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Black-Prince.jpgMotorcycles mean going fast, they mean breaking rules, they mean doing things other people say you can’t. If they were boring, we wouldn’t ride them. The Black Prince understood that, now he’s dead. Here’s his legacy.

Are we encouraging or glamorizing this sort of thing? Absolutely not,
don’t be stupid
. But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to deny the
very basis of who we are as bikers.

  • Pamberjack

    Wes. Dude! You feeling a little wild today? Oh well – it’s your site…

    • Pamberjack

      …AND your Yamaha sponsorship. Be careful.

  • KL

    It’s a reaction to all the negative stuff people posted on the last S 1000 RR run. Motorcycles are here at tools that break all kinds of barriers. It is very often a tool of rebellion – stupid or otherwise.

  • Sean Smith

    Honestly, I had a feeling this was coming.

  • Travis

    Why is he dead? I honestly have never seen this guy before. Crazy stuff!

  • The Grudz

    Wes don’t give a fuck! I wonder what dark NYC streets Mr.Siler stalks tonight?

  • KP

    Keep doing your thing, Wes. Report the news, as you see fit.

  • meatsmasher


  • dug

    I just want to see the big-ass camera setup on that thing:oP

  • Chris

    Don’t get so defensive, Wes. That Dircka Durka Jihad doesn’t understand the perspective of the urban riding community. He should have skipped the story in the same manner that I ignore… Well, I don’t ignore anything on this site because I admire every aspect of the motorcycle lifestyle.

    Let’s just assume that the jackass is the same guy that asks for the manager when the waitress steps on his shoe. He’s also the person who doesn’t like motorcyclists that don’t ride the same classic way he does. This causes him to raise a son/daughter that has a personality disorder and grow to hate their father. You see? You should feel better because he’s going to have a horrible life.

    I’ve happily risked my life without thinking about it for the same reason the LIE riders do it. Screw Dircka for not seeing things my way. I was going to say to give him a good ol’ fashioned “go snuff smegma” but The Black Prince video should suffice.

    Wes, thank you and keep up the good work. I have a pack of gold stars waiting for you.

    • who cares


  • AadmanZ

    He was my hero when I was young and yes, he did inspire my riding style back then..

    Oh, apparently he is not dead, I think there was something in PB recently. He had to go undercover (remember, this is pre-Youtube, so he was the only one seen doing this)

    Wes, keep it up, we still think HFL is a cool blog.

  • who cares

    “Are we encouraging or glamorizing this sort of thing? Absolutely not, don’t be stupid. But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to deny the very basis of who we are as bikers.”

    Do you read your own sentences before you post them? Besides including people who probably do not want to be represented by you, this is delusional.

    And for some other hardcore biker’s commenting, darwin awards are always worth competing for!, so step back from the keyboard to insult other and pin it open

    • Thomas

      I would say: you care…

      The vid is cool, the riding skills are just amazing considering frames in those days were made out of chewing gum.

      Just because you think that the definition of riding skills is being able to adjust to the rules of modern traffic doesn’t mean that this guy can’t drive. And that is exactly what the HFL blog says… It is cool but not very smart.

      And don’t sit too close to the television tonight, I heard it is bad for your eyes…

      • who cares

        did i say the guy can not ride…? I did not read so

        and by replying that makes you the one that cares, but I know it’s quite complicated

        and thank you for taking the time for the health warning instead of going out and living on the edge while driving “extremely fast” and “very dangerous” .. please remind me to be impressed of this manliness once I’m over admiring all you rebels for “getting all the pussy”

        • Thomas

          Thx mate :)

          OK the guy rides in an unresponsible manner but I have driven the peripherique around Paris and the chance of hitting a crossing child or mother with carriage is zero…

          You could argue that he could kill a poor scooter-dude by crashing into him but it was back in the 80′s so the big scooters we see on highways now were virtually unexistant.

          I’ll make sure to send you the reminder ;)

  • Tomas

    My personal favourite is still the Ghost Rider, watch the awesome Uppsala run:

  • Highsider

    Who says he’s dead? They’ve been saying that for years but he never was, even was interviewed in Moto Revue (French mag,–44294.html) last year. That interview was quite a bombshell since he told he was being paid for making this by a TV-comapny who also supplied the camera’s. Makes sense since there was nothing like all onboard stuff we have now.

    • AadmanZ

      That’s right, Moto Revue, not PB that’s where I saw it..

