here to the FZ1 and the Speed Triple and the Streetfighter and Tuono for their lines. I feel that the CB1100 would languish on showroom floors except for the few nostalgic purchasers the 1st model year, much like the Sport Classic’s did for Ducati dealerships after the intial sheen of newness wore off.

    • Wes Siler

      The CB1000R is made in Italy and, thanks to the strong Euro, it’d be too expensive to sell it in the US. So no CB1000R for us.

  • Sgt Al

    I am exactly the guy they are marketing this to, late 40′s except I never quit riding. This bike appeals to me now the way the VFR did the first year it came out. If they release it here I will definitely buy one, it would make a nice companion to my Victory.

  • Skipper

    I would consider one but I doubt Honda will have it priced right. Consider the pricing on the DNO1 and the new VFR or the Fury. These are all way overpriced.

  • Mike

    Aside from a few aspects of the bike’s asthectics, nothing about the CB1100 interest me in the least. Boring! It’s too heavy for what it is supposed to be (and this is coming from a 2008 Concours 14 ABS rider).

    Anyways, I distinctly remember folks harping on Buell for running air cooled engines, which had terrible hp/displacement ratios. Don’t tell me folks are going to give the CB1100 a pass for the same crime?

  • the other larry

    I think someone would have much the same function and feel with a Suzuki Bandit 1200 that’s already availible and have better performance when desired. And they are pretty well priced too. Nothing against this Honda, but if that’s what you want get the Bandit for now.

  • pdub

    [Asked if the company had imported this bike in order to gauge consumer interest ahead of a possible American importation decision, a Honda rep simply told us "No."]

    Did you then ask him exactly why the hell did they bring it over here to truck it around and show it off?

    Ditto for 1100R

  • Mark D.

    Am I looking at that picture wrong, or does the CB1100 have a digital speedo? You’d think dual analog clocks would make more sense, from a traditional-aestethic point of view.

    • Wes Siler

      Dual analog with a little digital readout in the middle.

  • JD

    While it’s a nice bike, you can buy any old CB here used for much less and have the same looks. I would be more interested if they brought that CB1000R parked next to it over here, or the Hornet.

  • Duncan

    I am the target for this bike- I have always run honda 4s ( I ride a 74 cb 750 at the moment) and I would love this bike- this is the first new bike I have ever considered! Of course the turn signals would have to go and the pipe needs to be different- but I like doing that stuff and with a new bike needing fewer tune ups I would be able to spend more time modding it out than with my current bike.

    Bring it we will buy it!

  • Jay

    Hell yes! Bring it over, I’ll take two!!

  • Steve L

    I’d take one of each.

  • paulo

    I like it, it would go very nicely with My gb500 and 76 Cb750 cafe. I agree a few mod’s would need to be made like taking all that junk off the back, adding some clipon’s etc, but that’s the great thing about this bike, it’s got so much scope for personal tweaks. HP doesn’t bother me nor does weight.
    I’m happy there are some new bikes being released that don’t just appeal to those who feel the need for 100hp plus and the power ranger look (nothing wrong with that mind you)
    hope it sells in N.Z (after all they shot the commercial here it would be rude to use our lovely scenery then deny us the choice to purchase ;)

  • ryan

    ugly bike is ugly.

  • vic

    that seat looks comfy

  • Coop

    I think the 1100 is sweet. Chop that back off, lower the bars, some open cans and a new tune and you’ve got something.

  • Andy

    What market is this bike for exactly? I spoke to my local dealer (Essex, England) and they say its not coming to the uk? Its not set for the US either…?
    Im a fan of the (way overpriced) Wrenchmonkees…I think this could look amazing with a few tweaks!

  • http://optus Sean

    I had a close up look at the bike in Melbourne last week, and the tail light and all that friggen chrome is an absolute mistake. Looks like the hood ornament off a bloody mack truck. I’m 43 and have always owned Hondas, if they get rid of rear end and the bozo designer that did it, I’ll buy one. But I’m buggered if I’m parting with 16K AU just to spend even moree to tidy up some retro cluster f**k

  • tony starr

    chrome? i think most of it is just fake-chrome plastic. here’s an interesting blog dedicated to the CB1100.

    the bike has it’s flaws but would still make a perfect platform for a nice custom ride. that’s if you have the money.