The antidote to shiny new Ducatis

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Fancy new Ducatis and lame concerts leave you cold? They do for the owner of the Dufuckincati. Wiped out by a dozy driver back in the halycon days of the mid-90s, it sat unloved in a corner with a broken motor mount until it was swapped for a non-running Ariel Square Four bobber. Basic repairs to get it back on the road were made, including the flat stock that replaces the frame triangulation lost by the cracked motor mount and the piece of chain intended to give the rider a moment’s warning if the spot welding fails.  How’s it work? The proud owner reports no problems despite “beautiful 2nd gear wheelies and stoppies.” Apparently, not having to worry about crashing it adds 10mph in the corners too.

Thanks Larry.

  • gser

    Freaking beautiful. Is it for sale?

  • Sean Smith

    Now that’s a motorcycle!

  • Sean Smith

    And that’s me forgetting to end the tag…

  • vic

    crap/stupid rebuild
    i like the name

  • Scott

    that’s stupid.

    a professional welder will take care of that for the price of a few of Wes’s latte’s

  • brettvegas

    Fucking funny.
    I almost spit coffee all over the keyboard.


  • robotribe

    Great name. I take it “Fly-ridden Dogshit on Wheels” wouldn’t fit on the tank.

  • Clement Salvadori

    Brilliant engineering! Takes care of all the problems that Ducati chose to ignore.

  • Bill Johnson

    If the owner would like to post the bike on DucCutters, just contact me!

  • AceCafeClipOns


  • Krautrider

    I had the privilege of riding this bike a while back on the SLO backroads. She handles and sounds beautifully. Her Gothic aesthetics belie her sweet demeanour.

  • Dean Slater

    Is that his dog’s chain

  • Lauren Caputo

    I’ve always wanted a Duc I could let friends ride when they come to town for a visit. Cause there’s no way they are riding my 1098, 996s, or Darmah! This bike is perfect!!!

  • Jeanshorts

    Don’t laugh. It’s paid for.

  • kdog

    Ducati frames are way, way overrated…..