  • grandpa

    your Ural ST vid was better : )

  • Johndo

    Damn those Yamaha banners on the site are annoying! They drive me nuts…would be nice if you had to stay on them for at least 1 second before they unrolled….

  • DoctorNine

    People who live in concentrated urban areas get a special kind of itch; sort of a ‘cabin fever’ from being cooped up, hemmed in, and locked down. I know why the rat feels like it has to try to gnaw out of the cage, no question. But I don’t think this is ‘the very basis’ of you I am as a motorcyclist.

    I’m more of the Pirsig type; solitary rider on the open road, just man and machine and wide open spaces.

    In fact, I won’t commute on multi-lanes where I have to kick doors to get attention anymore at all. I like my legs too much.

  • pauljones

    “Are we encouraging or glamorizing this sort of thing? Absolutely not, don’t be stupid. But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to deny the very basis of who we are as bikers. “

    As long as we’re advertising that this sort of thing is indeed stupid, and we are actively trying to discourage morons from doing this, it’s all good.

    I would also disagree with the notion that being a biker and being a rebel means going stupid-fast on a motorcycle and filming it. I’m agree that part of what attracted me to riding was the “screw you” attitude, the thrill of riding, etc. But it wasn’t in an entirely anti-social context; rather, it was within the context that society tells us that unless you are wealthy and have an expensive sports car, roads are just meant for transportation purposes, and can’t be fun. Bullshit. I’m pretty damn close to dirt poor, own a used, $1500 Suzuki, and am having all kinds of fun just cruising around town.

    In my opinion, a big part of riding is just the idea that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you ride, you can actually have fun and use the infrastructure we’ve got for everything it’s worth and have fun. And we don’t need an expensive sports car to do it. The implicit criticism of society thing? Not so much.

  • Mark D.

    Wes/Grant, if you’re pissing people like that off, you must be doing something right. Keep on doing it.

  • Doug

    “But to pretend that it doesn’t exist is to deny the very basis of who we are as bikers.”

    I didn’t know the basis of motorcycling was to be irresponsible.

    I hope this veil of promoting ignorant motorcycle riding as rebelliousness and libertarian is soon dropped.

    • MotoRandom

      I think you’re confused. He didn’t say being irresponsible was the “basis of motorcycling”. The better definition of that would be “ride the speed limit, wear bright colored clown suits, set a good example and be really, really scared.” What Wes implied is that “bikers” (different class of riders) do not deny the appeal of living on edge, riding stupid fast and staring Death in the face, flipping him off and living to tell the tale. No fear.
      There seems to be a lot of confusion about what “Hell For Leather” means. Google it. If you want to be a safe little nanny spreading the good image of motorcyling, there are many sites on the web that will cater to your comfort levels. Genuine communities of “live fast, ride hard” bikers seem to be getting rare. Keep up the good work Wes. It’s starting to fun around here.

  • PhillyGuy

    I think @pauljones has it about right. I ride because it’s more fun than you can ever have in a car, regardless of how much you paid for it. Doesn’t give you license to do dumb sh!t and endanger the lives of others. I can understand respecting the cojones that it takes to go 193 mph on L.I.E., but it does give the rest of us a black eye and paints a target on our back.

  • Papasan in AZ

    Auch to liber sis us fantastisch!

    Got mit Unz!

  • knuckles and pucks

    guys, if you want no banners no ads get ad-block plus for firefox. Its life-altering.

    {font-family:”Times New Roman”, Times, sans-serif, red;}Every one loves illegal vids

  • Swagger

    I’d never heard of that other Dirck’s blog. Perhaps there’s a reason, no? If he’s dimwitted enough to miss the subtext in HFL then perhaps he should be reviewing other things…..microwavable foot warmers and Snuggies maybe?

    Seriously, do any of us really think riding like that is cool or otherwise advisable, in any way? No, I doubt it. However Mr.Jihad (that’s fabulous by the way!) obviously can’t read between the lines.

    Is it cool to risk yourself or god forbid the loves of others? Hell no, but the spectacle certainly has a visceral appeal (for those not of the wine&cheese set?) that is tough to deny.

    Dirck…quit being a pansy. Quit being an asshole. Open your eyes and read for chissakes!

