How e-Power and TTXGP are shaping up

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FIM_E-Power_Le_Mans.jpgLast weekend, the first race of the FIM’s new e-Power electric racing series took place at Le Mans. Five bikes entered, one bike finished. One of the bikes that entered was actually a scooter and the race had to be cut from eight to six laps of the 2.65-mile circuit. A strict interpretation of the rules suggests that all but one of the bikes should have been disqualified. Compare that to the 20 entries and nine finishers at last year’s TTXGP race on the Isle of Man or the 13 bikes expected to take part in America’s first-ever all-electric motorcycle road race the TTXGP is bringing to Infineon next month. Maybe the the FIM shouldn’t have stolen electric motorcycle racing after all. An incredibly boring video of the e-Power Le Mans “action” follows.

Check out the hot scooter action at the 2:40 mark. Now that’s a race bike.

  • Sean Smith

    I cant stop laughing at the scooter. And the giant MotoGP sized podium and huge trophies at the end are pretty funny too.

  • ChuckNorris

    They are like sailboats. It’s only good for weekend trips, where riding becomes second important factor after side seeing pleasure.

    Racing.. Yeah, sailboats as well could race.. but.. it’s not the race we’ve always in, is it?

  • Chairman Lmao

    No champagne at the podium? I guess they didn’t want to short out any batteries.

  • Harry Mallin

    The Peace sign on the scooter’s taillight did it for me. Note to self: amend the TTXGP rules to forbid step-through/scooter design, riders named “Shaggy.”

  • damien

    They do sound pretty cool. makes me want to see Tron even more now.

  • Salad Shooter

    Thirteen bikes at Infineon? Has an entry list been released yet? Scant information available about that event. You’d think someone would be promoting the snot out of it…

    • Wes Siler

      We called up Azhar and asked him how many entries there will be. They’ll start promotions soon.

  • SoCal Buell Riders

    Yes, the pace seems a bit sedate. And the field was… sparse, but I hope it’s still proving a valid testing ground for electric motorcycles to come.

    Birth pangs, friends.

  • Chris

    That was about as exciting as watching paint dry

  • AadmanZ

    Well, I guess the very first (car) race at Le Mans over a hundred years ago must have been similarly slow..

  • rockstarartist

    Lmao! The peace sign, the scooter, the huge gaps between bikes…that was comical.

    On a side note, the bikes do sound bad-a$$.

    Wes, you think you can get Motocyczzzvtyr to let you do a test ride on their bike and review it for us?