Photos: Ronnie Renner rides Ocotillo Wells

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Photos: Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Photofiles

No big deal, just freestyle motocrosser Ronnie Renner and a few friends hanging out at Ocotillo Wells. But the shots are great. Damn, we need to move to California. 

  • The Grudz

    No. No, you really don’t.

    • gregorbean

      Awww, the Grudz has a Grudge with CA… ;^)

  • Sean Smith

    Can I get that one more time? “Damn, we need to move to California.”

    Well said. California, the magical land where there’s ocean, mountains, deserts, legal lane splitting, and racetracks. Willow Springs. California Speedway. Chuckwalla Valley, LV motor speedway, and the newly opened Chuckwalla Valley are only a short drive away. That’s not even getting into all the ridiculous motocross tracks, and desert riding.

    Angeles Crest, Mulholland Hwy, 39, Glendora Mountain Road, Decker Canyon, Latigo Canyon. Literally hundreds of miles of the best riding on earth, and if you’re brave you can do all the big ones in a day, and finish it off with a beer in Silverlake, Echo Park, Downtown LA, or any one of the many tight-pants, nice-motorcycle friendly places within a 30 miles radius.

    It’s good. Real good.

  • klaud

    Every time I go the Ocotillo, I miss these guys. I need to coordinate our schedules better…

  • Ben @ EV

    @ Sean, you just made me nearly pack up my shit and move to California.

    • Sean Smith

      ;) I just listed the good stuff.

  • BB

    And you didn’t even mention any of the good California tracks, Laguna, Sears Pt, Thunderhill. Or any of the good California roads, highway 36, 162, all of the roads in the sierras, all of the roads in the Santa Cruz mountains, etc, etc

    • Sean Smith

      I know, I wanted to keep it somewhat short. Besides, I live in Los Angeles. I’m not a big fan of riding forever just to ride a road ;)

  • the other larry

    No to mention the WEATHER for much of the state for never-put-your-bike-away riding season and the motorcycle friendly attitudes of so much of the population. The Doors asid “the west is the best, get here, we’ll do the rest”. I do miss NJ pizza though.

  • BB

    Haha, I just wanted to show a norcal bias to counter your socal bias.
    Clearly, CA is an amazing motorcycle state all around.