  • chili sv

    There are thrill seekers in all walks of life. You can BASE jump, you can fly experimental aircraft, you can ski down a sheer cliff, you can make a suit out of roller blade wheels…and you can ride stupid fast on a motorcycle. It doesn’t mean I think everyone who hops, flies the friendly skies, skis the bunny slopes, or roller blades through the park should be banned from existence.

    I think the guys in these videos are idiots for riding like this on the streets. They would probably think I’m an idiot for hauling my slow ass bike to the track. But they don’t care what I think about them and I don’t care what they think about me and that’s just as it should be.

    Everyone who rides takes risks, so none of them are weenies for that reason. But if you are so concerned that people around you might think less of you because they saw this, then for that reason you are a weenie; an insecure, self-absorbed weenie. And if this offends you, well you’ve just proven my point. Weenie.

  • Tom

    I love riding a bike at the limit. I love motorcycles and 99% of the motorcyclists out here love the thrill and challenge of learning and riding on a motorcycle. I’ve got news for the ass clowns. Read the lyrics to “In Bloom”, and think deeply about what that song really means.

    Pinning it in a straight line is not anything special. There is no “riding style” in this. It’s laughable that rebellion can be made of anything. As I said before, if you want to be really rebellious, ride on the oncoming traffic side. Or jump in front a train. There is very little talent other than that hour glass of luck falling slowly until the day you die.

    You may feel emboldened by they fact they we are shouting our distaste at you, but the point we are raising is that we don’t care what you do, go die a martyrdom invented from misplaced angst. Just don’t f’in kill innocent people in the mix.

    Some of us want to live and continue to enjoy riding our bikes and saying hello to our families for a long time.

  • carbon

    This is more fun to watch:

  • rallyRays

    I will NEVER attempt this… but this guy can ride… WAY better than most of his keyboard critics.

    These same keyboard critics who dress up like rebels on Satuday, then put on the khakis and polo shirt on Sunday.

    He is a true rider in my opinion… i will never be able to ride my 1125CR this well… im a complete poser. lol

  • Woody

    Wes should just start posting videos of those cocks who stunt across interstates in California, holding up traffic. That’ll REALLY bring on the hate.

  • PhillyGuy

    I wear jeans to work, I’m a real rebel!!

  • Woody

    Like these guys.

  • Woody

    Lemme try that again

  • Case

    The Prince and that Uppsala Ghost Rider dude are absolutely unhinged to ride like that. I wouldn’t ride with them in a million years. I don’t condone or encourage that kind of crazy ass decision making.

    That said, I would love to sit down with them over lunch, shoot the shit and talk motorcycling. Just like I do with my friend that went to jail for two months for riding like that (plus 4 years probation, plus the felony conviction, plus 7 years no Class M license, plus court fees and fines and costs so high he could have bought two new motorcycles and track days galore). Do we ride together? No. I’m slow, and I don’t do wheelies or weave through traffic like a crazy person. But they’re still fun to talk to. And more interesting than the guy white-knuckling it in slacks and dress shoes in the slow lane on his Victory that I passed on my way to work this morning.

  • telekom

    Wow, we’re all a bit macho and defensive in here tonight…

    So if he is really dead, does anyone know how he died?

  • Nick

    I like it.

  • Keith

    Come on now, isn’t it about time we get a little more than the sanitized, advertiser friendly view of motorcycling? I’ll be the first to call out the jackasses squidding it up out on the road, but as riders we are a part of a multifaceted community. And as much as how some of us don’t like what the hardcore riders represents and does to the image of the community as a whole, they are very much an important part of motorcycling. Simply ignoring them is disingenuous.

    We use the image and attitude of what these “hardcore” riders have created to sell a lifestyle, we buy into it to add to our street cred, but freak the fuck out these riders actually go do the dangerous things that made motorcycling into what it is. We can’t have it both ways, yes their riding is irresponsible and dangerous. But them being irresponsible and dangerous is also part of the reason why people think riding is so exciting and fun. I don’t care what kind of riding you do, but I bet most of you would not have gotten on a bike if you thought it’d make you look like a pussy.

  • sofjr

    And in his spare time he played Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver… Insane.

  • Phil

    Argh, back in the 90′s, you would have seen people riding like that each night on Paris (France) turnpike called ‘peripherique’. I used to ride the same way with my buddies back in the days. Not as fast as the ‘prince noir’ but passing in between cars at 100mph and changing 3 or 4 lane in turns :) oh yeahh that was the good old days. But still up to this day, you can see bikes and scooters passing in between cars and switching lane like that all day, but they stay within speed limits now :(

    Let’s face it, anytime you pass 100mph with a motorcycle, anywhere aside of the racetrack, you endanger someone or something… And why buying a 150hp bike if you really plan to ride under 55mph ?

