This is what the future sounds like

Dailies -


Motoczysz_D1-10.jpgRemember our tenth reason why you should be excited about electric motorcycles? They sound good, as proven by this MotoCzysz D1-10 liquid-cooled, permanent magnet AC motor. This dyno test shows it spinning in excess of 16,000rpm and putting out over 100hp and 250lb/ft (nominal and measured at the rear wheel). That compares pretty damn favorably to any super sport 600, especially when you figure the whole thing weighs just 77lbs.

This wail will come at a price though. Packaged as part of the MotoCzysz
Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve
(Michael, you gotta ditch those 1s), the entry
cost is $24,500 sans batteries and $42,500 with them. Still, sounds like
this should help silence one of the most often-voiced objections to
electric bikes.


  • michael Prich

    Chainsaw Massacre meets motorcycles. That sounds evil in all the right ways.

  • ray

    Sounds like a freakin’ jet. Would love to ride something like that up the Crooked River Canyon near here and listen to it echo off the canyon walls. Wow.

  • will


  • RedJet

    Talk about, “Screamin’ down the highway!”
    Love it.

  • Pamberjack

    Needs more “TRON”…

  • PhillyGuy

    Do not like. Got grating after a while. My v4 still owns in the sound department.

  • Lemurpilot

    I love it. I can’t wait till they hit the 25,000+ rpm region, where it howls, screams and opens worm holes.

  • ludofrenchalpes

    un chasseur “TIE” star-war ou bien une big ponceuse de bande d’asphalte ;)
    le D1-10 & la “valise” d’accus
    je le verrais bien dans mon vieux 600 XT 55w ou bien en bi dans une 911 SC !! l’espoir fait vivre
    Mr czysz est un “champagne d’idée”
    ces conceptions ,ainsi que ces objectifs sont propres et cohérentes !!
    son team ,ses partenaires ainsi que les anges au dessus doivent connaitre beaucoup de bon stress…
    j’ai hâte de voir la réponse de la concurrence ;)

  • Speedealer

    Boy I sure hope affordable bad-ass electric motorcycles make it to market before I am to old and crippled to ride one. $42k is obviously well beyound the means of Joe 12 pack.

  • Jordan J.

    I am absolutely frightened, in a good way.

  • LADucSP

    wow…it does sound pretty cool. like a mix of internal combustion and jet.

  • brettvegas


    16k revs is really spinning the snot out of that thing.
    It is still permanite magnet. czyikes! be carefull of the heat under load! Difficult to get heat away from the rotor, even with liquid cooling.

    Job well done, though I prefer my steak medium rare.


    I wonder wut the voltage is.

    Eager to see what that thing does once it gets stuffed into a chasse.


  • Bruno

    250lb/ft at the rear wheel!!!!

  • Sasha Pave

    The burn-outs are going to be spectacular!

  • Waldemar

    I love what you are doing, but quite honestly I don’t really get this price range. What’s that suppose to mean? Do you want old ladies and some awfully rich weirdos to ride your bikes? I am am really delighted that your work didn’t turn out into an Indian rubbish trike. I hope Bajaj is giving you enough money to win this year. Be nice – do not disappoint your fans!

  • Jac

    Actually boys, we better be cautious. I wonder what is making that noise, the motor or the dyno? I’ve heard 270 HP electric motors for an electric car at full chat and they don’t make anything like this kind of noise. If it is the motor, what the hell are they doing? There is no efficient or high power reason for that kind of noise.

  • Nick

    like masturbating with a cheese grater – interesting but mostly painful.

  • Nick

    on a serious note Wes, why don’t you give us an in depth ride report on a real motorcycle? by which I mean that RSV4 of yours.

    • Wes Siler

      I’m working on that, expect the RSV4 feature in the next few days.

      • Nick

        Nice! The main reason for asking is because I’m thinking of trading in my Blade for one but the round trip for a test ride is a 100 miles.

  • 'Phoo

    Yeah, I don’t think that noise is coming from the electric motor either. You can clearly hear the motor by itself at the beginning and end of the video. It’s a high pitched whirring. That nasty hedge trimmer sound must be coming from the dyno or whatever it’s mounted on hitting some mode of resonance.

    • Random

      Phoo, go thru the link in the beginning of the article (“ten reasons…”) to see a video of a track-running electric bike (no dyno). It’s nice and scary too, much like this one – except it seems to be at lower rpms.

  • SoCal Buell Riders

    Great… Caesar’s… ghost!

    That made my nipples hard.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Nuclear power, awful electronic music, silicone women and motorcycles sounding like blenders… I’m not sure if the future’s going to be any nice…

  • Isaac

    My ears need a cigarette!

  • Trav

    250 ft/lbs!!! Yea that’s what I was thinking, too! With hp being a function of torque.. I wonder what that translates into a riding experience, what with 250 ft/lbs to 100 hp.

    If that’s what it sounds like, better wear ear plugs FOR SURE. That high pitched whine will destroy your high frequency hearing just like a turbine engine, too.

  • Brett Vegas

    The stupid little blades made about 250ft/lbs at the rear wheel. The AC is better though, it should pull right up to ‘redline’.

    Love the kirk pic…