This is why cops and bikers don't get along

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Officer-J-Uhler.jpgA Maryland man spent 26 hours in jail, had his family’s home raided by police using a questionable warrant who confiscated his computers and now faces felony charges for “wiretapping” after uploading a video to YouTube of an undercover police officer pulling a gun on him during a routine traffic stop. Sounds awful, right? It is, but the motorcyclist is partially to blame, at least for the police officer’s initial gun-flaunting reaction.

Here’s what happened: Anthony Graber was out for a leisurely ride, a
leisurely ride that saw him wheelie through traffic on I-95 at over
100mph before reaching speeds that appear to be in excess of 140mph.
Unbeknownst to Graber, who was wearing a helmet and gloves but no other
protective gear, he passed an unmarked police car while doing all this.
When he pulled off at the next exit, the State Trooper (in plain clothes
and with no badge on display) pulled in front of his bike, jumped out
and pulled a gun, failing to identify himself as a police officer while
brandishing the weapon and shouting “Get off the bike!” Officer J. Uhler
did identify himself properly, but only after acting in an incredibly
aggressive manner and grabbing Graber’s CBR1000RR. Uhler holstered his
weapon once a marked car arrived on the scene and made no mention of the
gun waving in his official report.

As a commenter on Photography Is Not A Crime put it: “This could have so
easily ended in the biker being shot or sentenced to death, because he
tried to escape/fight what appeared, rightfully so, to be a gun wielding
maniac with road rage. Not to justify the biker’s driving, but an
unmarked police car and a plain clothes officer looks no different than a
thug with a gun!”

So far, so fairly routine. A motorcyclist acts like a jackass, prompting
a proportional, if illegal, response from a thug cop. Happens all the
time, too many bikers insist on riding dangerously in populated areas,
creating a very negative perception of all motorcyclists in the minds of
both the public and in police officers. Too many police officers feel
that they’re above the law, abusing their position by bullying or even
assaulting members of the public. Give a cop an excuse (any will work, but riding a motorcycle seems to be particularly effective) and he’s going to beat you up/pull a gun on you/arrest you on trumped up charges. That’s just a fact of life.

But things started to get weird.

Graber, who pled guilty to the 80 in a 65 ticket he was issued at the
stop, felt aggrieved by Uhler’s thuggery and decided to upload a video
of the traffic stop to YouTube so the whole world could share in the
experience.  Uhler saw the video and understandably didn’t want the
recording of his behavior to remain public. Uhler obtained a warrant,
alleging that Graber violated a law banning wiretapping as well as
charges for reckless driving and negligent driving. Six cops raided
Graber’s home, detaining his family for 90 minutes and confiscating
Graber’s computer equipment.

According to the police, Graber was charged with wiretapping because he
recorded Uhler without his consent. Maryland state law apparently bans
secretly making audible recordings of people in a public place if they
have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Graber refutes the claim that
he violated the law, claiming that his helmet-mounted GoPro camera was
clearly visible throughout the incident and an on-duty police officer
does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If convicted, Graber
could face up to five years in jail.

See the problem here? Police have a nearly unlimited ability to break
the law and fuck with us. People who pull wheelies and excessively speed
through traffic make them want to fuck with us. It’s guys like Graber
that we have to blame for police aggressively targeting motorcyclists
instead of, say, hippies or foreigners. While we wish we lived in a world
where police weren’t little more than gun-toting thugs, we don’t. Ride
responsibly, at least when other people are around, and less of us will get the Uhler treatment. Ok?

via Photography Is Not A Crime, ABC2

  • jconli1

    I always love when cops get weird about cameras, even though they all have them.

    I’d have expected that from Virginia or New Jersey… but MSP must finally be catching up in their level of crazy.

    And I have to say, among the many things I don’t miss about the east coast, the I-95 stunta showz are high on the list. (The Baltimore dirt bikers, on the other hand, were awesome.)

  • nick

    Well said. Ideally a cop car would have recorded it with their in-car video and it would be part of the public record. Why should the rider’s GoPro be any different?

  • FTP

    Cops are a bunch of faggots that never got any pussy in High School, fucking losers….

    • crybabyhater

      Oh yeah, but wont you be cryin for one when you need him! Funny how that works huh? Only hope you find out some day!

