Motorcycles with ABS 37% safer

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According to a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycles equipped with ABS are 37 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal crash than those without. A second study from the Highway Loss Data Institute, indicates ABS reduces insurance damage claims by 22 percent and injury claims by 30 percent. Those are some huge numbers and, potential legislation mandating its use aside, virtually guarantees that we’ll be seeing the technology applied to virtually all motorcycles in the near future. The IIHS says that 50 percent of polled riders planned to get it on their next bike, but there’s still die hard hold outs who like nothing between their right fingers and the front tire. On the track or off-road we’re with them, but there’s no arguing with ABS’s effectiveness on the road, where it’s far better at coping with adverse road conditions than the pathetic human brain and uninvasive on dry, smooth pavement.

More info over at Consumer Reports

  • Cynic

    Does this mean since my bike has ABS I can expect them to lower my insurance premiums?

    I can dream.

  • Rainman

    I love how the commenters on this site know just how to cut to the chase.

    • Felix

      Yes, exactly. This is a glaring potential correlation/causation mixup.

  • Mitch

    A difficult result to parse.

    It wouldn’t be untoward to surmise that someone who opts for the ABS option on their motorcycle is already safety minded, versus one who does not.

    Could this be a causation/correlation issue?

  • Caleb

    @Mitch & Felix:
    I completely agree. I would like to see the raw data and pull out age groups and correlate them to buying a motorcycle with ABS vs. without. Off the cuff, I would bet the motorcycle buyer is older, wears a full face helmet 100% of the time, and drives a touring style motorcycle vs. sport or cruiser. It’s neat what you can do with data if you know how to manipulate it well.

  • Mitch

    Whoops, the sarcasm of the OP flew right over my head. Well, point still stands. Geez I’m tired.

  • vic

    that’s because most abs bikes are sport touring/adventure types which are less likely to be involved in a fatal collision than a sportsbike

    somebody is playing with numbers to tell us a predrawn conclusion
    i want TC and a slipper clutch not abs.

  • kidchampion

    Dragon stickers on Hayabusa 90% more likely to crash. Extended chrome swingarm 110%.

  • vic

    draggin/icon pants are 400% more likely to cause a low speed crash in an empty parking lot

  • Isaac

    After reading some of the comments it may be that they in fact ARE playing the numbers. People have had it out for sportbikers since day one. I got a quote from GIECO for my tiny little YZF-R6. The acted like I owned a full factory WSBK machine and quoted me 23K per year. Yeah, twenty-three thousand dollars. I have NO accidents fault/not at fault. My last speeading ticket was in 2005 in my CAGE, 45 in a 35 and my credit is good. This is just some data that they will use to try and dumb down the bikes WE want! Yes I know there are the idiots who cannot decypher between road and track but please don’t hold it against the rest of us who can. If you want to reduce sportbike fatalities then don’t allow first time teenie weenie age buyers to get them. Raise the age limit to buy to say 21 and require proof of at least a basic rider course. Then make it mandatory to take and advanced rider course within 60 days or you get your license suspened until it happens. There also has to be some incentive too like lower insurance rates if the rider doesn’t get tickets or crashes on top of having had the courses. You know like a ‘carrot’ so to speak. I just don’t think adding more technology to a bike is going to a stupid rider more safe. It may just inspire him/her to go even faster because they now have that crutch.

    These are just my own thoughts I may be wrong. This was a good article Wes.

    - Isaac

  • Isaac

    PS: I know I have grammar errors LOL.

  • Darek

    Let’s wait ’til all the ABS supersports replace non-ABS models. That will make that percentage a lot smaller, I’d imagine.