Alex de Angelis's huge Jerez crash

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Alex-de-Angelis-Crash.jpgDorna said it wouldn’t release this video due to the shear violence of the crash Alex de Angelis experienced during warm up for the Moto2 race at Jerez last Sunday, but copies have leaked to the web. What starts as a mild highside results in an end-over-end somersault as his body and the bike dig into the gravel trap. Watching de Angelis’s head pummeled into the ground over and over, it’s amazing to think that de Angelis lived, but he actually walked away with hardly a scratch. He actually wanted to participate in the race, but despite finding nothing wrong with the RSM Team Scot rider, circuit doctors were so shocked by the crash they ordered him not to ride.  >

Thanks for the tip, Sasha.

  • shmit

    Good thing they were using soft gravel.

  • Sean Smith

    Don’t try that at home; Alex is a seasoned pro. He practically does this for a living.

  • The Grudz

    Youku? That must be like the Polish version of Ikea I saw in Chicago called “Idea”. Glad Alex is OK. Racers are different than me. They’re made of rubber.

    • akamikeg

      it’s actually chinese i believe. unbelievable video =|

  • will

    Holy shit.

  • CMC

    Ouch, that made my neck hurt just watching it happen…

  • gregorbean


  • CafeRacer1200


  • jason

    my neck hurts…but its from my pillows acting up last night

  • the_doctor

    The Faster boys need to make another film: Safer.

  • DaineseDan

    Damn, but that boy bounces well! I, however, do not any longer.

  • Mike

    Pretty cool. The bike and the rider bounce the same exact way.

  • Avboden

    And this, my friends, is the importance of relaxing when you crash. Notice he didn’t tense up, didn’t ball up, didn’t really try to stop himself. He just relaxed and rode it out.

  • Chris

    That was beautiful. Near perfect synchronization of the pair. You can tell they’ve been dancing together for years.


    But seriously, glad to hear he’s okay.

  • Isaac

    GOD DAMN that was hard to watch! He ain’t no punk thats for sure!

  • brandnreal

    wow!… and he walks away like nothing happen

  • aha

    oh my goose, I can see it now: protective gear commercial !

    because shit happens :)

  • shinigami

    Great ad for Vemar…

  • ER

    that looked like a low-side to me