  • JB

    Nothing the accused “Anthony Graber” did in the video justified having a weapon pointed at him. He didn’t resist in the least. The officer took his driving personal. A ticket for speeding, reckless driving… Justified. Everything else that has transpired since is personal on the part of the authorities. Abuse of power. The accused style of driving is a whole other argument and discussion. Bottom line, we pay police for their bravery and judgment. This is a plain case of BAD judgment on the part of the cop. The further charges to the accused are just more proof to this. I fear one day Officer J. Uhler or a version on him will pull the same move with a very different outcome.

  • Mark D

    Police officers, acting as an officer of the law, HAVE NO REASONABLE RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Especially when they’re dressed in street clothes, not identifying themselves, and pulling guns on people.

    The people with the same fucked up disposition to think being in the Nazi SS is totally awesome are still among us. We just make them State Troopers now.

  • Tony

    I see police break the law on a daily basis. As far as I’m concerned, its the perks that come with their job.
    If I wanna do 140 down the freeway with no sirens on, and park at the red curb where the fire hydrant is, I’d become a police officer too.

    as far as the “privacy” of that officer, I guess he was not in uniform and he’s too stupid to notice the big ass camera attached to the TOP of the rider’s helmet.

    I’m by no means defending the retard stunting in traffic speeding, nor am I attacking the retard with no uniform running out of the car with a gun. I ride with a taser and I would’ve tased that retard in the face. /rant

  • Sasha Pave

    Both parties in this case are guilty. They both endangered lives (including their own) and both broke the law.

    The motorcyclist should win a darwin award, don’t go filming yourself pulling wheelies and riding a buck+ on the freeway. It’s guys like these who really need some track time to prove how slow they actually are.

    The cop should win a thug award for pulling out a gun for no reason. I think he’s seen one too many cop movies.

    And if the DA actually prosecutes the case for wiretapping, then all hope is lost.

  • will

    I was expecting a mime argument or something to justify the firearm, but it was an immediate draw as soon as he was out of the car. Graber’s an idiot for his riding, but that was another bizarre overreaction on part of the pigs.

  • Marshall Haas

    I had one corrupt court/cop experience of my own. I fought two tickets in court with video evidence from the officers car clearly showing I didn’t do a thing that I was charged with. They changed the charge on the spot and convicted me. I had to drive 3 hours each way to the court and pay $800.

    This guys “wiretapping” case takes the cake for corrupt cops and courts.

  • cal durham

    Officer J. Uhler, you weren’t secretly taped. You were taped with a very visible camera and are pissed cause you were caught acting in a very unprofessional and dangerous attitude. You could have been shot yourself for your actions. I hope to hell Mr. Graber takes you and your cronies to court with the help of the ACLU. I also hope you find this posting and these comments. Go to hell, Officer J. Uhler.

  • CMC

    Oh come on. He says “get off the motorcycle” twice, then identifies himself as State Police. It wasn’t “overly aggressive.” Yeah, he should have had his badge out, but he didn’t point the gun at the rider, only away from him and away from traffic, and he holstered the weapon as soon as the situation was secured.

    While I do not appreciate overly aggressive enforcement of any type nor the targeting of motorcyclists in particular, the stop itself is not outrageous. Now, the bullshit warrant and wiretapping charges are another matter entirely, that evidences systemic thuggery in the State Police and DA’s offices.

  • Marshall Haas

    Just to add, I’m not defending the riders stunting. That was stupid and deserves the the punishment for the laws he broke. It’s what happens after that is what I find ridiculous .

  • Dan

    This cop did nothing wrong during the initial stop, He had his weapon drawn for just a few seconds and had a marked car assist him in the stop. He did not act in an “incredibly agressive” manner. He was safe with his weapon and blocked the “suspect” in this case with his car as he was probably trained to do. Now as for the rest of it, like omitting his weapon on the police report and having the rider’s house raided, that’s uncalled for by a long shot. That’s true police brutality. I hope cooler heads prevail in this case. I’ve pulled over enough times for doing stupid shit that I’ve seen both kinds of cops, the understanding kind and the “I’m really pissed off you did that and I’m going to freak out,” kind. But if you ride like this you have to be prepared to face both.

  • Paul

    Another dick carrying a gun.

  • Mr. This is why?

    I believe he and his family has a good case for civil rights violations, as well as filing a civil suit against the officer given he filed a false police report, lied under oath to obtain a warrant. I also believe this case could be a Supreme Court case as to whether a public official (police officer) should have a reasonable expectation of privacy while performing his duties in public. He should not.

