Moto Morini saved?

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Moto_Morini.jpgItaly’s Motociclismo magazine is reporting that Paolo Berlusconi, the Prime Minister’s brother, has made a €2.9 million offer for Moto Morini, a move that could possibly save the brand. The tiny manufacturer declared bankruptcy back in September, slashing production in the intervening months. If the purchase is accepted by the liquidator, Berlusconi will purchase the brand, its 1200cc v-twin, the manufacturing rights to the bikes and the company’s factory; the whole thing. The prominent businessman already owns Garelli, an historic mark that now makes scooters, and is connected to a possible Italian purchase of MV Agusta. If all three companies were combined under Berlusconi’s ownership, it would give him a range of bikes running from 50cc scooters to quirky high-performance retros to exotic superbikes, a portfolio rivaling that of the Piaggio Group.

Thanks for the tip, Michael.

  • vic

    wow that would be great
    his bigger brother has apparently spent [in 2009 ] 70 million euros(close to 100 mil $$$) on private jets orgies in castles drugs and whores.out of the italian tax-payer pockets. his brother seems to be a more sensible chap

  • Michael

    Rivaling Piaggio? Easy on the industrial empire building, Wes.

    Piaggio is a global giant, Morini, MV and Garelli are hobby companies with a total output under 20,000 units in 2009. And remember, Garelli is nothing more than stickers on Chinese imported scooters, sold on TV infomercials.

    • Wes Siler

      I think I was referring to the breadth of products rather than production numbers. Still, they should hire you to design an MV that isn’t derivative.

  • Mark D.

    Never heard of Moto Morini, so I checked out their website. Do you see their logo? Look at that giant Fascist eagle! Crazy stuff! Its like if BMW had an Iron Cross as their logo!

    Awesome looking bikes, though.

    • Urban Rider

      Funny you mention the logo, it’s one I really like. Never ridden a Moto Morini but they don’t seem to have many ‘original’ designs.

      The Granpasso looks like a BMW GS. The Scrambler like a Voxan Scrambler. The Corsaro like a Speed Triple with a Ducati trellis frame.

      Anyone know a bike they’re famous for?

      • Sean Tempère

        They’re not really famous, even here in europe. I drive a Corsaro Veloce in Paris every day and have yet to see another one (except at the store). I do get asked a lot what it is though.
        The only fame they can claim is regarding their engine (the 1200 that’s on the scrambler and the corsaro, in different versions) wich is pretty amazing.
        I do agree the corsaro looks a bit like it’s got a ducati frame and a speed’s front but the overall bike isn’t quite like anything else.

        • hoyt

          Sean – very nice bike, especially with the Termignoni exhausts

          Urban Rider – one of their well-known bikes is the stylish 3 ½ from the 70s. click my name for a picture of it. Franco Lambertini designed both engine platforms. The 87 degree 1200 twin has clever execution in its construction & design.

          • Sean Tempère

            Thanks, they come standard with the Veloce and i have to say the sound is amazing…

            I clicked on your link, nice post and pictures. I also “consider the Moto Morini one of the “cleanest” liquid-cooled bikes”, the design is very clever and the final result is a very compact bike, no one believes it’s a 1200 (just compare it to a ducati streetfighter!).

  • Michael

    That would be great, Wes. I wonder if I would get invited to some of the Berlusconi parties, for inspiration?

  • coho

    <b@MarkD: I’m curious how you can tell that the Morini eagle is a fascist. It doesn’t look all that different from a Roman or American eagle to me.

    @Urban Rider: Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Triumph, Ducati and Moto Guzzi (just off the top of my head, there are undoubtedly others) all have bikes that are similar to the GS in purpose and general appearance.

    Voxan is dead. And a ‘scrambler’ is a fairly specific style (lugged tires, high pipe(s), flat seat, etc.) whether it’s Italian, Japanese or English.

    I thought the Corsaro looked not unlike a Brutale (“MV Monster”?) or a Benelli Tre-K myself.

    Similarity of purpose and appearance does not imply “derivativeness” or mean that something is a “copy.” The 1975 Morini 500cc Vtwin standard looks kinda Japanese, but…

    • Mark D.

      True, it does look similar to alot of American eagles of that time period (1930′s). And the similarities between the Roman eagle and Mussolini’s were certainly on purpose! Its a pretty sweet logo, actually. See also this old flag from WWII:

  • Isaac

    I would welcome the change in ownership of MV. HD is a chopper/cruiser company. Also It will give the F4-675R a chance to be born. Even thought I know it will most likeley cost around 15-16K.

    - Isaac

  • telekom

    If we all pool our resources we could offer €3 million and own the company ourselves. I would feel good knowing that the hideous Berlusconi dynasty had been vanquished in some small, unimportant way.