203.1mph: Biaggi sets new SBK record on RSV4

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Aprilia-RSV4-SBK.jpgMax Biaggi hit 203.1mph on his Aprilia RSV4 during the first practice session at Monza today, setting a new top speed record for World SBK racing. Incredibly, while that’s the fastest-ever speed in SBK, it’s not the fastest speed recorded by an RSV4 on the Italian circuit, that honor goes to Fabrizio Pellizzon, who hit 203.3mph on his Aprilia at a national superbike race last week. We’re guessing the speed was the product of hard work on the part of Biaggi’s mechanics and team and had nothing whatsoever to do with his astounding talent.

Update: Biaggi took his and Aprilia’s first SBK superpole, hitting 205mph in the process and setting a new Monza lap record: 1:41:121, also…[spoiler alert].
[Spoiler alert continued] Biaggi won both races at Monza today, putting him in second position for the series behind Leon Haslam.

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  • Domino Dave

    I could go that fast too … if only I had that bike …

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Oh, that’s just cruel. Did they make all the changes you requested, but would never do while you were the rider? Is that why it’s so fast?

      • CafeRacer1200

        No biggie. I hit over 203 when I was racing. KPH.

  • Isaac

    So, I did 206mph……………on XBOX Live (Moto GP ’06)

  • Ken

    This is not going to help MotoGP and WSB separate themselves come the day they’re both running 1000cc four strokes that go like bats out of hell. WSB bats are supposed to be slower and fatter than MotoGP bats. It’s in the rules.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    The way the Aprilia would just pull ahead of the other bikes in certain areas of the track was really impressive