    Finally, regardless of why the gentleman was pulled over, police officers do not have a right to abuse their position. This is also a good training video for officers as this gentleman could have had a justifiable reason to shoot an unidentified officer. In a split second, the gentleman could have assumed the unidentified officer was someone trying to steal his bike and rightfully shot the threat.

    This officer’s actions and subsequent actions over the video could cost him his job and may have cost someone their life.

    I hope this guy has a great lawyer as he has a great case!

    • cal durham

      amen to everything you said.

  • Greg

    The reaction of this cop was WAY over the top. For a cop to brandish his gun in this instance is plainly wrong, especially since the level of crime here is a misdemeanor at best (reckless driving). A plain clothes cop in an unmarked car shouldn’t be stopping motorists for traffic violations anyway. This case will be tossed out in court. I can’t possibly see a jury convicting the motorcyclist. On the other hand, a complaint of excessive force? Hmmm, video can be a good thing…

  • Gus Porterhouse

    I’m very sympathetic towards cops, and often have thought that maybe I should have joined the force myself. But all I see there is a pissed off dude in a sweater waving a handgun. I might have just ridden over his ass.

  • edmoondo

    I see the confusion…the cop thought it was Anthony Gobert….

  • The cop was a nice guy!

    No, I’m not an officer.

    But come on, the rider only got a ticket for 80 in a 65, not reckless driving, not 140 in a 65, not exhibition of speed, or any of a long list of things he COULD and SHOULD have been charged with.

    So the officer obviously felt a little bad for brandishing a gun, and gave the rider a HUGE favor with the original ticket.

    And then, the rider published the YouTube to embarrass the officer, who had just saved the rider his license, a long time in jail, and tens of thousands in radically increased insurance rates for several years.

    So, now, the rider looks like he might get all that the officer had saved him from. What a total and complete #&%^#@*%(@#&$!#

  • jconli1

    I might also add – best HFL-sourced desktop wallpaper in months!

    I used to help the MSP with their BMW’s. Most of ‘em were nice guys who rode the wheels off of their personal bikes on the weekends. This guy’s probably pissed because his service vehicle is a Malibu. I would be, too.

  • ToeCutter


  • SeanKHotay

    I believe it’s Maryland state troopers under investigation, one suspended, for beating the crap out of a UMaryland student celebrating after a basketball game.

  • george orwell

    george orwell is laughing is ass off 6 feet under; everyone are so fucking paranoid about big brother keeping an eye on us, no one could imagined the opposite is also true.

    here’s a new check and balance for you, put a camera in your car\bike, if a cop lies, he’s fucked :D

    to court lolz all the way :X

  • Scottdc

    I’m guessing we’ll see a few more stops posted on the web and they’ll ban helmet cams on the public roads…

  • DaFoxx

    I’ve been pulled over on my motorcycle probably 5 times in the last 8 years, and always by marked cars or bikes. Each time, as soon as I’m lit up, I pull over, kill the ignition, and dismount while facing forward – all so they know I have no interest in screwing with them. They in turn communicate to me that they are professional Police officers by driving marked vehicles, being in uniform and indicating their desire for me to stop with the use of red and blue lights, and if needed the in-car PA to talk to me while we are still moving (and for the record, I’ve run into two cops that behaved rudely, while the others have been everything I hope police officers to be – even when I was written up!).

    When riding, when some random dipshit in a car tries to throw his car in my way to block me, stop me from lane splitting or otherwise fuck with me, my response is to find a way to get the hell away from them – fast. I have no interest in loosing a fight with a car when my legs are hanging out in the breeze. If the aforementioned dipshit were to get out of his car and pull a gun, I’d be more inclined to ram him with my motorcycle than stop and hope he doesn’t put a few rounds into my chest. I’d rather be alive in an ambulance than dead on the side of the road…

    Now, I’m at work so I can’t watch the video, but
    by the sound of it, the initial contact involved an unmarked car, an out of uniform officer and no indication that this was an official contact by a law enforcement official – just some DBag with a gun and a chip on his shoulder about someone’s (very stupid!) behavior in traffic.

    How hard would it have been for Undercover Joe to call this in to a marked car? Apparently they responded in very short order, so it’s not like there was no official looking Police officers around to initiate the stop, and for Undercover Joe to come in and report what he witnessed.