  • Corey

    Frogger. A dumb video game and a dumber way to ride a motorcycle.

  • Tanshanomi

    Are we encouraging or glamorizing this sort of thing? Absolutely, whether we insert some lame disclaimer or not.

    There, I fixed it for you.

    • chili sv

      Tanshanomi, you just wrote about and therefore glamorized it. You’re an accessory to the high crime of acknowledging some people ride like idiots. Your internet privileges must be revoked at once, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Tanshanomi


        I didn’t say that Wes was glamorizing it just by writing about it; he glamorized it by writing glamorous things about it. Wes’s half-baked ‘disclaimer’ just looks silly when inserted between such phrases as “[motorcycles] mean breaking rules” and “the very basis of who we are as bikers.” Wes obviously gets a bit of a chubby over this type of riding.

        Furthermore, I never said it shouldn’t be on the Internet. As far as I’m concerned, Wes is free to glamorize fast motorcycles, croc wrestling, nationalized health care, nude sunbathing, or any other crazy thing he might like. Just don’t pull your punches or talk out of both sides of your mouth. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

        Wes wants it both ways: advocate offensive behavior, but not have anybody get offended.

  • carbon

    Boobs. It sure looks like that pixelated motorcyclist (Ze Prince Noir?) has boobs.

  • Fattony

    Sounds like someone got butthurt over the last video article he posted. Oh, and Wesley my boy, “back alley shops in Brooklyn” do not represent riders. You might get that “respect” shit there, but you won’t find it amongst the general population.

    Yes, we get it, motorcycling is exciting and fast, but you don’t have to be a fucking retard when doing so. That’s what separate the men from the boys.

  • CJ

    Long Live GR! Yes to be a biker means to be a rebel, golf is for fags.

  • Gordon


    Love the site and keep up the good work. You have a new reader!

    You can bet all the “safety monitors” complaining here watched the video in full more than once and forwarded it on to friends – in the interest of safety of course. I’m sure all the nanny-state lovers posting on your site lately turn themselves in each time they exceed the speed limit or stop past the white line at an intersection.

    There was a time when just about every bike review Dirck did, he was having fun on the bike and included photos of the bike on one wheel. I still read his site but it has become politically correct and the reviews seem to be nothing more than a rehashing of the press releases. His fascination these days seems to be electric bikes and gushing over Ben Spies.

  • Steve F

    I read the criticism on Motorcycle Daily, and it is laughable. It could have been written by my father, a cop, or a clergyman.

    There is no way to justify the danger to the rider and the other drivers he passed. He should be condemned.

    But the outlaw in all of us celebrate his stupidity, and I hope anyone who sits on a bike despite the concern of your loved ones feels a little bit the rebel.

  • PeteP

    I really don’t mind if you post this kind of stuff, I mean we were all young and stupid once, and I do get some enjoyment out of it.

    Just don’t tell me these guys are “respected” or have “skillz” when all they do is pull the trigger on straight public roads.

  • The Vintagent

    Yep, I used to regularly clock 130+mph over the Bay Bridge on my pumped up 900 bevel-drive Ducati, and traffic starts to feel like a pinball game at that speed. It was a serious rush, incomparable, and that machine honed my skills to a razor.

    So many dead friends though…when I watched the ambulance guys pull helmet shards out of Lawrence’s head, I figured I’d had enough of traffic pinball.

    I choose my risks more carefully these days, because I know I’m not invincible, and I have other things I want to do on this planet besides riding fast.

  • brettvegas

    Hmm, good read, good vid.
    I guess I like this kind of vid because, if that guy rides like that I don’t have to, I seen the movie.
    My beemer longs to roll at 100mph+, but I fear tickets. Crashing also, but to a lesser extent.
    The important thing is that it is my choice, to ride responsibly, or crack the throttle and live a little. Making ‘wise’ choices involves experience. Having choices taken away is, to say the least, not good. Efforts towards greater ‘safety’ make my hackles rise.

    Freedom of choice is not safe.

    Gee wiz, getting kinda deep for a goofy little motorcycle blog!