New Husqvarna motocrosser spied with BMW G450X engine

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2011_Husqvarna_TC450_1.jpgCanadian Motorcycle Rider spied an all-new 450cc Husqvarna MX bike testing in italy. The Husky appears to be equipped with the same 450cc four-stroke engine as the BMW G450X, which is actually manufactured for BMW by Kymco. In the Bimmer, the DOHC, four-valve thumper makes a seriously impressive 52bhp and 32lb/ft of torque when equipped with a competition exhaust.
2011_Husqvarna_TC450_2.jpgBMW, which bought Husqvarna in 2007, also appears to be sharing the
G450X’s concentric swingarm pivot/front sprocket, an arrangement which
eliminates the effects of chain tension on suspension movement, allowing
the rear suspension to work better and improving the bike’s ruggedness.

While both this new Husqvarna and the G450X use tubular steel frames, it
looks like Husky has developed its own rather than borrowing BMW’s.
Note the Husqvarna’s lack of a diagonal cross member, like the BMW uses.

Since this 450cc engine is already approved for road use, don’t expect
this to be the last Huqsvarna engine to use it. A supermoto would be the
logical next step, but we’re holding out for the funky KTM Duke-style
Husqvarna SMQ.

You can see more photos over on Canadian Motorcycle Rider.

  • Glenn

    “which eliminates the effects of chain tension on suspension movement,”

    Eliminates chain growth, but chain tension still effects suspension dynamics with a setup like this.

    • delta5

      Do you have a link to any articles/whitepapers that support this? I’ve always seen that the tension acts on the solid body of the swing arm and nothing else when the sprocket is concentric with the pivot.

  • brettvegas

    Wicked cool. A husky-beemer is the king(*kind*sp,Ha!) of bike i’d push the DR-Z into the ditch for. I’d keep riding the guzzii, I am thinking of volentiering for the local PD, just because puting an APD sticker and a little red/blue light on the guzzi would look cool.

    I love the concentic pivot on the BMW450x.
    kick-butt bike, i’d trade off the dr-z for it in a new-york min.



  • BL

    looks badass, but how can they make a dirtbike without a kicker…?
    even one on the wrong side would be nice
    for that matter, how can they make any bike without one?
    I could use one on my R1

  • brettvegas

    The blade was consentric pivot. It does affect suspension dynamics, but mostly stays nutral. The small sprocket ‘pulls’ the swingarme ‘up’. If you try concentric pivot on a MTB, the suspension compresses with every pedal stroke(it don’t work, in fact it sucks, the front sprocket is ‘big’), same deal with MC’s. It is ‘better’ to run the pivot slighty ahead and ‘up’ from the pivot point, sorta. both solutions have advantages/disadvantages.
    I liked running concentric pivot, throttle delay is zed.

    Hope that helps a little,


  • John Ashman

    It would be nice to have a less than exotically priced and sky scraper tall DP bike with this engine. Love it in the 450X, but jeesus, it’s enough to give you a nose bleed it’s so tall. It felt like the bike was on stilts going around corners.

    What’s wrong with a nice, $6K or so 450 trail bike?

  • Matt

    “A supermoto would be the logical next step, but we’re holding out for the funky KTM Duke-style Husqvarna SMQ.”

    Riiiiight, that bike’s never going to happen. How can I tell? By really wanting one I can nearly guarantee that it’ll never be made.

  • PeteP

    Looks like they moved the clutch back to the countershaft. BMW engineering FAIL.

  • PeteP

    @John Ashman:

    They made those once. They were called XR400s.

  • Sasha Pave

    That’s pretty awesome, I hope something good comes out of it. Strange that Husky would scrap their own design engine (which is quite good) in favor of a Kymco?

    I’d hate to see all of Husky’s tremendous R&D effort into the 250cc version get scrapped.

    It also almost looks like there’s a linkless rear suspension, which seems to counter the trend by the competition, KTM, back to a traditional rear suspension.

  • fazer6

    Can’t see it in these photos, but the linkage is at the top of the shock.

  • fazer6

    +1 to the SMQ, minus the above-the-headlight radiator location.

  • kaferkrieger

    keyword is KYMCO ! or TAIWAN for the unaware


    Yeah, there’s a bit of a fork in the road when individuals get successful where they either go down the “modesty” route or even the “complete bugger” route. I’d say about 60 – 70 percent in the time they take the latter.