    Were I this dude, a lawyer and an excessive force complaint would be in my immediate future, along with a harassment suit.

    • Doug

      “the initial contact involved an unmarked car” … I don’t see it like that; the marked cop car was RIGHT there. That fact is obvious because by the time the rider turns around (5-10 seconds, maybe) a marked policeman is exiting his car and approaching the CBR.

  • Case

    The video was hashed out endlessly over on the CBR1000RR forums (it went up there a couple weeks ago). Interestingly the comments there were very similar to the ones here.

    Let’s get past the fact that the guy deserved to be pulled over and ticketed; he didn’t deserve to have an unidentified person wave a gun in his face. It may be legal, but it’s not right. The only difference between a cop and a criminal drawing a gun on you is that the cop is supposed to notify you when he does it. Yeah there extenuating circumstances in some cases (such as if the cop thinks he is at immediate risk) but that was not the case here, but where was the danger here? He was complying with the orders of the officers. But the draws first and takes entirely too long to get the words out.

    What’s news to me is how the cop ON THE SIDE OF THE FUCKING HIGHWAY claims he has a ‘reasonable right to privacy’. Get a grip you arrogant asshole. You’re on a road. Anyone can see you. Anyone can tape you. Don’t be a violent dickface and you won’t end up on the internet.

    Everyone involved in this episode comes off like a jackass. Including me, come to think of it.

    PS. In the longer video you can see Uhler using four fingers on the shift lever. Come on, man!

  • Case

    I went back to post the link to the thread over on the cbr1000rr forums because the original guy (Uhler) had posted/commented over there but it was deleted. It was the source of a lot of traffic and, ahh, unkind words.

    Also, I re-read my post and I apologize for the rambling, incorrect grammar. Bad form.

  • luke

    lol, here in israel it’s legal to record a conversation as long as one of the parties coincides.
    I know of several guys who installed hidden camera on their cars and actually got away with rear-end collisions that otherwise would off cost them very dearly :)

  • vic

    wait…he didn’t see this strapped to the guys helmet and he expects to be considered a somewhat perceptive human being?

  • erik

    Scary as all hell. In thinking what I would have done, prob tried to run once I see a car coming after me, then well, possibly got shot. I have never sued anyone in my life, but the lawsuit that would come with this would be massive. What a jackass

  • Steve

    Your boy Graber is an idiot.

  • Doug

    I don’t think it was a “routine” traffic stop at all. The jerk was recklessly driving to a very high degree, you know, the the degree to which criminals usually drive to escape police. The opening description makes it seem like the cop Uhler held a gun to the rider’s head for 10 minutes before marked police showed up, but the marked officer was right there. Video evidence doesn’t show it too well, but the driver probably pulled over as he saw cherries and berries in his mirror. It merely looks like Uhler did the ‘pulling over’ since the camera was facing forward. He holstered the gun almost immediately, and it was apparent he was a cop (and therefore actively identified himself as such) when he conversed with the uniformed officer. So I don’t want to hear that Uhler “didn’t identify himself properly”; he acted in the heat of the moment and moments later it was apparent who/what he was.

    This is the second time this week I’ve seen whiny posts about police allegedly hassling motorcyclists. Seems like it’s degenerating to sportbike tabloid of misdeeds and ‘whoa is us’ posts. Driving a sportbike (or any motorcycle for that matter) doesn’t give one a reason to complain about the security police officers provide. They serve a purpose. Get over it.

    Is the wiretapping stuff that ensued unfortunate and unnecessary? Absolutely. I’d argue the minute we all step outside in the morning, our privacy is in not guaranteed.

  • John Ashman

    There’s no reasonable expectation of privacy during a traffic stop. In fact, police record traffic stops routinely. How ironic that they are upset that they were the ones being recorded. Especially when they weren’t purposely recorded.

    What was the point of the gun, anyway?

  • Bill Johnson

    Wow, that’s a horrible story. Ya, the Honda boy was riding like a @ss, but there was no reason any cop should have pulled a gun. With the amount of road rage, auto theft and open gun laws here is Arizona I could see that type of Police behavior turning into a gun fit in seconds by honest bike riders.

    The “wiretapping” charges are differently an abuse of power. I hope he gets a good lawyer and sues the crap out of that cop and the judge that wrote that warrant. Maybe the ACLU will help him.

  • gearhead_318

    Cops pull guns because they have the right to go home in one piece just like the rest of us. In my dads 25 years of police work he was shot at at least 3 times, on one such occasion his curser was hit twice by 30-06 rounds. You don’t know what some one’s going to pull on you. So he had every right to pull his gun.
    On the other side of the coin, their are cameras everywhere, you don’t have a right to privacy on a public road, and storming someone’s house and detaining their family for 90 minutes is a dick move.
    BUT the biker was a dick for riding like he did. They have a word for these situations, its called a clusterfuck.

  • Cru Jones

    Yet another posting by you guys that reinforces my decision to just ride the track and not deal with the hassle of riding on the street. :|

  • 800lb. Gorilla

    Twelve states require, under most circumstances, the consent of all parties to a conversation. Those jurisdictions are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. This is for a taped conversation only. Add video and that law is thrown out the window. Camera was in plain view, motorcyclist is on a public road (probably a state or Federal road so check the jurisdiction and applicable laws) and with a decent lawyer, he’ll get damages.

    The cops will try to be as hard ass as they can to scare the shit out of him so when the charges are dropped by the DA, he doesn’t go after the officers.

  • General apathy

    ACLU where are you?

  • shinigami

    Welcome to the Police State. Get used to it, sheeple.


    Look at Uhler and tell me that his handgun isn’t held in a threatening manner. You do not pull unless you are going to shoot. I guess Graber’s RR looked like a lethal weapon. I have never had an officer pull his weapon to give me a ticket.

    The riding was one issue, the arrest is a seperate catastrophe. If I had not seen the marked trooper behind me I would have wanted to defend myself from this Uhler punk.

    Wes Siler, you wrote this trash? To blame Garber for screwing the entire motorcycling world because of his failure to ride responsibly and have him looking down the business end of a gun, just proves how politically fucked this world is!

    Take his license, but don’t blame him for a police state gone nuts.

  • meatsmasher

    The lesson to be learned here? Don’t pull over. Just keep riding faster and faster.

    • Papasan in AZ

      Why he stopped at all is the real question here, inexperienced rider if you ask me…
      He could have easily went around the cars ( lane split ) and down the road, sans the drama…

      Papasan in AZ

  • Tyler

    I wear a vid camera every day now (daily commute) for almost 2 years to protect myself from this kind of stuff…but my camera is semi-hidden so It wont get stolen. Im not trying to frame cops, but show the judge that the idiot that ran me off the road was on a cell phone (illegal in CA)

  • Mike J

    I have to say, this make me glad all over that Peelers don’t routinely carry firearms on this side of the pond. Although they keep trying to do the same thing re trying to criminalise anyone who endeavours to films them “doing their duty”.

    That said, they guy was clearly riding like a bell-end!

  • Chris

    Alright. Enough is enough. I’ve had a 2008 CBR 1000RR (which was stolen by some douche). It wheelies with no effort, accelerates relentlessly, and makes my wee-wee stand on end. Using my powers of observation I’ve concluded that this guy bought the bike within a month of this video being made. He almost looks like a squid.

    All he did was speed recklessly and his wheelie was more than likely accidental. If not, then he recently learned how to pull the front end up while accelerating hard. He only got an 80 in a 65 ticket because the unmarked car doesn’t have a radar to clock him. Therefore, it is assumed that – going by the flow of traffic – that he was at least 15 mph over the limit. Done deal.

    But who the hell stays at the end of the line when exiting a highway? I’ve never EVER stayed at the end in fear of some fool rear-ending me while reaching in his glove box.

    Final opinion; they’re both assholes.

  • RdP

    Ha, great article. Warrant being issued as we speak to confiscate hell 4 leather computers and Aprilias

  • Scott

    Fascist cop. big deal.

    The Judge that approved the warrant needs to be removed. He is the danger.

  • Ryan

    The rider deserved a ticket but not having a weapon pulled on him. The police say the cop felt in danger… why..??? Cause the guy was on a bike? Come on..

    I have been in this exact situation while riding and the cop who pulled the weapon on me was reprimanded for his actions in the long run.

  • uncle ho

    If you look at the time it takes for him to shut his bike down and get off, the uniform cop is already out of his car. This is after coming to a safe stop and calling dispatch to put himself on scene. Both cops had been likely been following him for a while at that point. The undercover officer’s gun was never aimed at him, and I would say that his conduct was professional. There was no screaming or knocking him off his bike. The rider knew he was being nicked for his riding, so that takes the “Well, how was i supposed to know he was a cop?” argument out of the equation. Lucky to get off with the 80 mph ticket. All that said, the wiretapping bit is crap. BTW, i’m a paramedic, not a cop. And I still ride fast. My defense of the police officer comes from the point of view that the time to take control of a situation is at the beginning.

  • Justin

    The rider was an idiot, no question.

    The off duty cop? He’s an even bigger idiot, not to mention a complete prick. This does nothing but further prove why the general populace hates the cops. Had the rider been in possession of a concealed carry permit & firearm, this might have ended in a complete freaking disaster.

    • John

      Or… just open carry…

  • the other larry

    You have to wonder what all this would be if the rider took off when he saw the gun and the cop shot him. Different story then. I think we would all be outraged at the police action. Just sayin’…

  • Jackie

    Hell for Leather is full of crap on this one. There was nothing “routine” about this traffic stop.

    “Anthony Graber was out for a leisurely ride, a leisurely ride that saw him wheelie through traffic on I-95 at over 100mph before reaching speeds that appear to be in excess of 140mph.”


    The rider is an idiot.

    • Grant Ray

      Jackie, we like to occasionally use a little thing called sarcasm around here. The fact that the rider hit triple digits while traveling through a trafficked area pretty much negates anything being leisurely. Just so you know..

  • pig
  • Marky Mark

    Jackie this is not your website if you think that the riding was that crazy. Graber is stupid for the riding, but I’ve seen worse. Graber is going to be rich and wanna move outta Maryland. I started riding cause you can’t run for popos in a car. I don’t stop, and will continue not to. I see little difference between cops and criminals. I think laws that they enforce are criminal for the most part. Face it, our country is run by criminals that do not care for you or me. I say FTS and FTP, study your maps and find your ways out. Cops don’t like you just because you can get away. Not that you do.

  • Isaac

    The rider is an idiot. The cop is an even bigger douche and disgrace to the uniform. It’s cops like him that gave cops like my father a bad name. Trust me guys, not all cops are bad just like all riders aren’t bad.

    The officer was very lucky he didn’t pull over a biker with a gun. He’d surley be shot and probably along with some innocents too. I have seen riders on I-5 carrying Glock 19′s under thier jackets. Sometimes when they lean forward the grip is showing. Like the old saying goes “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  • Darth Lefty

    The cops were taking all due precautions in apprehending a pirate. They could tell he was a pirate by his C-B-arrrrr

  • Chris

    maybe the cop thought the camera was an ak-47…. that’s the excuse the military uses.

  • aaron

    wait – this is the same country that conducts unauthorized wiretaps on everyone and anyone they deem suitable? maybe if the cop had an islamic last name it would all be ok.

  • matt

    cop using cup and saucer pistol grip…. fail!

    • brettvegas


      ‘cup and sauwser’

      Cracked my ass up!


      Very funny, if you know anything about pistols.

      Good read, artical and comments.


  • RedJet

    Between the two of ‘em, Graber, and Uhler:
    Two Dicks don’t make a Right.

  • ace

    I can’t believe how many of you stupid sh!&$ think that this cop was professional or justified in any way. Granted, the rider was reckless; the fact remains that police are expected to retain control and professionalism. Rules are in place to prevent an officer from reacting like this–pulling a gun on a motorist–a fact which the officer obviously realized when he quickly puts away his weapon when the marked unit arrives. Also, the long video clearly shows the rider looking back at the unmarked car, which does not have its lights on.
    This hot-headed bully tarnishes the image of fine police officers everywhere and needs to be removed from the force before he has a run-in with some poor sap without a video camera.

  • dbr

    The only thing the cop had to do was flash his badge, not a gun.

  • PeteP

    If Trooper Uhler had com out with his badge, instead of the gun, there wpuld be no issue.

    However, we all know what the Elephant in the room is. Motorcyclists run, and Uhler likely had had a few runners escape.

    Last year, there was a highly publicised running incident on the DC beltway, and the pursuing officer crossed into oncoming traffic, killing several.

    This is a very emotional issue around here (VA/MD), and frankly, I do not know what the solution might be.

    Tensions are rising. What is the answer?

    • Penguin

      “However, we all know what the Elephant in the room is. Motorcyclists run, and Uhler likely had had a few runners escape.”

      I’m sorry Pete but that is not an excuse to draw a weapon on an un-armed and non violent person, there is no question the rider was being a tool but let’s take your example –

      Biker gets pulled and cop draws down, biker runs and cop puts two hollow points in his back. Is that why he pulled his piece? To gun down a retreating biker, I think not. The simple fact of the matter is that at no point in that video is there ANY justification for drawing down and even if the cop had had runners in the past would he be justified to shoot them dead?

  • Pamberjack

    Solution? Don’t live in America…

  • PeteP

    I did not mean to imply that the Trooper was justified in pulling his piece, just pointing out his possible motive.

  • Cy

    How do we help this fella? donations? letters etc?

  • DoctorNine

    Interesting piece. Thanks for the tip, Wes. Seems that the noose is drawing tighter and tighter on the fiction of freedom and pursuit of happiness in the US. Attempting suppression of the video evidence here is truly beyond the pale.

    Unquestionably, this guy was breaking the law in an egregious manner. But he was a non-violent offender, who actually obeyed a directive to stop. No call for all the theatrics. Mr. Bluejeans Starsky and Hutch wannabe police officer needs some instruction from senior staff on how he is supposed to use the extraordinary powers which the State grants him, because that video plainly shows more machismo that rational policing behavior.

    Poor example from the biker. Poor example from the cop. Even poorer example from prosecutors in this district.

  • Tim

    That’s a whole lot of stupid.

    Take your lumps Mr. Graber. Then take the authorities to court. They are way out of control. In a different state, it might have resulted in the policeman having a bystander draw on him. No ID? With a drawn gun? Yelling? Looks like a crazy dude with a gun to me.

  • PeteP

    No, it is not “open carry”. It is “brandishing”. Much, much different.

    MD does not allow “open carry”, anyway.

  • brettvegas

    It reminds me of the cop that pulled his peice to stop a snowball fight in washington DC. Funny vid.
    Bad training on the cops part, doesn’t help that the rider is a squid.


  • Grant

    Hippies or Foreigners? Shit add blacks Muslims dagos, spics, chinks what ever. The artical was going great until that piece of crap journalism, you had me right up until that.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s been said before, but honestly, if you can’t detect sarcasm and/or humor then you should probably go take some remedial reading lessons.

  • Karl

    Did anyone actually watch the video?

    1. At the very beginning I’d bet good money the undercover cop is the car in front of the filming motorcyclist. At the 33-34 second mark, after the wheelie is started and he passes the bus in the center lane look at the car in the far left lane…it’s a dark grey four dour sedan with tinted windows and lighter grey wheels. an exact match for the car that pulls him over at the end.

    2. At 1:06 on the video you can see the marked squad car sitting in the median. You can tell by the riders actions that he more than likely has a radar detector because several seconds before reaching that squad is when Mr. Squid stops speeding. And then after passing said cruiser decides to now match the pace of traffic and exit at the next possible ramp.

    After exiting he then makes his first “look behind to see what that is following me” glance.

    The plained clothed police officer should have yelled “POLICE” first thing when exiting his vehicle. Big mistake on his part for many of the reasons already given.

    Mr. Squid shouldn’t have been pulling wheelies and going that fast on an occupied highway.

    Those are the facts.

    Here’s my hypothesis.

    The rider knew someone was coming behind him or was expecting the cruiser to be coming. Why else would he physically turn his head all the way around while heading down an exit ramp? You can also see him take his left hand off the bars after passing the cruiser, so he can see better in his left rear view mirror without his elbow being in the way.

    My guess is the unmarked saw the wheelie/speeding and started pursuit but couldn’t cut through traffic without lights to keep up with the motorcyclist. Then either radio’d the situation in or saw the cruiser and then requested assistance.

    The scary part is if that cruiser wasn’t in the area and Mr. Unmarked Rambo would have chased down the rider and apprehended him without another cop there to keep him in check. Scary to think what that unregulated anger while carrying a firearm could achieve.

  • Sid

    Brandishing a badge coming out of the car would have done so much more.

    Squids -

    your straight line bullshit isn’t impressing anyone. (it’s funny that you think you are impressing people in traffic when they hate you; and we hate you more due to increased police vengeance.)

    Now you know there are unmarked cars ready for you.

    Graber – don’t let any forthcoming courtroom drama erase the feeling in your gut when you realized you may have been spotted or when you first saw the gun. Douchebag cops or not, you brought this on yourself and your family. You better have not fucking brought more onto the riding public.

    Bikes are supposed to be fun, not scare the public into stupid action and legislation.

    • John

      @Sid You’re an idiot.

  • Charles

    FTP – I had a cop in Houston literally try to run me off the road AS I WAS PULLING OVER. He arrested me for evading arrest which I talked him out of as I was handcuffed in the back of his patrol car. He admitted that he was trying to run me off the road and said he’d rather kill a motorcyclist by running him off the road than trying to chase him down.

    BTW – I was going 60 in a 55, no bullshit. Fuck the Motherfuckin Police. Yeah, yeah, I know, they are not all like that. In fact most are good peeps doing a tough job, but there are plenty of dicks with a gun out there.

  • Eric

    why the hell would he have even stopped? If a car was trying to stop me and it didn’t have flashing lights I’d be getting the hell out of there. I would have been hauling ass on the shoulder right when the car pulled in front of him to block him off.

  • Matt

    Police Officer: One of the jobs that everyone else seems to know how to do better than those actually trained to do it.

    Most of you criticizing the officer have no real ideas about police procedure and law(as it is actually wriiten, not what you think it is).

    Your comments only show your ignorace.

  • Nick

    hmm, appears that fascism is alive on this site. my enlightening, one word reply was deleted by the blog police. meh :)

    • Grant Ray

      I cleaned house a bit after comments ratcheted up to condoning the killing of police officers, quickly followed by someone listing Uhler’s Googled personal number and address.

  • Nick

    ok so i watched it. that was a boring piece of helmet cam ‘action’. got to watch a dude’s rev counter for 3 minutes. now these guys could teach him a thing or to about recording a ride:

  • sven

    didnt the cop just pull his gun because he wanted Graber to know he WASN’T just a civilian, and perhaps was also worried about Graber running him down or running away? The fact that Graber turned around to see the pursuing vehicle means he heard a siren, right? he knew the bloke was a cop, surely

  • Foreigner

    “It’s guys like Graber that we have to blame for police aggressively targeting motorcyclists instead of, say, hippies or foreigners.”

    Grow up Wes. Stop being a racist prick.

    • Nick

      Wes is a foreigner himself dude. Here we see him practising the art of sarcasm – quite traditional in his land of origin. Presumably this one went over your head? Or maybe you’re still working on your English. PS this was sarcasm as well.

  • Hele Vetica

    Hey,.. make no mistake. COPS are out to get you or somebody else. If your best friend is a COP, you better beware. I’ve seen it happen twice. The bastards will turn on you like drug addled wolverine.

    ..And Wes is right. The point is that COPS will prey on any easy target. If black people, or hippies, or foreigners were an easier target for abuse than bikers, then this story wouldn’t included a motorcyclist and would have been on every news program and newspaper out there. Think about this – What do black people, hippies, and foreigners have in the US that bikers don’t. Rights, Legal Defense, and Public the sympathizes with them.

    Now, the biker was wrong and maybe the COP should have pulled the gun. I mean the biker was going over 100mph through an intersection on one wheel. Its not a far stretch to say that he might be a flight risk. I’ve had COPS draw iron on me a few times when we were caught racing, but when it became clear that we were bigger idiots that criminals, the gun was put away EVERYTIME.

    Nobody was in the right here. However, the COP in this case should have been made to “Suck it up” on the video thing. Biggest tragedy is the he was given a warrant to search the guy’s house and was able to arrest the guy. That shit goes to the judicial level. You think black people, or hippies, or foreigners have COP problems. Just wait until they have judge problems. Those fucks answer to no one.

  • bruxell

    Sorry, but I’m just not buying it. This is a case of police intimidation, pure and simple. Sure, what the guy was doing is “wrong,: but police need to be held to a higher standard. That assmunch should have his gun taken away, and be forced to work vice unarmed for a year. If their above the law, then the law becomes meaning less, and we should disregard it completely.

  • Dude

    Just goes to show that you give a persone a badge and they think they have all the rights
    I have alot of friends who are POLICE OFFICERS in the true proffession. But this one well …..
    He needs to be educated .

  • Nick

    Guys, don’t blame the cops here. This is simply a case of a dude with a very small dick.